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GM Total Terrain - advanced 3D terrain! Update#2 Instant Load! No flat terrain...

16 July 2015 - 11:15 PM



If you've been paying any attention to the notifications I've been posting lately, you'd know I've been working on a thing. Well, here's a demo of that thing, and a few words to describe what's going on, as well as some fancy pictures to chronicle it's progress from the humble beginnings to what it's become today.
This is GM Total Terrain, an all in one, advanced terrain management suite, which comes complete with the following features already implemented:
Read Heightmap data from grayscale image.
Seamlessly blend up to 5 textures together using fancy blending masks for the most natural looking terrain evarr.
Customizable Level Of Detail (LOD) functions, set the width of your slices, and how many LOD levels to use!
Interpolated data reading for super smooth placement and sub-pixel accuracy on terrain generation, Use more polygons than there is terrain data!
With more to come: (feel free to submit ideas)
Foliage/grass population with wind shader.
Frustrum culling of terrain slices for maximum performance.
and lots more performance boosts!!
Now for the fun stuff, Pictures!





WASD controls and mouse.

First run will take a considerable amount of time to build the terrain. That time gets cut in half when you launch the game the next time. This will be addressed!

[ALPHA] Deimos - Import Doom/Heretic/Hexen Maps!

10 November 2014 - 06:47 PM



Hey guys, figured I'd start an alpha topic for a thing that I've been putting together for a while.


What is Deimos? In short, it's a 3D level system heavily inspired by id Tech 1, previously known as the Doom engine.
What will Deimos be capable of?
Easily load and render complex 3d levels.
Automatically handle player and npc collisions.
And it also comes with an advanced level editor that seamlessly integrates into any gmx.
The current list of editor features is as follows:
Load all your objects, sprites, and backgrounds from any GM:S project.
Changeable grid sizes, and precision mode so you can work without grid confinement.
Easily add new rooms (Wadds) with a right click.
Define the properties of each wall (Line), such as top, middle, and bottom textures.
Configure the height of Wadd ceilings and floors.
Set the textures of each Wadd and Line by browsing through all the backgrounds and sprites of your gmx.
Adjust the lighting of each Wadd with hue, saturation, and values, even set the value higher than 1 for overbrights.
Support for defining and adding prefabs to your levels.
Undo and Redo up to 64 times.
And more..
Editor Screenshots:




And now for the demo:

Deimos Editor Alpha - v0.01a


The controls are pretty straightforward, and much of the application is very barebones right now. None of the items in the menu bar at the top are functional, and neither are any of the items in the Wadds tab on the right.


Zoom and pan with the mouse wheel.


To start building a wad, righ click anywhere on screen and you'll begin. To place a new vertex, simply left click anywhere on the grid. You also want to create them in a clockwise manner, so the line handles are pointing towards the inside of your wadd. To close the wadd, simply place the final vertex on/near the first vertex. To undo your last change while in Wadd Create mode, right click.


You can work off the grid by pressing and holding down the Alt key, this works with moving and placing vertexes.


To move a vertex, place the mouse on or near it, left click, and drag it around.


You can also select wadds by placing the mouse inside of the wadd and left clicking, the wadd tab will shows the textures, lighting, uv offsets and heights of the selected wadd.


Switching from 2D to 3D is currently disabled, as well as changing the render type.


That's about all you need to know for now. If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know!

RetroFexx - Oldschool Palettes with Dither *UPDATED*

30 October 2014 - 04:59 AM

Featuring Shaders:

  • RFX_coldepth_shd - Limit the color depth in the scene by any value. Higher numbers = more colors.
  • RFX_palswap_shd - Swap out the palette to any of your choosing, any number of colors up to 4096!

Customize the dither of both shaders with a 128x128 texture and a dither spread value. HINT Play around with the dither spread value, keeping it too low will make everything grainy and keeping it high will make color transitions much sharper!
To use:

  • Create a dither texture: dtex=sprite_get_texture(RFXbayerdith_spr,0);
  • Init the RFX system: RFX_init( pixel scale, dtex, dither spread ( try 64 or 32 ) );
  • Pick a shader:
  • For Color Depth Shader:
  • For Palette Shader:
            RFX_set_palswap( sprite_get_texture(sprite_index,image_index) ); //Sprite_Index is the palette sprite you wish to use.
  • Draw anything as you would normally, then in draw gui event: RFX_apply();

HINT This shader suite relies on the use of the application surface. To draw any gui items to be affected by this shader, you must draw them directly to the application surface with surface_set_target(application_surface)
Make sure that the texture your using for your palette hasn't been properly set using sprite_get_texture or background_get_texture, and that your palette looks the same as the ones included, RFXpalettes_spr. Also be sure the use for 3D check box checked on your palette. The texture generated using sprite/background_get_texture must be used as an argument for RFX_set_palswap.
The RFXpal (set by using RFX_set_palswap) and RFXshader variables are required by the RFX system to be set to the palette texture and the shader to use respectively. If these variables aren't set then you will likely get just a blank screen, same if you don't set the RFXshader variable to RFX_coldepth_shd or RFX_palswap_shd.
Click the banner above or visit the Marketplace here: MarketPlace/RetroFexx
Playable Demo

BLOKZplus - Early Access Alpha

25 August 2014 - 08:53 PM


An evolving, advanced, 3D digging and building block world system.

  • Chunk based terrain streaming
  • Perlin and Ridged Multifractal noise based terrain generation
  • Swappable/Configurable generation routines
  • 3D Perlin caves
  • Simulated vertex based AO
  • Vertex based soft shadows
  • Advanced texture sheet lookup system
  • Draw any texture in the texture sheet as easily as any sprite
  • Frustrum Culling routines for maximum performance
  • Advanced dynamic atmosphere system featuring stars, sun, and a moon with multiple phases
  • Global Illumination (day night cycle affects terrain brightness )
  • Advanced terrain shader featuring bright lighting and a billowing wind shader for plants and grass

...with tons of configurable block options Block Types

  • Standard
  • X Block ( example: grass )
  • Cling Block ( example: ladder )
  • Table Block ( example: tables, cactus )
  • Bed Block
  • Half Block, stackable

Configurable Block Tags

  • Transparency ( used to separate meshes for proper rendering )
  • Blocking ( used to check collisions )
  • Glow Color/Range ( used to define lighting blocks that cast shadows )
  • Font facing textures ( used to define the side of the block facing you as a separate texture )

Coming soon

  • Improved chunk streaming performance
  • New block types
  • New block tags
  • Improved point lighting
  • Improved atmoshperic effects

Important notes This project will work on most export modules, however it is designed to perform best on the YYC modules.
WARNING: As this is in alpha, there will be bugs. These are being worked on. Feel free to visit the support page to leave feedback.


Visit the asset by clicking here or the banner above.

DirtyBloom - Lensglare System

13 August 2014 - 01:56 AM



  • Easy to use system, just a couple script calls to enable
  • Fully customizable
  • It just works!
Purchasing this asset grants you free updates as the product continues to evolve and improve.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: You must first call DirtyBloom_define(), then simply call DirtyBloom_enable() or DirtyBloom_disable(). There are more functions included. Feel free to browse through them to learn what they do.
Coming Soon:
  • Improved blurring
  • various other improvements...



Demo: DirtyBloomPreview.zip (win)



Click Here or the banner above to view the asset's Marketplace listing!