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Sprite Request

14 January 2009 - 12:02 PM

I am currently looking for a few sprites of a ninja for the game I am currently working on (named Sword Sports. It involves ninjas using their sword to use sport equipment to progress through platform levels).

For the first sprite, I just need something like this:

Posted Image

Except I need the head a bit straighter, and I do not need a nose. I'd also like the shoes to be more defined. 32x32, same colours.

Also, for the same game, I require just a quick 4 frame animation of the ninja walking right. 32x32, same colours again. I'd like the knot at the back of the head (on the bandanna) to stand out a bit, if possible.

That's all, thanks.

Astronaut Sprite Needed

15 December 2008 - 01:39 AM

Hello! Basically I need some semi-detailed sprites of an astronaut, as explained below.

Size: 32x32
Style/Perspective: Platformer/Straight on
Colours: Orange space suit, grey/black space helmet
Details: I need the following for the sprite:
  • Astronaut looking straight forward (facing the person playing the game).
  • A three frame animation off him walking (your choice of direction).
  • One jumping sprite (optional).

Other: No other details.

Thanks for your time and thanks in advance!

What Makes A Good Community Topic?

14 December 2008 - 02:10 AM

Alright, so as of late I have been seeing many 'community' topics that, in my opinion, have brought little or no community value and have offered limited potential for discussion among GMC members. Many topics seem dull, and don't really have much point. People seem to think that coming up with a random topic and typing 'What are your opinions on it?', 'Discuss' or 'What do you think about this?' make it valuable to the community.

So, what exactly is a good community topic?

Well, here's my thoughts:

A good community topic is one that has high potential for discussion, among old and new members alike. They should either relate directly to the Game Maker Community, or Game Maker itself, with information or questions that would be universally (in a local way) helpful.

Things like .exe protection topics, for example, are universally helpful as they contribute to making our games more safe. They allow all 'kinds' of members to contribute, new or old, with possible ideas to enhance our game making experience.

Okay, those are just my thoughts on the subject. So tell me, how do YOU think community subjects can become better? What kinds of things to topics need to offer value to the community? Let's help the Community Forum have some better discussions!

(I) Good community topics consist of announcments of the extent of Game Maker, discussions about the community as a whole or problems regarding the whole community.

Looking For A Spriter Or Two

12 December 2008 - 09:18 AM

G'day! I'm just looking for a spriter or two for a couple of projects I'd quite like to work on in the near future. After that, we can work on whatever you want. It's a team thing, after all. If you are selected to help me out, I will happily pm you with some current project details.

Spriters Needed: One or Two

What's Expected of me?

Well, as a team member, you must be willing to chat with myself and anyone else who may be helping out with a project about progress, ideas etc. You must also be able to complete tasks within a (rather un-strict) deadline.

To apply, please send me a private message with the following information.

Position: Spriter
Why I am a good team-person:

All game titles, ideas, etc. will be discussed as a team and are open for discussion. I am more than happy for you to be making suggestions and helping out with other tasks.

Thanks in advance :)

- King Killa

Lose A Life? Lose A Limb!

03 November 2008 - 11:41 AM

Something I always found intriguing about video games is that whenever you 'make a mistake (fall off the screen, get hit by an enemy)' you lose a life? Why could developers never make it so that little mario just ended up with a painful leg and couldn't jump as high? WHY???

I have been thinking about my proposed idea for a while, and still have no idea about some major details, etc. I'd love if, in your post, you were able to give some feedback on my idea and/or contribute or add to it.

Proposed Idea

The idea is that whenever you fail a task/get hit by something etc., instead of losing a life you lose control over a certain, related aspect of the game. Let me provide some examples to give you a little bit of clarity.

Failing a mission: If you fail a mission, you lose confidence. This means your character performs perfectly less and might cause random 'mistakes' to happen, such as jump height not reaching maximum, etc. Would be restored gradually as you complete more tasks (and quicker if you complete the tasks well).

Getting hit by enemy: Causing injury to the body part that would most likely be affected if something were to happen in real life. These injuries would obviously heal over (game) time, unless of course you re-injured yourself again. These injuries could do high amounts of things, eg. hurt leg slowing you down, hurt arm stopping you from throwing stuff, hurt stomach leaving you with less stanima.
*These injuries, if built up enough, could lead to death??*

Not really sure on what else could be associated with this idea: I sure would love if you could add to or contribute to the idea. Also, if you know of a game that already uses a similar system, I'd love for you to send me a link.