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In Topic: Drawing Surfaces

03 October 2011 - 08:24 PM

Draw to the surfaces after the view has moved, otherwise they'll be drawn with an offset equal to the speed of the view

One way to do so, assuming you move the view in step event, is to draw to the surface in end step (as Nocturne said)

I probably should have mentioned I tried all three step events already. The question is, how do I draw it to the surface AFTER the view is moved? I realize that the view is the problem, but it just always seems to have an offset, regardless of what I do. It still exists even if I do all of the drawing to surfaces and drawing of surface in the object the view follows.

Edit: Just remembered I actually had to solve this problem in a different game I made. I figured it out regardless.

In Topic: Lithium Particle Designer 2.0 - Take That Windows

08 April 2011 - 03:18 AM

Fantastic app! This is about a million times easier to make great looking effects than just straight coding and hoping they look good. A couple issues though. Firstly, this is no big deal, but when you close the background color chooser, the background gets set to red even if no color is chosen.

Secondly, and much more important is the emitter distribution type. Specifically, the fact that there is no option for it. This is a huge feature that any good particle system needs and your editor completely lacks it. The difference between linear and gaussian distribution in even slightly large emitter areas is HUGE.

Support for importing your own sprites to use as particles would be nice too, but that just a extra feature.

Great job.

Oh, so you mean how the particles are randomly spread out? I never thought about doing that. I'm not sure if this will get an update, at least not soon, but that's definitely something to consider. I especially want to make the room change size based on your monitor resolution.

Also, I'll give everyone a real and/or virtual cookie to stop saying "app". This is a program. This is not a little thing you download for your iPhone that for what ever reason other companies decided to adopt. Seriously, why is Droid and other phone companies using the term? Come on apple, trade mark it! I've hated that it's spread to actual computer applications. It's catchy, yes, but I'd like to never see it used to describe a desktop program. It's almost... demeaning. I don't mean just because this is my program; I mean to programs and computing as a whole. It works really well for iPhones and such, but what it's usually used to describe doesn't belong on anything substantial. Sorry for the rant :P

The reason I decided to reply is... I can't believe people still dl this like... constantly. I mean, it's not dl'd that much, but almost daily a lot of the time. Who is this or are these masked individual or individuals?

In Topic: Solar Blue - Shmup - Update 8 - Level 4!

25 March 2011 - 03:16 AM

I completely see where you're comming from. I'm so in exact same situation with one of my own projects it's not even funny.

On the one hand I've made a commitment to finish it, it's nearing completion and I've put a huge amount of effort in.

On the other hand I don't have the drive to work on it, I have serious doubts about the core gameplay and some of the music is in need of being replaced to fit the atmosphere better.

man, making video games sure is serious business.

Indeed it is. I have several projects, some of which aren't even video games, that I really want to get done. Somewhere along the line, Solar Blue was forgotten. I will finish it, and hopefully fairly soon. I could probably get it done in less than a week. Now I just have to do it. One other project I've been working on (a Left 4 Dead 2 campaign) has been gaining most of my attention. Sometimes I find myself looking at random videos and websites on the net and realize how much more productive I could be with my time. I go through bouts of just not wanting to think hard.

Here is the definite order of my work schedule (dates aren't really a thing though):
-Finish this section of my L4D2 campaign
-Finish Solar Blue (I may bump this up, actually)
-Make God's Watch 2

I really need to give myself dates and meet them. Don't you just wish the ideas you have would just instantly appear without effort? I sometimes do, but then I remember why I enjoy making video games in the first place: the experience and work it takes to make something from nothing.

In Topic: Solar Blue - Shmup - Update 8 - Level 4!

22 February 2011 - 04:59 AM

yes what happened to this?

it'll be a shame if it's gone under, though that's probably what happend amirite?

Actually... no. I know that seems far fetched. Frankly, I should have finished this 2 years ago. It is unbelievably close to done. I pretty much just need one more song and a new host for online highscores.

The thing is... I'm extremely lazy in this regard. I've moved away from it for so long and so often that I have little urge to finish it. It's pretty much done as is, really. The only thing that's missing is the final polish and the change to an unlockable level system/achievements (which I've actually programmed). I almost feel that people won't even play it, though, considering how long it's been a WIP.

I really analogize for those who've stuck by me for so long. My computer has had a bunch of problems throughout the years, including the replacement of my hard drive. Everything has been saved, but the amount of time between fixes retarded a lot of my progress. I will finish it! I think I just need a hard slap in the face. I've actually made a game and started several others during the time between... well this comment and my last one. I still have feelings for Solar Blue, but I've grown since I last worked on it. I understand difficulty curve better and the importance of player testing. I've gotten fun down better, too. This in mind, I may change how power ups work, but that in itself is quite a project. I wouldn't mind making them have ammo, rather than being a one time only use. This would mean much more powerful powerups simply due to precise usage.

I'll get it done! I promise... I just... I don't know when. I keep making projects and not finishing them. This last competition helped me so much! I actually had a deadline. I probably worked roughly 3-4 hours a day for an entire month on average. That is initiative!

In Topic: God's Watch - Parkour Style Platformer

20 January 2011 - 03:09 AM

Do you mean like swimming?
Sewers are pretty cool.
A flood would be a neat story element to keep things moving.

Swimming would probably happen because of it, but I was more referring to the excuse to use constantly pooring water. I guess a flood would make things interesting... a great flood. A FLOOD THAT COVERS THE ENTIRE PLANET. Well, that right there is an idea! Thank you :D


Ugh! That last helicopter level...ugh!

I had trouble with the rolling. I finally got that you had to press forward and down, and then I got that you had to re-press them during the jump if you were already holding them. I wish it had just been holding them instead (forgive me if I am wrong, I had troubles...)

But GOOD GAME. The story (or lack thereof...the unexplained premise) kept me going until the end...the VERY end, me being who I am. Not a "new" concept (dates being transcribed and yadda yadda) but it was REALLY interesting.

Wish I knew why I WAS this odd roof-hopping badass...the people in the mall were rather uninterested...is it a 2024 thing? Haven't played Mirror's Edge...

Finally...I just personally didn't understand the answer at the end... SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER people believing in God doesn't hinder free will in many religions. In fact, many highlight it...confused me a bit. Maybe explanation in a sequel?

I really liked the controls when I got going with them, I couldn't play with sound but wish I had, and I thought it was a really good game.

The anticipation of the ending was great...I truly thought the whole idea was very good, and the gameplay was well-executed (especially the frequent saves up until the very last level, where they rightfully got skimpier).
Surprised you only got as far as you did in the comp (didn't play Blackout so...). One of the best games I've played on the GMC...definitely in the top 5.

Excellent job: 4.3/5
The points I took off were for clunky controls and the "bad" resolution (the allowing for anticipation was awesome though)

The sniper...gimmick? I thought it was a nice (difficult) bit of variety to overcome.

Glad you liked it. The rolling was explained early on and there's a controls section in the pause menu, but I understand the confusion. When it first tells you to do it, you don't NEED to do it, so it's hard to tell if the player actually learned the maneuver.


Freewill wouldn't change with the knowledge, it was more referring to what people might THINK because of it. The concept of a god with omniscience and all that. I'm mostly around Christians, which does have the concept of an omniscient god. I don't know about others, but I assumed at least Judaic and Islamic views would as well. I could easily be wrong though, as I just made the game :P. Not much research here!

In any case, I do plan on going more into the story in the next game. Even if the story your using has been done before, making it detailed will at least make it a GOOD story, original or otherwise.