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Top Down Space Example, Upgrades,leveling,shooting

04 December 2006 - 01:32 AM

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Hyper Wave


Screanshots :
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WASD - Move
QW - Strafe
Space - Shoot
M - Missle (After 2nd upgrade)
N - Energy Blast
Shift - stabilzer

Hyper Wave is a topdown free roaming adventure space themed rpg. In this demo the engine and title screan are shown off. It comes with 2 aweosme MP3's and I suggest you listen to the title screan song. The main thing to do in this demo is to try out the leveling up and upgrades engine.

Please note that the money and experience gain has been alterd for the purpose of the demo only.

Naming Your Game Version!

27 August 2006 - 07:34 PM

I havee always asked my self where the term alpha came from when grading the progress of your game. It always makes me chuicle when i see

Demo Alpha Beta Vs 1.001011020201 AAB2

Honostly lol, the only realy term i know would be beta. and google defines it as
A version of an application that is made available prior to the official release for the purposes of testing.

Also a demo usually is the full game I think, i know the whole situation of how people are to young to put enough proper time or thought into naming there releases. Google defines demo as Short for demonstration as in a vendor demonstration of software to impress the users.

So someone please explain this whole alpha thing / discuss the naming of versions of your game!

What do you think GMC?

Platformer - Ok I Need A Name!

25 August 2006 - 04:34 AM

Platformer - Ok I Need A Name!
Please Tell Me Your PC specs and your FPS rate

The Story
Ok so i opened up gamemaker one night and im like "Im gonna make a physics engine for balls in gamemaker" and it went pretty well! But as i kept working the game started to form from it and before I knew it I was in photoshop creating graphics and messing with blendmodes. After about a day of tinkering I had a weird game engine with this black ball of blendmode shaded furry was jumping around on my screan, splashing in water and useing his grapple hook and jetpack skills!

I decided to put together a demo for you guys, with meny hidden features like 2 bonus levels which you have to work for :P In the first level the only cool thing is the wall jump system which is easy, you jump into a wall and you bounce up more then a normal jump! You can also mess with teh fallblocks and hit the spikes. All along the level are meny secret areas including one that if you get to it and send me a screanshot you can have the gm6 file!

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Posted Image

The controlls are simple
W,A,S,D to more D to jump
Left Mouse Button for the jetpack once you have found it!
And Right ouse Button for the grapple hook once you have found it!

Download about 1 Mb

Just A Thought!

19 November 2005 - 01:53 PM

Do you think people would read the rules better if it had a funny flash version? Like starring the gm ball and the forums and they get the premise of the rules to you in a funny way. ^_^ I actuly think people would look at it just for the hell of it and so would noobs and then they would be all like half noobed and stuff.

anyways gmc, what do you think?

[No Download]-Open Source 3d Topdown Shooter

29 September 2005 - 01:50 AM

-3D mouse aim
-3D bullets with shadows.
-Animated character points to mouse and has walking animation.
-Use of graphics
-Fast (aka culling is used)
-Open source
-Free for your use

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Look it shows d3d can be ued for teh good of mankind! Erm have fun using. It was one of my first attempts at making some 3d. One bug though that i havn't taken the time to fix and you will see what it is when u shoot your weapon.

Um i would like credit but what the hell i dont need it. JUst please be kind and respond to the topic.