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Game maker for Training

06 January 2011 - 03:20 PM

Okay I've been a bit upset with people here recently, but I've found that Game Maker is very good for training game-developers. It's limitations have taught many people to become brilliant programmers! Stephan Boyer is one of my friends, (King Stephan), and he learned all kinds of linear-algebra in the 7th grade. He was able to create a fake-3D engine similar to Doom when he was 13, just with some Trigonometry and primitives. He made KingSpace (my favorite Game maker engine) and he also went on to pass on his knowledge (and hard work) to me, which I was able to hand over to slayer64 (oh by the way, forgive me for my immature behavior with you, slayer, I guess I'm like bipolar when it comes to the internet. Sorry, I'm shy in life, so I don't know how to interact very well when things make me upset). Did you know that Stephan has been studying at MIT for several years now and works in the 3D-rendering and human-vision enhancement labs?

You know everything about a programming language such as C++? Good, now lets get you into the dirty work, build an extremely sophisticated engine on-top of Game Maker. Sounds easy? Okay then, you've got everything you need, so lets jump into testing your skills, we are recruiting some one who can take a challenge that they've never expected! Build a highly efficient and manageable scene-graphing system in Game Maker (without classes it sounds very difficult, but good programmers should be able to do it with just arrays). Done yet? Okay then build a flawless 3-Dimensional model collision engine, without DLLs, to run with at-least 120 triangles, going at 30 fps. Also, I want you to make a simple arcade game with just one object that seemingly has 30 levels in it. For this you might want to design a map editor which saves the maps as text, which can be parsed as a string defined directly inside your game's code. Or you'll have to write an algorithm for generating fun procedural maps. Your pick...

After all this, I dub you a very awesome person! People that are able to do even these benchmark challenges are very intelligent and hard working. Good luck! There's a lot more ahead in the future.

Oh crap I just realized that the thing above looks like a team request. It's not. Don't PM me, all the spots are full anyways.

Commercial Development with YYG Utility

09 November 2010 - 05:14 AM

I was complaining about how Game Maker and GML aren't really a true "object oriented language" in a different topic. Now I'm thinking, what if YoYo Games and I were to work on a new utility aimed at commercial development. This new kind of utility would also take a step away from the Direct3D 8 graphics rendering; and towards Direct3D 9.

To give you a better idea, here's what the resources would be:

Bitmaps (you can also have multiple bitmaps; arrays, for animations and such)
Primitives (supports multiple; arrays)
Meshes (again, supports multiple; arrays)
Functions (includes pre-made functions as well)

Compiling into Machine Language:
You may be thinking, if the pre-made functions were to be included with source, then wouldn't they have to be interpreted (resulting in slow processing)? Well, it's not very hard if you can convert a language into tokens. Then all you just need is to know ASM to understand how to convert this into "machine language", which can then be injected into the runner. You would have to edit the update, and display callbacks as well.

This all-together would remove all of the slowing waste of "Objects" and professional programmers could pretty much just create the entire structure of their games, and everything would run at the highest speeds possible.

What I have to offer:
So you may be wondering, why did I suggest myself as one who could work on this project? Well, I have a lot to offer, especially with developing game-design tools. I have taken the retrospect of 3d Studio-max and the Unreal Editor to ingeniously design utility, succeeding far ahead by a philosophical advantage no one seems to find for themselves. I am quite experienced with 3D graphics, I can program a 3D modeler/animator and 3D map editor, as well as an animation controller and possibly even a physics controller.

So, GMC, what do you think? If you think that you have the talent to work on a project like this, discuss. If you don't think that this topic belongs here, you won't help anybody by complaining.

A few regards towards Game Maker

29 October 2010 - 04:13 AM

What I want to highlight is... most of us have considered Game Maker "just a hobbyist program" for quite a long time. Why don't we work towards getting jobs in Game Development? And no, you cannot consider GML scriptwriters as real programmers. That just doesn't work out if you ever want to get a job (in Game Development).

What I'm really trying to say is, a lot of people here are either delusional with fantasies of making an amazing amount of money with GM alone, or they have wasted a lot of time, still considering that Game Development is only a hobby for them.

Original Topic:
Since I've really been making stuff with Game Maker since 2003 (when I was 8 years old), I think that I should be able to say a sad thing... I don't like Game Maker anymore. (O M G :lol:)

For one, I believe that Game Maker is not really an Object-Oriented programming language. I don't think that implementing the feature of classes is really that difficult. And of course, all classes would need to be created as a resource so that you can keep track of them without introducing something such as pointers and references.

Attention Beginners:
Despite the fact that I don't really like Game Maker anymore, I strongly believe that any good game programmer should start with Game Maker and continue with it until they have made a single great game. That's how you get skill (yeah).

Looking for the best Blendmode

11 September 2010 - 01:16 AM



07 September 2010 - 02:27 PM

I can't say this without looking like I'm making a public display. But I need to say sorry for a lot more damage than you would realize.

1) I've started more flame wars than you can track.
2) I act as a "smarter-one". I can remember feeling like I'm the best 15-year-old programmer alive. I've shoved my word's into the place of other's own accomplishments; for example, "I can make a better one."
3) I obsess over things and make the wrong priorities, resulting in very harmful damage to this forum's stature. I've noticed that this forum has been tearing apart ever-since I started acting up.
4) I haven't coped with new-comers, and I haven't really helped many topics either.