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Drawing Surfaces

03 October 2011 - 08:10 PM

Hello, it's been a while.

I've been adding real time shadows to my God's Watch engine, and I'm having this issue:

Posted Image

When the character (or rather the view) moves, the shadow doesn't follow precisely with the rest of what's being drawn. This is a fairly common issue in GM, but I haven't really had the need to tackle it with surfaces yet. Does anyone have any ideas? Basically, the problem seems to arise from the surfaces being drawn in a step event and then drawn in a draw event (as is commonly the case when using surfaces).

God's Watch - Parkour Style Platformer

31 August 2010 - 07:59 PM

Posted Image

A Sky Castle Games Production

Posted ImagePosted Image

Download (Box.net): God's Watch
Download (Yoyo Games): God's Watch
It can also be found along with my other games on my website at www.skycastle-games.co.nr
File Size: 6.2 Mb zipped
Fullscreen: Optional with F4
Resolution Change: No
Made with :GM7:

Hello good people of the GMC! It's been a while since I've released anything, but with a month of hard work, I've managed to finish my first Competition entry. I call it God's Watch, as that's exactly what you discover... Well, in a sense. You play as an average city dweller with a passion for parkour (or free running). Your desire to get better leads you to a mysterious watch. The scientists who found it want the watch destroyed, but you want to show it to the world. Why? It proves the existence of God.

Oh, and in case you don't notice, this game was inspired by Mirror's Edge (Created by DICE).

-Three levels and an introduction level
-Helicopter chase scenes
-Hand drawn cut-scenes
-Standard platforming abilities along with dismounting, rolling, ledge climbing, pole climbing, sliding, and rope swinging
-Stylized, simplistic graphics with smooth animations
-And, of course, much more!

I would like to point out that God's Watch is not directed at any religion specifically and is not trying to send a message about religion in any way. The game's story is a work of fiction and should be seen only as a plot device. I'd like to say that the game was made by a team of multicultural and religiously diverse individuals, but sadly I was the only one who made it :P.

Lithium Particle Designer 2.0 - Take That Windows

18 September 2008 - 03:06 AM

Posted Image

A Sky Castle Games Production

Posted Image

Posted Image

Download (Will Host for Food): Lithium Particle Designer 2.0 *Vista Compatible!
Download (Yoyo Games): Lithium Particle Designer (old) Instant Play
File Size: 1.9 mb
Fullscreen: No
Resolution Change: No
Made with ;) .1

Introduction and Changes
Lithium Particle Designer 2.0 has all the features of the original version, plus a completely new GUI. The new version also contains a background to see what particles look like bended. All of the bugs and minor errors in the original have been taken out in 2.0

Lithium Particle Designer 2.0 is a particle and emitter creator used primarily for global particle systems. I'm not going to lie to you, I made this program mostly for me. It does contain the ability to change virtually every particle type attribute, along with the ability to edit 3 types of global style particle emitters.

You may be asking yourself, "What do you mean global particle systems and emitters?" Well, they're the method of particle creation I use and many others should too. The way it is set up allows for one object to create all the particles, and then you don't need to create particles repeatedly or worry about destroying particle systems. This works very well, but it does have a few draw backs. Attractors don't work (though you can do things to give particles specific direction on the fly), destroyers and changers don't work, and emitters don't work. That's where a global emitter comes in. It uses code to position the particles, but this program does all the work for you!

Layout and Use
The layout of this program almost completely mimics a normal program. It's the closest thing I've seen referring to GM resembling a Microsoft (Visual C style) program.

I made the program in a way where you can easily make things as cluttered or uncluttered as the you see fit. To alter particles, go to the "Window" tab and select the attributes you wish to alter. You can move these mini-windows around and even exit out of them to achieve more space.

Use the "Other Attributes" window to view things like moving your particle in the room and generating random particles.

To use in your game, copy the particle to the clipboard and put it in preferably a control object or an object that will only be created once. Making this object persistent also helps. To create the particles, copy the emitter code and put it in any event you want it to be created. This only works if both particle system and particle type has "global." checked (default). Please remember that if you delete the object that created the particle systems, you should then destroy the particle system.

-User friendly layout
-Random particle generator
-Every built in particle type attribute
-Setting for global particle and emitter creation
-Saving and loading particles and emitters (PRT file)
-Copying particles and emitters to the clipboard
-New background to get a better understanding of blending

Please use this program! I would really appreciate some credit if you use it though. Even if you knew every aspect of particles when you used this program and could of made the particle without it, just remember I made your life a bit easier!

D3d_vertex_color * New Question *

11 July 2008 - 03:09 AM

This is a new question, as I don't feel like making a whole new topic for something I never got an answer for (I figured out the original question on my own). Please disregard any posts relating to the original question.

I've started making instant bullets for my side scrolling 3d shooter. The drawing of these bullets uses d3d_primitive to make a square shape that SHOULD fade from white to yellow and .5 transparency to a solid 1 transparency. Here's the drawing code:



Now, I obviously used a for loop to make the instant bullets, so the i variable is the loop and the dir variable is the direction the gun is pointing. The coloring and alpha doesn't work, however. It stays the color of what ever the first vertex's color and alpha are. The shape itself is drawn properly, but I can't get it to fade to yellow. What are some reasons for this to occur?

The Power Of Game Maker

26 May 2008 - 08:00 PM

The Power of Game Maker

I'm sure any long term user of Game Maker has heard people say something like the following:

"Game Maker is extremely crappy. It can barely make games at all!"
"I've searched it up, and Game Maker only makes crappy games."
"Game Maker can barely run anything!"
"Game Maker is not a good detergent."

I personally think that is a vast load of stinky crap. My friend said Game Maker only made bad games... He said it after searching it up on you tube and looked at some new users' videos... Game Maker is great in the fact that anyone really can make a game, I frankly just wish new users wouldn't release them. I really wish people wouldn't show there stuff until after around a year of working with GM.

We all know GM isn't the best for making 3d games. This may be true, but many don't think it's even possible. When they say "Why isn't my 3d model with 50000 polygons running?" they don't realize that they need to try to optimize a tad. GM is truely meant for 2d, though, and I know how strong it can be.

I've started pushing Game Maker to it's limits, and I already know many games have on the GMC. What random people don't see are those games.

Valdis Story
This game, in my opinion, shows the biggest promise of any Game Maker game to date. It looks so unbelievably good and it's extremely fun to play. Not to mention original. Hopefully my friend finally gets around to playing this gem.

Sixty Five Million And One Bc
This game is another epic release. Super smooth animations, funny dialog, and a great engine makes this one of the most professional games on the GMC.

Hover Tank 3d
I mention this game because it shows GM is capable of making a great 3d game. I know with the Ultimate 3d dll people will start making great looking games with GM. I've already seen some great examples of GM and it's 3d system.


As I've mentioned earlier, I've started trying to push the limits of Game Maker. Here's what I've found:

The Mansion
I started making this quite some time ago. This doesn't use any dll, but people have given it some good reviews. What I find amazing is that while the game is 3d, it runs at 30/30 fps with around 1101 objects ingame at any given time. I don't use much clipping either because of how much stuff the player can see at certain points.

Solar Blue
This is my most current project. I'm mentioning this game because of how many particles, blend modes, and use of the draw event it uses while still running at 60/60 fps. I barely even tried optimizing code! At some points there are hundreds of particles, hundreds of objects, and almost EVERY object in the game draws more than 3 sprites in its draw event. Game Maker is extremely powerful when it comes to 2d.

A Project in Secrecy
I don't want to say much about this project, but I can say it runs A CRAP LOAD of code per step, with 30/30 fps. In one step event it runs roughly 2200 lines of code per step. I tried testing its limits and get this:

The game started slowing down at about 660,000 lines of code per second in one object's step event. It ran at about 26/30 fps. No game should EVER need that much code, but I can safely say it wouldn't matter all that much.

This game has a long way to go, and with the implementation of AI it will push it even harder. I'm confident GM can handle it.


Now it's your turn. Tell the GMC some of YOUR examples of pushing GM to the limits. Mention a few glorious games made with GM that back up the power of Game Maker. Tell us what GM can really do.