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The Skin...

31 May 2007 - 10:46 AM

I´ve runned into a pretty anoying error with the GMC! The board-skin is gone! When i enter the site, all i can see is the post icons, and a lot of text. Everything else is completely gone! So I´m asking the admins to fix it, because it´s pretty anoying to surf around on a "Text-site", and it can also be very hard to orientate... :D

Name Of A God

27 May 2007 - 05:32 PM

I´m making a game that are situated in the years, where the Spanish soldiers stormed Mexico, and slaughtered the Aztechs. I need to come up with a name of a aztechish god, and I just can´t think of anything... So i thought one of you guys might have some good ideas for a name, and maybe even a illustration. The name doesn´t have to be pure fiction, so you can also use one of the original names on the internet (Although... You have to do a lot of researching to find the names on the net... I did, and i didn´t found ANYTHING!)

A Good Platform Game

07 April 2007 - 10:42 AM

As the tile says, what will make, a good platform game? What should it contain? And does it really have too be a shooting game, before anyone get´s interested in it? Well... i´m just asking, b/c i´m making a platform game at the moment, that are a combination of the classic jump´n´stomp, and puzzle! It also have superb physics, but something is missing... And i´m sure that a lot of you guys has the same problem! (No! Don´t go search for my games topic! It´s non-excisting, as the project is developed secretly. For now, a single person *when you don´t count me in* has tried it... and something is missing....)

Room Creation-code

27 March 2007 - 03:12 PM

There is not so many games, where room creation-codes are used. But If we could dig up the coolest of them. Maybe more people will use them! I personally, are not so good at making that type of code, but i know that i´m only one out of not-so-few... Anyway... If you have a cool room creation-code lying around. Or if you are good at making such codes. You should post it here! Then we can decide, what type of code, that fit´s what type of games.


16 March 2007 - 04:57 PM

Hey guys. Have anyone played the retro-shooter: Jet-pack1, 2, or 3? I thought that it wold be cool, to make a jet-pack4! But i´m not too sure, so i wanted to hear what you guys think about it.

Jet-pack details:

Menu) When you start up the game, you see a menu. In that menu you can choose between the following details:
1)Options: In options, you can choose a color. (the color represents your team) You can also choose the normal "option options" Like sound, effects, and the difficulty. And as a really important option, you can choose the amount of jet-pack-men on each team.
2)Credits: Press this button, to see the credits.
3)Start: When you press this button, you will enter a new menu! In this menu, you can see the levels, and choose between them.

When you start the game, you will be placed at you "start location" Start locations, are randomly placed in each level. When you die, your will respawn in one of the start locations.

Other info: The game has no point, it´s just shooting the oponents to pieces. When you die, there will appear 3 pieces of something red, and bloody, randomly flying through the air, and splat on the first thing it hits. (it´s the rest of the player... yikes!) The red "splats" they make, will sit on the wall (or whatever it hit´s) Until the player 10 times! That way, we can have up to 30 splats per player. (one bloody mess) You can choose between a large amount of different weapons, and equipment, that can be useful. You start with two weapons, and you have to find anything else youself. All the players, looks like each other, and it´s the color that makes the difference. The levels will be quite big, and you can fly really fast, so you can travel around, in no time! There is one or two weapons, that can blow up terrain, so you can break through buildings, and stuff. (like ground) The game should also contain redicolous sounds, like when the player dies, he screams: MOMMY! or ****! or just go BOOM.

Well... I hope you guys think it´s a good idea, but the A.I is gonna be hard to make! So i would apreciate some help, if i start up this project.