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Custom Sprite Font Drawing Bug

18 February 2016 - 04:02 PM

I created a custom font using a sprite sheet, and it seems to work just fine in Windows/Android versions. However, with the HTML5 version, it looks like row changes (#) and spaces are not correctly registered.


Here's how a text looks in the Windows version:



And this is how the same text is in HTML5:



The white blocks are what I issued for the space character to reduce the space width, as the default space was way too wide, and those characters don't seem to be drawn in Windows/Android version anyway.


Has anyone had this issue? Anything that could be done about it, other than using a workaround like displaying the text as separate images?

[PAID] Looking for Playtesters for a Simple Game

02 October 2015 - 02:07 PM

Ever wanted to earn some money by playing a game? If yes, then here's an opportunity for you...

Job Description

I'm looking for 3 playtesters to play a simple reflex-based game (project details below). The work will be done remotely, by using your own computer.

In total, the testing will take approximately 2 hours, during which we will do the following:

1) I will send you the test version of the game.

2) You will play the game on your own computer, and this will be viewed remotely through TeamViewer by me.

Note that this doesn't give me the access to control your computer remotely; I simply need to be able to view the game window as you play to see what you are doing.

3) While you play, we will be communicating via Skype by writing. For example, I might ask questions related to the game or provide instructions on what I want you to try.

4) After the testing session, you will send me the save file of the game. This will contain recordings of your playthroughs in each level, so I will be able to view them later on with my own computer.

The schedule for testing will be negotiated on Skype, but I'm very flexible in this matter.

What I require from you is that you have played these types of reflex-based games, including small platform / action games on browser (e.g. Flash or HTML5 games) enough to be able to know what is considered good and bad in those types of games.

You should also be able to give constructive criticism and point out areas that you think already work well, and why that is the case. I understand that everyone's opinion is their subjective take on things, but being able to explain your opinions helps me understand what goes inside the gamers' minds.

Project Overview

The game is about an astronaut who unluckily loses his space shuttle in the outer space, forcing him to go find a new one. The whole game takes place in zero gravity, and your only means of moving is using hungry gravity wells: You can either pull yourself towards them or have them spit you out to a particular direction.

The gameplay is simple, and uses only mouse clicks or touch screen taps, depending on the device. The game is still very much a work in progress, as there is still a lot of work to do, and audio is missing altogether. To get a better idea about what the game currently looks like, you can check the screenshots below.










Contacting Me

If you're interested, please send me a private message. In the message, please list some browser games you've enjoyed and think might be a bit similar to this (i.e. reflex-based games, like platformers and action games). Please also tell me a little bit about your skill level as a player.


Payments will be sent via PayPal. The work only lasts for 2 hours, so the amount of payment will also reflect this fact. However, if I'm satisfied with your work, I will be likely to invite you to test different parts of the game or more similar projects later on.

Employer Details

Tommi, an independent game developer from Finland.

Shadowmerge - an Innovative 2D Stealth Platformer

08 September 2015 - 09:09 PM

Shadowmerge is a platform game where you play as a small creature, attempting escape an underground research facility. The creature has a special ability that allows it to dive into shadows. By doing so, the creature can travel to areas that would be unaccessible by other means, such as jumping. Likewise, when the creature has dived into the shadows - in other words, shadowmerged - he can't be seen or heard by guards who patrol around the research facility, attempting to capture the fugitive.


The game consists of 30 levels that require the player to reach the exit without being seen by the guards. A stealthy approach is highly recommended, as the guards' firepower can bring a quick end to the journey of our fragile creature, who is incapable of attacking the guards in any way.


Do you have what it takes guide our little creature to safety?








Arrow keys - move

Space - Jump/Accept

Z - Shadowmerge

X - hold to sneak while moving

C - Use a switch

P - Pause game


Hot keys:

R - Restart level

Q - Quit level


A few images:







Currently, the game is nearing completion, but there are still things left to be done. These include the following:

-Fixing the blocky lights around guards (a graphical bug)
-Tweaking the difficulty
-Adding some background props to levels 16 to 30

-Sound effects

-Menu music

-Fixing serious bugs that you guys find and point out


Any kind of constructive feedback is highly appreciated!

[FILLED] Looking for a sound designer for a 2D stealth platform game!

07 September 2015 - 10:19 PM

Job Description

I'm looking for skilled sound designer to create sound effects for a platform game with stealth elements.

In total, 20 - 30 unique sound effects will be required.

The work is expected to be completed in 1-2 months, but the deadline for the completion of all work is flexible. Obviously, if you are able to deliver quality at a faster pace, I have nothing against that :)


The work begins as soon as the position is filled.


The work will be done remotely.


Project Overview

To get a better idea about what the game currently looks like, you can check the screenshots below and watch this
short video: https://dl.dropboxus...merge Promo.wmv

Currently, very few sound effects have been made. The video will give you an idea about the situations where sounds will be required.


Contacting Me

If you're interested, please send me a private message and suggest prices for the sound effects, and we'll negotiate from there. I understand that it may be difficult to state an exact price before seeing the actual list of required sound effects, but some sort of guidelines would greatly help. For example, you can list how much you usually charge for a simple or a complex sound effect.


Please also include links to your previous works.



Payments will be sent via PayPal.



During the project, we will communicate via e-mail.


Employer Details

Tommi, an independent game developer from Finland.








Accessing the save file folder / local storage for game_load

29 April 2015 - 11:07 PM

I recently made an HTML5 build of my old project which relies heavily on Game Maker's game_save and game_load functions. On Windows build, these work fine without any problem. However, with HTML5 build, they fail to load.


With HTML5 builds, I understood that the save files go to the local storage. Indeed, I found the save file on the Local/AppData/Gamename folder of my PC, where it was written by default by using game_save("savedata.sav"), without giving a more specific path.


The problem I have is that I don't know how to access the save file via program code to use game_load on it. Simple game_load("savedata.sav") that worked for Windows build doesn't do the trick here. I tried using working_directory, but that doesn't seem to give the right directory for me either. So my question is: How do I access the save file / local storage through program code?


On the other hand, it looks like ini files are written and read from the local storage by default, so I don't have any problems with these. However, as my game relies so heavily on the save functions, I'd rather not reimplement the save system with ini files, if possible.