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Just when i thought studio got better it turns out theres a 20 max sprite limit... and 10 sound limit... ok screw gm studio going back to 8 Updated 17 Mar · 0 comments

About Me

I like game maker. It lets me make games and have total control over the games. And since it comes in an executable, any computer can play it. It is all very convenient.


Here is my history:
BattlePacman - This is basically my first large-scale project. It involves the red pacman from the really old version of game maker walking around on a very basic 2D world, dodging ghosts, and encounter bosses and sub-bosses, who then challenge them in a walled "battle room". Pacman has only one attack, where he shoots 3 dots randomly in the eight basic directions. All bosses have a random HP system, which basically is defined as: each time a dot hits them, they have a one in X chance of being defeated. Like I said, my first game. More difficult bosses translate into larger X values. This game featured two game modes, one which you encounter and fight all the bosses in BTDD, and the other where you answer yes/no questions and fight a muscular cat from SG:LGB. There was a really cool balloon sequence where you dodge 1945 planes with a green sky backdrop. Oh, the good times.


Army man - An army man ripped from Army Men fights alongside fellow army men against... I forgot. Anyway at one point army man enters a skyway and walks on breakout bricks and dodge 1945 planes that appear based on button release events. Ha.


Gazak - A successor to the first game, this one features returning hero Pacman fighting bosses from popular RPG games like FF6, SMRPG, among others. The spells used in the game are either based on the bosses original moves, or DIABLO-style attacks. Pacman himself uses DIABLO style attacks. An important improvement of Gazak over the first game was a defined health (using the built-in health events.) This was my most successful game.


Mario - A basic 2D exploring game with no coherence and features the Mario from SMPRG. Key features of this game include picking up better weapons and fighting bugs from Dr. Mario. You see E. Honda kick bug ass with his cheap slapping move.


(unnamed travel game) - I don't recall the main character but the game included several enemies from several games including DKC2 and SG:LGB and there were some test mappers.


Ovotor - Environments are based on avatar. Most notably the main character is Mario and enemies include recolored soldiers from ZAMN and Manky Kongs from DKC. A sequel was also in the works but is lost also along with this one.


Fadhag - Building on the success of Gazak, this game incorporated the 'boss battle room' gameplay of Gazak with a map system from MC, thus giving a rudimentary sense of adventure. Most notably, Fadhag features an aiming system (with mouse) that was adopted when someone suggested that Gazak should have aiming. Pacman uses DIABLO spells similar to Gazak, but all spells have been adapted to the aiming system and some spells must be 'found' while exploring the map before they can be used. The player can fight battles which builds up "attack points" that make all spells do more damage to subsequent foes. The gameplay is also somewhat nonlinear so that players can choose which places to visit--and which enemies to battle. Though fadhag is only 80% complete, it was released anyway because I liked it as it was. A shopping system was planned but not implemented.


Way of War - A spectator game where the player chooses units for their army, and then they are pitted against enemy armies with different units. The player uses warcraft 2 units and the enemies employ CT, DKC series, and others in their army. To win a battle, the player must get 100 men across the field successfully. The player loses if his opponent gets 100 units across the field. One battlefield featured a boss (with health) that very effectively stops the player's army until it is defeated.


JillRPG - A basic attempt at an RPG style game, but using basic 2D exploration system from previous games. Mario stars again here and he does battle with FF6 monsters. Both monster and setting ideas are based on Jill, a dos game. The weapon pickup system from Mario (previous project) was adopted in this game, along with an unfinished menu system. A leveling system was also used, based on Fadhag, so that weapons do more damage after fighting more monsters. During battles, both Mario and the enemy monster have health, and both does damage to the other denoted by numbers. Unfortunately this project's source file and Way of War were both lost.


Peg6 - Port of a calculator puzzle game. Very faithful to the original. The main character is a ghost. Uses snap-to-grid movement, which I learned from looking at example games but never before used.


Sadlad - The sequel to Fadhag. Planning a new map to explore along with new enemies to battle. Also planning new spells. Currently, two monsters are finished. Project is on hold due to its complexity (edited from Fadhag.)


Constan - A project using 1945 sprites as its foundation. This is my attempt to create a custom scrolling shooter where I can add any enemy I want. The player's planes are heavily based on Defender, a PS2 game that I couldn't beat. The enemies are based on a variety of such games that I have played in the past and present. Key to this project is a two-player system where two people can play together through the levels.


Other projects - I am planning to revive Way of War but it's going badly right now. I also attempted a pyramid card game but that went badly. I also attempted a generic 2D game that may or may not be an attempt at recreating JillRPG with the new RPG-style sprites that came with this new version of Game maker, but that also didn't go too well.


Thanks for reading my history. As you can see I'm not some professional, nor do I plan to be. All of these games are made with Lite edition, and do not use any GML coding. I like to make and share games, although I have to seriously consider going elsewhere for the sharing aspect of this process. :unsure:

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    Game maker games list:
    BattlePacman (Precursor to gazak, random boss HP, one Pacman attack (dots), two games, one where you travel as pacman and dodge ghosts, the other where you answer quizzes and get owned by steroid cat from speedy gonzales)

    Army man (you're an army man going up and fighting alongside fellow NPC army men)

    Gazak (fixed boss HP, diablo spells)

    Mario (mario travels)

    unnamed travel game (based on starship 7 level structuring, but with a variety of enemies)

    Ovotor (avatar-based environments, travels)

    Fadhag (Map system based on majestic chess, fixed boss HP, diablo spells, increasing attack power level)

    Way of War (spectator game when you watch your warcraft 2 units fight in random battles with enemies from CT, DKC series, among others)

    jillRPG (RPG starring mario with jill environments and enemies, battle system works, menu system not quite)

    Peg6 (port of a calculator puzzle game, uses snap to grid movement)

    Sadlad (continuation of fadhag, with new spells, new monster, and whole new world)

    Constan (1945-like airplane game, but better)

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