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[PAID] Seeking Team Members of all kinds

18 January 2015 - 10:36 PM

Positions Available:
Concept Artist: Needed immediately
PR / Marketing: Needed immediately
Animator  (For Cut-scenes...Maybe)
Musician: Needed immediately
Employer: PawByte (Game Director)
- Nathan Hurde
- USA(Non-Americans allowed to apply)
- Website: http://www.pawbyte.com
-Current Team: http://www.pawbyte.com/about.php
PawByte is a new Wii U developer and we have quite the amount of work coming up. PawByte is split into Four different teams and we are looking to expand our members to be able to release three projects on the Nintendo Wii U this year. We recently got a hold of some nice funding and we are looking to go all out in order to get our projects done(a 2D RPG, a 2D RTS and a 3D Horror game) finished soon.
Job Descriptions:
- Concept Artist:
Design various structures and organisms. Can be hand-drawn or digital art.
-Marketing / PR
-Crucial role for the game. I've been a 1-man army on this and have developed many resources for you to use to help optimize your workload.
-Create unique music selections based on the video game style, folklore and situation/level.
- Home (Personal Computer)...of course communication...Skype? FaceBook? We will find a way.
Salary / Pay
-This job is contractual as we are not a company, but a studio. We will pay you on approved completion of your work aka the final draft. We will be able to negotiate rates via e-mail and phone.
Additional Information (Moderator Included This In The Template)
- Looking for serious people.
- Long....project...still in concept
- Shooting for a reasonable profit on this job and I believe the market is ripe for this game.
Contact information:
PM me. or e-mail me at jobs@pawbyte.com

[Survey] Game store evaluation - Bayonetta2 Raffle

11 September 2014 - 12:51 PM

Hello everyone,


I'm considering opening up a video gaming store and I'm looking for feedback.


If you complete this survey you will also be given a chance to win a free copy of Bayonetta2 for Wii U.


See: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CCcej5nr5fjNw1aJc_mzpHDrbq4vkS4GeOEcP5s1ka4/viewform#start=openform 



The survey is very short and I value all of your feedback.


Thanks and please let me know if you have any questions.

3D Model Primer Pro Edition - V 0.10 Blast Off!

26 March 2014 - 01:10 PM

Download Source Code.

Game Maker is great, but 3D support is a bit limited, so here is a tool to hopefully make that development process easier.
Game maker uses it's own model format( .mod or .d3d) and sometimes when working with 3D modelers you find yourself either A) attempting to convert their files over to this format or B) making models via a GM tool.
This tool is here to help you convert your models from .obj to .mod, but also edit them along the way.
Here are some screenshots:


This is still a WIP(about 1 week old), but it works for the most part. 
You can download the application here
Key Features:
-Import .obj models( DONE)
-View model in 3D world( DONE)
-View multiple imported models at once( DONE)
-Display faces/poly count( DONE)
-Display Min->Max coords on model( DONE)
-Export/Save to a .mod file( DONE)
-Shift model to origins at (0,0,0). DONE)
-Scale model(x-scale, y-scale, z-scale, xyz scale)
-Shift model coords(x, y, z, xyz shift)
--Center around (0,0,0)
-Swap plane-coordinates( x->y, x->z, y->z)
-Switch between textured and untextured view per model
To Do list:
-Toggle 3D features for preview
-Import .3ds and .mod files 
Please report bugs and give your suggestions and feedback.

C+= Do We Need A Feminist Programming Language?

26 March 2014 - 12:26 PM

So, while minding my own business and praising Jesus I discovered a new hot button topic. 



Apparently, there is a language called "C+=" geared to encourage female programmers to arise out of the patriarchal form of programming and into the glorious light of equality and justice.



When I code I do not notice any keywords, classes, or functions that seemed to be centered towards "male privelege", whether that be in PHP, C/C++, Java or even GML; but apparently there may be some hidden according to some feminist.


The industry is male dominated and all, but there are plenty of female coders and all; but how are we to make it more equal?


After all, coming from the land of opportunity and freedom(USA) people are making choices about their career and it seems that most females opt out of CS / Tech. I have no idea why, but do you?


Also, P.S apparently the C+= language was made by trolls who despised the idea of feminism, if my sources are correct.




Checking For Keyboard "- / _" And "= / +"

20 March 2014 - 03:32 AM

Im attempting to use some short-cut combos to edit the views in my game. Here is the code:
if( keyboard_check_released( ord('=') )   && keyboard_check( vk_control))
        with(obj_camera){ event_user(0); } 
    if( keyboard_check_released( ord('-') )   && keyboard_check( vk_control))
        with(obj_camera){ event_user(1); } 
By the way the event_user() events work, just not with this code... One more thing, I tried using the alternative cases and it does not work.

I'm using Game Maker 8.1 as well.