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Graphics Artist and Story Lead Needed

09 January 2011 - 02:47 AM

Hi everyone, thanks in advance for reading this topic. I tried to keep this post as short as possible.

I'm working on an Avatar fangame right now titled Before the Avatar. Basically the game is focused on the events that preceded the creation of the very first Avatar, that is, it happens several millennia before the start of the series itself. The genre is Strategy/RPG, somewhat similar in style to The Spirit Engine II if you're familiar with it. I as lead developer will be responsible for the programming and music/sfx. I have a short synopsis of the general plot direction I have in mind as well as a few demos of the gameplay and drafts of part of the game soundtrack available at the game's development blog (links in signature).

As stated in the topic title, I am looking for a Graphics Artist and a Story Lead. I am willing to allow much creative freedom for either within the project. I'm afraid that as a college student I don't have any money to pay you for your work.

I ask only that you meet the three following requirements:

  • That you have a decent interest in the Avatar TV series [important for graphics artist; critical for story lead]
  • That you only apply if you have a serious interest in sticking around with the project; estimated project development time is 1 year.
  • That you be appropriately skilled in the position you apply for. I'm not asking for perfection. :)

I also prefer (but do not require) that you use some sort of chat service, whether that be MSN, Skype [strongly preferred], or even Facebook, by which I can maintain communication with you. At minimum you should have an email you check regularly.

If you're interested in getting involved, PM me.

Coggerking Trivia, 12am Sundays Gmt +0

24 December 2009 - 06:58 PM

Hello Everyone:

Over the past couple of weeks, GameCOG has been holding what we call CoggerKing trivia sessions in an IRC channel. We'd love for you guys to join us every other week, at Saturday 5 PM GMT -7 (Sunday 12 AM GMT +0) for an hour and a half of trivia. At 7 PM my time (12 AM next day GMT) users join the IRC channel, and as soon as we have enough people, CoggerKing comes on and begins the trivia questions. If we have a sufficient amount of people, CoggerKing sets up 2 or 4 teams, otherwise just a free-for-all. Trivia lasts for about an hour, this is something CoggerKing and I determine based on the number of people, amount of interest for that particular night, but one hour has been the general tendency.

IRC Channel Info:

Server: irc.mibbit.net
Port: 6667
Channel: #coggers

If you're IRC-illiterate (like I am!), here's a link to an in-browser Mibbit thingy that basically connects you to the channel hassle-free. Just choose a username (preferably the one you use on GameCOG or a derivation of it) and you're good to go. Don't impersonate anybody else.

The CoggerKing Trivia Channel


Past Sessions:

December 27th, 5 PM GMT -7
Stats for the day: Total Users On: 10 | Most Correct: tdub311 - 28 | Longest Streak: tdub311 - 5 | Fastest Response Time: tdub311 - 2.652s | Most WPM: makerman - 29.62 | Winning Team: N/A (no teams done)

January 10th, 5 PM GMT -7
Stats for the day: Total Users On: 8| Most Correct: Nights of Light - 20 | Longest Streak: NAL - 7| Fastest Response Time: Nights of Light - 3.744s | Most WPM: NAL - 35.29 | Winning Team: N/A (no teams done)

Next Session: January 23th, 5 PM GMT -7 (January 24th, 12 AM GMT)
Please note: This is a Saturday/Sunday meeting, not Sunday/Monday. I'm moving it back one day (same time of day though) after hearing several requests and agreements for one day earlier. Apparently school's started up again for most people. :)

Future Schedule (tentative):
[depends on how many people like Saturday/Sunday meetings instead of Sunday/Mondays]


Who can join? (only GMC?)

We won't have any strict rules about who can or can't participate, but since we are only advertising this on GameCOG and the GMC, most users will be your typical GMer. We do ask that you don't go around asking all your real-world friends or people who don't use GM to join and such, as the questions are mostly about Game Maker and some (popular) indie games. However we won't turn someone away unless they're disrupting the flow of things.

What sort of trivia questions will be given?

Trivia covers three primary categories: The indie games, GM games, and GameCOG games (more than half of which are GM games). We are aware there is overlap, but all trivia questions will fit into one of these categories. At a glance, there are currently 125 questions total, but I am always working on adding to the bank of trivia. For relative size of the categories, appr. 1/2 are about GM games, 1/3 indie games, and 1/6 GameCOG games/projects.

An example question is: How many YoYo Games competitions have been held (completed) as of yet?

The answer, of course, is four or 4 (both formats work). The difficulty is being the first to answer. :P

However, questions like the one above where most participants know the answer off the top of their head strongly favor those with a better internet connection and faster computer. So, I have created two special types of questions: Unscramble and Name That Game. While the first type is self-explanatory, in Name That Game questions a link to a part of a game soundtrack is posted. The correct answer is the name of the game that tune came from.

Both of these types of questions help mitigate the advantage of a faster connection.

Who makes the trivia?
The questions so far are 90+% by yours truly. About 15 have been made by other various members of GameCOG. We do our best to be accurate in the trivia, but if you think we made a mistake just let us know.

Can I submit my own trivia?
Of course! Inevitably I can't play every popular game out there, try as I do. :o Just send DesertDweller (me) a message with your questions, either PM here or on GameCOG, catch me on MSN, or send me an email (see profile) with your questions. To make my job easier, please format your questions the following way:

[question]*[possible answer 1]*[possible answer 2]...etc.... (no brackets) So, an example question could be:
How many minutes are in an hour?*sixty*60

We ask that all questions be constructed to end with a question mark, and to have answers with numbers given both spelled out and numerically (e.g. sixty and 60 as different answers in the example). We also ask the punctuation in answers always be kept to an absolute minimum. If you sign up for an account on GameCOG, you can earn GameCOG points for accepted trivia in a 2 questions: 1 point ratio. You must sign up within 24 hours of earning the points to be able to receive them.

Who is CoggerKing?
Just to make sure there's no confusion, CoggerKing is a bot. He's just another account I use to do the trivia. If CoggerKing says anything in the channel aside from trivia, it's me. ;)

Is there any sort of incentive to show up?
Of course. Aside from the thrill of racing against your peers to unscramble a game title or determine what game a particular soundtrack is from, we do offer GameCOG points for particularly exceptional participants.

The Awards: (I sometimes add more depending on the situation, but these are guaranteed)

Winning Team: +3 GameCOG points each participant
Most Correct Answers: +10 points that participant
Fastest Response Time: +5 points that participant
Longest Streak of Correct Answers: +5 points that participant
Most WPM on a Single Question: +5 points that participant

Again, you must sign up for GameCOG within 24 hours of earning points to be eligible to receive them.

I'd love to go, but I can't make the time you run the trivia. Will you ever do trivia at a time more convenient for the other half of the globe?
This will depend on the amount of interest and the particular circumstances. Right now the trivia is run at a time that I know will be open for myself for most of the coming semester. If there is demonstrated interest in another time being convenient, I'll consider another time.

General Rules:

Some last comments about the IRC channel. I'm just going to make this very clear. This is not an official GameCOG channel or the like, however, the same rules apply there as do there. There will be absolutely no swearing or cussing, personal attacks, adult material posted, etc...you guys know the drill. I'll give one warning, and after that a ban for the night. I don't mean to sound unnecessarily harsh but we do have younger people here that might be participating so it's really that simple.

Also, chatting about other things is fine (within reason), but once the trivia starts, please refrain from chatting about anything but the trivia (or anything related to the trivia such as how poorly worded the question is :o ) unless absolutely necessary. If you must talk about something with someone else now there are a bazillion ways to do that privately, just don't do it in the channel. This is not a channel for chatting whenever you want to, so please don't use it as such.

Well I think that's about it. We've had a blast the past two times, and we hope you will too.

Any questions

- Desert and CoggerKing

Measuring # Of Cells A Path Passes Through?

24 February 2009 - 09:48 PM

Okay, so I'm trying my hand at the basics of a turn-based strategy game. I'm trying to make it so that when you click on the ship in the middle of the screen, red squares will be drawn everywhere the ship can move, taking into account the gray walls. Currently, these are the results I get:

This is the point at which I believe I'm gonna have to fix this. Every cell within 6 spaces of the ship that isn't covered by a rock, and can be gotten to, is shaded red. (the one light gray one can't be gotten to, so it isn't shaded, which is what I want)
Posted Image

This next one is what I'm having trouble with. The major flaw with the last picture is that "distance" is viewed as a straight line from start to possible endpoints. Just by looking at the previous screenie one can see that most of the red squares will actually take more than six moves to get to. (take the far left red cell for example) This screenshot shows more of what I want. In this, the length of the path of the mp_grid function to get from point a to b is compared to (a little bit more than the cell width) * (the number of moves available) This makes for a nice approximation, but it doesn't work:
Posted Image

As you can see, you're allowed anywhere from 5-7 moves here, when only 6 are supposed to be allowed...

So. My question is, is there a method of counting the number of cells a path moves through by which I can accurately detect the length of the path? Or, is there an algorithm which I can use instead of the mp_grid one for pathfinding, which will tell me that number?

My current coding: (all in obj_pirate_1)

Left Mouse Button Pressed: (For screenie 2, that is. For screenie 1, comment out the "if (path_get_length(mypath) <= moves * (C_CELLSIZE + 3))" part)

for (i=-moves; i<=moves; i+=1) //wave through a rectangle
	for (j=-moves; j<=moves; j+=1)

		//...that the cell going toward is free of solids
		col = (collision_rectangle((xcell + i) * C_CELLSIZE + 1,
		   (ycell + j) * C_CELLSIZE + 1,
		   (xcell + i + 1) * C_CELLSIZE - 2,
		   (ycell + j + 1) * C_CELLSIZE - 2, obj_wall, false, true) == noone);
		//...that this move isn't too far and that this move isn't 0,0; also check that there is no collision
		if (((abs(i) + abs(j)) <= moves) && ((abs(i) + abs(j)) > 0)) && col
		   if (mp_grid_path(ctrl.mp_grid, mypath, x, y, (xcell + i) * C_CELLSIZE + sprite_xoffset, (ycell + j) * C_CELLSIZE + sprite_yoffset - 1, false))
			  draw_path(mypath, x, y, true);
			  show_debug_message(string(path_get_length(mypath)) + "|" + string(i) + "|" + string(j))
			  if (path_get_length(mypath) <= moves * (C_CELLSIZE + 3))
				 ds_grid_add(ctrl.ds_grid, xcell + i, ycell + j, 1);
selected = true;

Draw Event Code:
if (selected)
   var x1, y1, x2, y2;
   for (i=-moves; i<=moves; i+=1) //wave through a rectangle
	  for (j=-moves; j<=moves; j+=1)
		if (ds_grid_get(ctrl.ds_grid, xcell + i, ycell + j))
		   x1 = (xcell + i) * C_CELLSIZE;
		   y1 = (ycell + j) * C_CELLSIZE;
		   x2 = (xcell + i + 1) * C_CELLSIZE;
		   y2 = (ycell + j + 1) * C_CELLSIZE;
		   draw_rectangle(x1, y1, x2, y2, false);

Any and all feedback appreciated. :)

~ Christmas Chaos-desert Turns Wintry ~ 4th Place!

21 December 2008 - 09:09 PM

Name: Christmas Chaos
Category: Arcade
Window Size: 800x600
Changes Resolution: no
Mulitplayer: no

This game was made for the Zerosoft Games Competition

Direct download: linky [10.0 MB]
YoYo Mirror: linky 2
Posted Image

More screenshots: linky

Made with ;) , so there is no need to convert it, Vista users.

The goal of the game is in essence to defend Santa from goblins. You ride as an elf on a floating saucer, and shoot snowballs at approaching goblins. Money is earned by Santa dropping presents in houses, [an automatic process] and by you shooting down enemies. If Santa's sled is shot down, you lose.

I highly recommend doing the tutorial, else the game will make almost no sense. It's meant to be a pick up and play kind of game; games typically last no more than 5 minutes.

I have been told that the controls are a little complicated. I did my best to minimize complexity; it's hard to allow independent control over two objects at the same time.

There are online highscores.

Hope you enjoy the game, and have a very merry Christmas!


Space-ship Graphics (completed, Thank You!)

06 August 2008 - 12:32 AM

Please Note: I do require that images be uploaded onto one of the following:
Any common GM file host (such as WHFF or Host-a-net)

My computer has software that blocks images from really popular image hosting sites such as imageshack.us and photobucket. (hopefully for reasons that you understand) If you can't put the image on one of the reccommended places, then please don't make the sprites, because it will be wasted work.

I would like to request 4 space-ship images.
What I need:
  • 4 space-ships based off of the shape of this one Posted Image
  • Dimensions should be between 20 and 50 pixels to a side (a perfect square is not required, so 25x40 is acceptable)
  • No animations required
  • Please keep the sprite black-and-white, as I am using image_blend.
  • The style of the sprite should be, ummm..., is smooth a valid style?
  • Please keep it facing the right, because I am using image_angle for direction. (If you can't be bothered, I can do it)
  • These are the types of ships I need:
  • One rather normal or basic looking; standard--lacking in no area (should be cooler than mine :blink: )
  • One rather like an upgrade of the first, resembling higher hp while a slightly larger size leads to lower agility
  • One significantly smaller than the first, resembling high speed, while hp and defense lack
  • One significantly larger than the first, resembling high defense and hp, while speed is lacking

Feel free to take off on editing my prototype, but try to keep the shape and style the same.

Of course, credit will be given.

The link to my WIP for which these sprites will be contributed toward is here. Please note that that is an older version of my game; I will update it soon with some bug fixes and such.

Thanks in advance!