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Experienced artist - 15 minute sprites!

03 November 2008 - 11:08 PM


Read this first!

Go ahead and pop a request here, on a couple conditions. It has to be reasonably possible for it to be done in 15 minutes or less. I ain't slow, but don't go asking for twenty-five 64x64 tiles or a character design with a walk animation and a run animation and two different attacks in combo style etcetera etcetera.

Put as much work into your request as you can manage. Find pictures of what you want it to look like, tell me what style you want (and provide pictures). The clearer you are, the more likely it is that I actually do whatever you ask for.

I probably won't do fangame or copy work, and I detest anime, so that rules out your bleach fangame or naruto sprites or legend of zelda characters. You're allowed to ask for the STYLE of other games, not the characters. I won't make you a new mario, probably. Unless it sounds cool, like Mario after he's been subjected to near-lethal radiation.

One more condition. IF YOU LINK ME TO YOUR THREAD, I'LL IGNORE YOU COMPLETELY. If you're too lazy to even copy-paste the required information into a new post, I'm too lazy to click a link. Understood? Awesome.

No credit required, this is mostly to get back into pixelling, help out aspiring game-makers and stave off boredom.


DO - post as much information as possible. Give me 3000 words explaining your character's backstory, or the setting of a tileset if you want to. There's no such thing as too much.

DO - post reference pictures (PICTURES! plural!) of what you want. These can be taken by you with a camera, taken from the internet, taken from movies, taken from games. Anything, anywhere... just don't go asking me to watch whole movies as reference, please :D

DO - Be very specific. If you want your character to have a gun, tell me what kind of gun. Is it a laser gun combined with a flamethrower or a crossbow-thing that fires golf balls? If your setting is on an alien planet, throw an adjective on there, like OVERPOPULATED alien planet, or DYING alien planet. Find a picture if you can.

DO - Keep it to a 15 minute request. I know it's not all that useful to have one animation done, but one animation done is one animation further than you were before. After your one 15 minute request is done, you're welcome to post another, but posting 6 15-minute things in one post is likely to end up in me doing one and forgetting about the rest.

DON'T - link me to your thread. Unless your thread contains a 3,000 word essay explaining the story of your game, you should at least copy and paste any relevant information into a post in this thread. IF YOU POST A LINK TO YOUR THREAD, YOU WILL BE IGNORED.

DON'T - post something unreasonable, like a full spritesheet or something that I couldn't possibly do in 15 minutes. It is possible to get me to do a full sprite sheet, but it'd only work if I did one thing for you in 15 minutes, then get back up to date with other requests, then do another piece of yours, etcetera. The best way to get a full sprite sheet from me is to offer money. Hahaha, kidding. The REAL best way is to be patient and request it one piece at a time.

DON'T - try make me do anime character portraits or anything. There's a decent chance I won't work on anime stuff just 'cause I don't like it. That being said, I already edited an Avatar sprite for someone, so... Try. Don't expect much though.

DON'T - try make me remake a video game for you. Yes, everyone loves SNES zelda, but everyone and their dog wants to remake that game so they can be famous. If you haven't noticed, noone has succeeded, and it's been years. Graphics in that STYLE are okay (cough Ark_47 cough). What I'm saying is I ain't making you Legend of Zelda : 2. Or Super Duper Metroid. You get the picture.


This is why. If you're too lazy to put at least 5 minutes into your specific request, what are the chances of your game actually succeeding being finished? You can't even put 5 minutes into having someone do 15 minutes of work for you, you're a lost cause. You get out what you put in, and if you put in 15 minutes explaining to me what you want and finding pictures, there's a dang good chance that I'll break my own rules and put 20 minutes or half an hour into it.

Don't be lazy.

All that being said, cheers, and good luck!


I'm old. Really old. So old that I'm approaching the point where four of me would be a century.

...but I can draw, and do draw, and should draw more. Some people will know me from various places (assuming those faces that know me from places are still around) but one thing still rings true; I'm typically capable of whatever, but it is usually a matter of motivating myself to do things. I remember this thread fondly as something that inspired me to make not some of the most beautiful work I've ever done, but some of the most productive. I'm reaching a point in my life where a serious and feasible life goal within the next three years would be to step into design full-time, but one area I'm extremely weak in is exactly this: quickly fleshing out concepts or ideas based on someone else's idea to produce a result that isn't perfect, but is highly functional.

This is where you come in, but I must stress, ONLY A FEW OF YOU come in. I have less time now than ever, and there's a darn good chance that I won't be able to keep up with even the good requests... but I will do what I can, and that's all I can hope do to. Feel free to make a request, but if I haven't updated in 3 days and there's already 25 requests since my last update, it might be wise to save yourself the time and hold your request for a time I'd be more capable of helping with it.

In any case, Cheers! I'll check back on you shiny people tomorrow ^____________________^

Serious Game Creation In Gamemaker?

26 October 2007 - 10:35 PM

Hey there, James here.

I want to make a game, oh how I want to make a game. So why don't I do it? Well, I've neither the time nor the motivation to learn to code even in gamemaker. Art I can do, coding... not so much. All I'm wondering, simply enough, is if there are any devoted and willing coders out there that'd work with an artist and not fade off or give up after a few weeks.

Nono, this doesn't belong in team requests, 'cause I'm not looking for a coder. What I'm looking for is verification that it IS possible to find these people, and that I'm not better off finding a C++ coder, or a coder in some other language.

Any success stories? Is it possible to make a devoted team out of the members of the GMC?

Whim - In Need Of Programmer

08 October 2007 - 09:44 PM

(Updated jan. 27 - 08)

Hey, my name's James and I'm an experienced pixel artist and progressing game designer.

Over the last few years I've been brewing a game idea as the opener to my portfolio, and I've tried many a time to find a coder that will work with me, but have yet to have success on that front. I've also tried to learn the coding myself, but it would take years to acheive the proficiency I'm looking for.

This is where you come in. I'm looking for an experienced coder (GML or otherwise) to work with me on this project. How experienced? Well, the battle system is real-time physics-based in similar style to Yoshi's Island (with the egg shooting) but with more gravity and interactivity. I also need to focus on environment and dragging the player into the game, so many little things like a water displacement system (worst case scenario of sorts, nothing tougher than that [or likely, even as tough as that] would be required) and footprints behind the characters would ideally be implemented to make the whole experience more believable.

Also worthy of note, someone with intricate knowledge of streamlining performance would be a definite plus, as my imagination is likely to produce more than gamemaker can handle. No, I don't expect you to do the impossible, merely work with me on keeping the game playable by tellin' me what I can and cannot do, graphically speaking.

Ah, and because I forgot: The basics:

Game's name : Whim - subtitle yet to be decided (...and the quest for the yada yada)
Protagonist : A mindless cavedwelling creature
Type : platformer / adventure (See cave story / yoshi's island)
Needed : coder (gml or otherwise) to create or modify a platformer engine to make work.
Potential features : slope walking, variable jumping, splashes, water displacement?, physics engine (kinetic energy, things on strings, gravity [roll downhill!]. density [sink or float!]) parralax effects and more.

As for the mentioned financial compensation, you'll be looking at between $300 to $800 for the completed project, as well as your name(s) right up on the title screen right beside my own.

I've got a basic story written, a few sprites done, a few in the works, and a very good idea of what's going on in my head. Gimme a pm if you've got any questions, and if you'd like to help, send me a few examples of what you're capable of and we'll go from there.

- James

Free - Rpg Tiles

10 August 2007 - 04:38 AM

Hey there!

I've got a whole lot of tiles from a crashed project a ways back, and I really, really have no use for them. So hey, I figure one or two of you aspiring gamemakers will. Unfortunately, they're not perfect, but I'd imagine they're a welcome change from the same-old same-old.

So here, help yourselves, no credit needed.

This is what some of them can look like, all put together nice-like:

House tiles:

Indoor tiles:

Outdoor tiles:

Cave tiles:

Enjoy ;)