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#3829938 No Future

Posted by MMORPGguy on 13 September 2011 - 11:56 PM

If you're bored out of your brain like I always am, then ****, you'll ****ing love No Future.

It's ****ing hilarious.

I mean, right now it's pretty short I guess, but who gives a ****, it's still pretty ****ing cool.

edit: **** censorship

The year is 2017. President Palin has stripped down public education to such a degree that only one thing actually matters at all: the SATs. Now, it is a FACT that you will not pass this test and A MOFUKKAN FACT that you will not go to college and get all those hookers and blow... Unless you cheat. There's a lot more to this than there really should be, and it's all somehow connected to the school's leading cigarette tycoon: Dmitri, the most powerful man in the school. Stay on the good side of Reuben, student body president and level 80 Paladin, who might be on to you. It's Monday, and the SATs are at the end of the week. Good. ****ing. Luck.

The current demo ends after you kick a stick up Brad's ass and talk to Dmitri.

arrows or WASD: move
1234etc: choose conversation options
space: talk to people

GMC demo 1

Yeah, Pokemon graphics. Shut up maybe I'll change them later. Oh, and they contain some mild profanity, I guess I should tell you that so I don't get this topic closed.
another screenshot
another screenshot
another screenshot
another screenshot
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#3462604 The Community Is Dead

Posted by MMORPGguy on 17 March 2010 - 04:05 AM

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