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Tell A Story: With Game Maker Game Titles!

18 April 2014 - 05:50 PM

How to play: Tell a short story utilizing at least one Game Maker title PER SENTENCE.

  • Must be real a Game Maker Game title so the titles should appear as links for reference, if you can't find a link it's fine as long as the game is relatively known.
  • If you use your own game as apart of a story, you must use at least 2 other games that are not yours as apart of the same story.
  • No using your story to portray/criticize any relative game maker game in a derogatory sense. The name of the game is to use titles of games in a literal but creative fashion and not focus on any relativities to the games themselves.
  • Not required but for now lets go with a cyber punk theme.

Understand how it works? Good! I'll start with a few of the game names I played in the HMTL5 section for my story example:

I had arisen from my levitating bed with such vigor that it made my bed lose floatation and bounce off of the floor; launching items into the air.  As I fanned all of the debris and floating space junk out of my face, I noticed my translucent cyber ape had broken into my fridge and was about to drink my koolaid! Just as he was about to put in some ice I yelled; "Zigmund you had better not let a single cube fall!".  As if this were some fighting game, Zigmund hurled the ice cube at me in a martial arts pose screaming "Hadouuuken!!".  Upon getting smacked in the face with the ice cube, I screamed out of anger "You little punk, you had better start praying for an emergency rescue from this disaster that's about to happen on your behind!".