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Posted by Andrew Brophy on 26 September 2010 - 02:05 PM

THE HIVE by Vanni Del Moral
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I get this good vibe from playing The Hive. I do this thing on New Years Day (or the days soon after it) where I play Resident Evil 4 from start to finish. It's a fun way to start the year. Gets me in a nice mood. I feel that, if I can take on a army of virtual parasitic humans, then I must be able to take on what the new years throws at me, right? Well, The Hive gives me a very similar feeling - a feeling of euphoria, even. Okay, maybe I'm over-exaggerating slightly (i.e a lot), but I think it's arguable that this is a good game.

Basically, there is some crazy business going on in the mountains. People are going missing, humanity is in danger, you know, that ol' plot device. You play as Alex Rig - an exquisitely jawed human male who is also working as a reporter (did I mention he rides a motorcycle? Manly, huh?). He heads of to the aforementioned mountains to do a breaking story on the disappearances (and by 'breaking story', I mean you have to play as him and go through an hour or so of gameplay to find out what is going on). That's pretty much the story side of things. Obviously it goes a little further than that, but I think you should probably find out for yourself when it comes down to it.

The gameplay - it is pretty nice. It may take a little getting used to the physics used (could just be me), seeing as things are a little stiff, but after a few moments it should all feel pretty natural. I think a good example of how to describe it would be to say that it plays like Daniel Remar's Iji (you have different weapons, you kick down doors, not even gonna mention the fact that it has the same button layout). Overall, it isn't annoying to play - and if there is one thing that puts me off playing a game, it is a game that is annoying to play. Yeah.

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Visually, it is very pleasing. The creator really knows a thing or twelve about choosing colours (dudes in hot-pink biosuits? Oh yeah). It isn't just the style that I like, it's the presentation. I mean, the animations are swell, and the grayscale effect is a very nice touch (is it even possible to have a grayscale overlay effect in Game Maker? If not, then there is some serious dedication going on there). I also like the use of particle effects. They are different from the sprites, and yet they work well.

Anyway, The Hive - it's a game and I like it. I should also mention that it is an entry to the competition going on here, so that explains the very annoying lack of fullscreen option and the ever-so-confusing PSP buttons as instructions (X is actually C? Whaa-?), so here's hoping that there's a post-competition update made.

Go enjoy The Hive, child.
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