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#4968513 Defending GameMaker to snobby teens

Posted by Carnivac on 23 March 2016 - 10:16 AM

Who cares? Yes 2D games aren't as mainstream on the market as they used to be but honestly, there's no need to defend this.



They're much more mainstream now than in the past couple console generations thanks to the increase of indie games available on PSN, XBLA and Wii stores.

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#4966266 Cambridge GameMaker Users

Posted by Carnivac on 18 March 2016 - 12:25 PM

I was homeless and then in hostels and then in crappy council flats having to put up with all sorts of nasty people and scumlords for most of my time there and rarely got sleep too.  Every place has a rough side to it and I was stuck in that for so long my mental and physical health degraded so severely I was in hospital several times. 

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#4965287 Previews of Upcoming Games - 2016 and beyond

Posted by Carnivac on 15 March 2016 - 07:19 PM

Leap Frog (working title)

for Android (with other versions to follow)



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#4965283 What Are You Working On?

Posted by Carnivac on 15 March 2016 - 07:17 PM

Went back to work on my mobile game about frogs.  It had stalled cos I wasn't happy with the direction of the gameplay or the graphical style.. so it all got a big overhaul and the graphics are much cartoonier and Amiga-esque and has remotivated me and I've done lots now.  Android version will hopefully be out by summer with other versions to follow.



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#4949710 Pixel Consistency

Posted by Carnivac on 10 February 2016 - 09:45 AM

Fez doesn't feel retro to me at all.  Just simplistic with poor graphics using some modern gimmicks.  Nope, didn't enjoy it at all.

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#4949349 Pixel Consistency

Posted by Carnivac on 09 February 2016 - 04:25 PM

@jim, the camera would look just as bad if it wasn't lerped. You simply can't make a smooth looking game if you follow all the rules of pixel art.



I don't get that at all.  Define 'smooth looking'. Are you saying all 2D pixel art games move jerkily? Cos that's not true at all.



Per example, I despise scanlines or any effect to simulate our old display technologies. This is something I don't want to return to. I want to play some SNES-like game displayed perfect, just like if we had good TVs back then. Artists didn't draw scanlines so I don't want to see them. I also don't want slowdown, sprite flickering or a game that doesn't run 60fps.


A game that is quite perfectly my vision of "good retro" (how to do a retro game nowadays) is Shovel Knight. No modern tricks destroy the feeling and no old shortcomings from display tech has been brought back.


Actually most game art in the 8 and 16 bit era was designed with the effects of CRT monitors and televisions in mind.  Dithering for example was a technique to make use of the blur of a CRT screen to blend the pattern together give the appearance of a new colour in between the colours used.  On a sharp modern monitor, this effect doesn't work and you're left with that pattern looking too obvious as the artist drew it but not as they intended for it to be displayed.  So yes these CRT-simulating effects are designed to show how games generally looked back then and are part of the nostalgia for many retro-gamers and how the artists intended their games to look.

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#4949275 Pixel Consistency

Posted by Carnivac on 09 February 2016 - 10:36 AM

Heh, looking at the UK PS store today and there's a game on it (that apparently came out last year in the US PS store and on Wii U and Windows) called Adventures of Pip that seems to revel in pixel inconsistency deliberately using it as an aesthetic with storyline reasons for it.  Still annoying to my eyes but hey it's excused for it since it's a stylistic choice and not going for an accurate representation of retro games.

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#4948902 Pixel Consistency

Posted by Carnivac on 08 February 2016 - 02:14 PM

Shovel Knight gets close to being playable on an NES but deviates when the devs only thought it would be the best thing to do


Shovel Knight has sprites breaking the 'low res grid' a lot by their placement.  I noticed it often when playing it on PS4 (and is one of the reasons I stopped).  I'm an absolute purist when it comes to maintaining the low res retro aesthetic.  For me it should feel very much like I'm playing that game on an old console or computer and inconsistencies like that or the already mentioned higher resolution rotation pretty much shatters that illusion.


Another way it annoys me is when a low res game uses high res presentation.  I recently purchase Shantae - Risky's Revenge for PS4 and it's got some gorgeous pixel work but then the menus and cutscene images are all vector art style pieces in a much higher resolution than the sprite and tilework and again.  I think only the DS version has presentation of the same pixel size as the game graphics from what I've played.


Click on the linked pictures at the bottom of this article to see comparison.  The PC shot is same as PS4.  For some reason the pixel art is blurred on the iOS shot (I don't have an iOS device so don't know if that's optional).  I would prefer all the art to be same pixel as the game graphics like the DS version but also wish the versions with higher resolutions allowed scanlines or other retro simulation display effects like several other games do (Retro City Rampage offers many options with such things, even different colour palettes representing various retro systems and is generally extremely consistent with it's NES-ish vibe it does so well)

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#4947697 What Are You Working On?

Posted by Carnivac on 05 February 2016 - 08:44 PM

RoboCop visits his local arcade. 



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#4946495 What are some examples of very well made, iconic video game music?

Posted by Carnivac on 03 February 2016 - 06:18 PM

Anything at all ever from Rub Hubbard: https://en.wikipedia...iki/Rob_Hubbard



And David Whittaker, Jonathan Dunn, Ben Daglish, Martin Galway, Allister Brimble and my personal fave Chris Huelsbeck (he of Turrican epicness).  So many classic tunes from those guys.   Proper hummable tunes.

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#4937445 The GMC was here, but who on earth are you?

Posted by Carnivac on 18 January 2016 - 08:03 PM

I'm Carnivac and I signed up here in Oct 2003.  And all these years later this incarnation of the GMC is closing...


...and I STILL haven't finished a frickin' game project in all that time. 






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#4932005 Games You're Playing

Posted by Carnivac on 09 January 2016 - 01:26 PM

La-Mulana - 1/5 - Refunded it. The platformer physics are even worse than some newbie GM platformers laying around here! How can you mess up physics THAT badly!?


Not sure what problem is.  I've got La-Mulana EX on Vita for free and it's pretty decent.  Physics feel fine to me.  Jumping is a lil floaty but fine (maybe it's a retro thing since the original release of La-Mulana was done as a tribute to MSX games of the 80s)  I'd play the game more if I had it on a home console rather than just on my portable.   Oh... as I'm typing this I just realise I can probably play it on my TV via the PlayStationTV device if I just pop my Vita memory card into the PSTV.  Duh....



Also I been playing a lot more of Transformers: Devastation on my PS4.  Already finished the story on various regular difficulties many times but i still find it addictive cos it's fun, fast, frantic, smashy robot fun and while the graphics might not be pushing polygons like other modern games they look frickin' gorgeous cos of the bright, vivid colour schemes and cartoon cel-shading going on.  I'm not even that big a fan of the old cartoon it's homaging  but yeah I love this game (even moreso since I waited til it was half price). 

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#4931641 Sprite Palette Changing - Think Mega Man!

Posted by Carnivac on 08 January 2016 - 06:50 PM


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#4930116 Games You're Playing

Posted by Carnivac on 06 January 2016 - 05:33 AM

Rocket League has been a regular for me since it first got released free with PlayStation Plus.  it's my 'default' game when I want to take a few mins out of whatever I'm doing and just play something fun.

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#4925859 GMare (Game Maker Alternate Room Editor)

Posted by Carnivac on 28 December 2015 - 01:34 PM

I not ever gonna give up hope and not just for GMare 2.0 but for xfixium's well-being too.

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