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Icu Live Tutoring Services

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Posted 02 November 2013 - 02:40 AM

ICU Live Tutoring Services

(Through Slack & Skype)

New Forum

NOTE: Since these pages on the GMC are about to be locked, note the fee schedule may change in the future
Hello Students and All

I am offering my knowledge of 20+ years as a programmer with 7+ years of extensive Game Maker and Studio programming to students in need of help to complete lab projects or to freelancers in need of a little push in the right direction.
Understanding Your Needs
I realize many of you need proper help for reaching your goal to pass the grade or complete a project. Many of you (students) have Game Maker projects or Studio projects to complete as part of your curriculum and unfortunately not many of you have enough Time or Knowledge of Game Maker to complete a project properly or to actually start the project on the right foot even with the provided lab notes.

I have seen the result of a tight schedule and the lack of proper training and having homework from other classes on top of everything! I know most of you have no time to learn the product properly, have no time to design the foundation for your project properly, have no time to learn the Game Maker UI tricks and debugging tricks that would save you valuable time and effort, have not enough time to learn the product on your own and so not enough experience to start on the right foot and not enough experience to fix any problem that arises at the worst moment. Where many of you would spend days trying to figure out why something is not working right, many users here could probably figure out in a few minutes. Unfortunately we are not always on the forum to answer urgent requests.
Provided Services
I am offering a dedicated service to the people who are prepared to pay for it; unfortunately my services are not free. You have to realize that everyone needs help in this world. I need help to pay the rent and you need help to pass the grade. And most of you spend more money on cough-"extra curricular activities" on a week day than it would cost for an hour of my time (which frankly I would hope is the better investment)
The services include but not limited to
Tutoring Via GMC PM
Tutoring Via Slack or Skype Instant Messaging
Tutoring Via Slack or Skype Phone Calls (With Screen Sharing)
Understanding The Services
I provide a tutoring service that is more of a "teach a man to fish" type philosophy. A Typical Slack or Skype session usually involves me guiding you through the process of using the Game Maker Interface, adding proper object, designing the foundation for your game and assisted trouble shooting, giving you tips on how to achieve your goal faster.

The experience should leave you with a better understanding of Game Maker and a better foundation and methodology to achieve your goals. Ultimately after a few session you should have a enough understanding to swim on your own and hopefully address your other project with a clearer head and with less anxiety.

If in a jam (or if appropriate), I can provide, if permitted by the rules of the course you are taking, the foundation engine for your project which you can modify, with my guidance, for you project's needs.

Realize that I do not work "for you" making your project "for you". I tutor you to help you complete your project. I do not provide a "get out of jail" service so you can buy your way through your classes.
Fee Schedule
Initial project contract: 10$ an hour; 2 Hours Minimum, 5 follow up questions VIA GMC PM, payable in advance through PayPal or Online Email Interact Fund Transfer (A New Service Provided Some Banks; verify if the feature allows you to pay Canadian Bank Customers). The tutoring will start upon confirmation of payment which may take a few hours. 
10$ for each additional hour, each hour gives you 2 additional follow up GMC PM in regards to the project, payment to be made after or during the tutoring session.
New projects require a new initial contract (20$/2 hour fee, pre-paid) though any unused time (banked time) from another project can be used for the new project
Tutoring Request
Submit you tutoring request to me on the GMC via PM with the description of your project, the date due and the times you are available for Slack or Skype tutoring. I will reply usually within the hour for details and to setup the initial meet
Tutoring Requests and request discussions are free of charge so be as informative as you need to be
Tutoring Follow up
After the initial payment and tutoring all questions VIA GMC PM in regards to the project for which the mentoring was provided will be free of charge (answered) up to the date the project is due or up to number of "banked" PMs, which ever comes first (so make sure to formulate your additional queries properly and to actually use the feature).  After the project time or the PM bank has expired, all queries may be ignored (I probably wont be that harsh but understand that other people are relying on my time which they paid for)
Any subsequent tutoring need done through Slack or Skype Instant Messages Or Skype Phone Call in regards to the project the initial contract was made for fall under the "additional hour" clause stipulated above

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Posted 03 May 2015 - 09:42 AM

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