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Stick-Online V2 (Public Registration Open!)

10 December 2013 - 03:18 PM


Stick online is an old game maker online game. Players can fight monsters for items, gold and experience or players for glory. Dealing significant damage to a monster grants the chance of getting a random item drop, gold and experience. It's very simple but addictive if you're into the thrill of grinding for rare item drops or Player vs Player.


Stick Online used to be very popular but the server went private for donors only around 2009 and had remained so until October 2013, since then the population has spiked to around 25 at peak and 8 off peak.

The game used to attract more than 500 people a day with a peak of 200+ players in it's prime.




A: Jump

S: Punch / Attack with weapons

D: Kick (while no weapon is equipped)

X: Sit to regenerate health and energy

Space: Jump

Enter: Chat

Esc: Quit

Ctrl: Interact with objects such as the store or save flags

Left/Right arrow keys: Walk

Down: Crouch (jumping while crouching enables a high jump)



Str: increases damage dealt and knockback with weapons such as the hammer

Agi: increases movement speed and jump height while crouch jumping

Vit: increases health, every 3 points grants 1 defense, every 6 points grants an extra 1 health regen while sitting

Int: increases energy, every 6 points grants an extra 1 energy regen while standing, 2 while sitting

Defense: Reduces damage taken.


Heres an example of its peak population, around 200 people in one area during a tournament after party.




Feel free to discuss the game or ask questions


Nazi Zombies 2D - 5th Sept 2011

19 March 2011 - 12:19 PM

Welcome to Nazi Zombies 2D, after a few months in development hopefully it will have been worth the wait. Thanks and have fun.
This game was made as my final project for my software design class in high school, when I get my result for it I'll post all the documentation and what I got for it.
As of now it is incomplete but I am aiming for a release in early September.

Help me test it by downloading the tech demo, press F3 to access the test room.

Players now start with the correct 500 points
Revive soda is now available for 3 uses at 500 points while playing solo. The power doesn't need to be on for it to be purchased
Increased recoil drastically on weapons intended to be semi automatic
Increased overall weapon damage to make them more effective longer
The grim reaper power up should no longer disappear while reloading as long as you have extra ammo
The keys bound will now be saved in the data folder
Zombies will now do more damage, only needing 3 hits instead of 5 to kill you
Zombies will now crawl out of the ground instead of just appear
Zombies now climb over crates instead of standing next to them doing nothing
If you are downed without revive soda, the game now displays the scoreboard and restarts automatically after a while.
Changed the way aiming works and should now be compatible with fullscreen (Press F4 to switch modes)
Debug information is now shown by pressing F3 in game. Will show FPS and game version.
Increased the font size for most HUD elements
The tag line will now correctly display which key you can push to interact with a trigger
The box in airfield now contains the correct weapons

Barracks on the options menu. Ranking up unlocks new emblem items.
Added a score board (accessed by holding control until I fix a problem with the TAB key)
A screenshot of the scoreboard is taken after the game has ended
Added simple weapon sounds. More will be added as they become available

Fixed a spelling error in the map selection
Blood is no longer orange red
Changes to the box glow so it is now slightly visible while standing at the box
Fixed some bugs probably

(Extract or you'll get an error)

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Pat.Lithium: Graphics, programmer
Eeshton: Voice over
Treyarch: Nazi Zombies and other stuff.

Sorry if I missed something important in this post, let me know!

Concept artists/designers required

31 July 2010 - 07:09 AM

I am in the progress of planning a large scale platform shooter with an expansive campaign and highly re-playable multi-player modes. At this time I only need a person to draw up some of my ideas in digital art form. You will be credited in the game. Anyone else who wishes to join as an idea guy at this time (your position may change later) I would highly appreciate that.
All work will be highly discussed and collaborated.

Leave a comment on my profile or send me a PM to discuss the project, if this interests you.

Working title:
Armed Frontier

Team Members:
Armed Frontier Development Team
Lithium - Project director, primary programmer, story concept design
Positions Available - Story/Character/Weapons/Multi-player/Level Concept Artist/Design

2D platform shooter.

Set in an alternate reality, the game is set in a time on the brink of a global war. In the campaign you will play as highly trained specialists who are hired to make sure this war does not take place. The game plays out between several different factions. The campaign has not been thought out 100% yet and any information is subject to change.

The multi-player is what I have been thinking about for the most part. Players can play in ranked matches where you gain EXP to level up and use unlockables, player matches where players do not gain EXP but can play against other players competitively. Players complete challenges to unlock new weapons, items and clothes. Several different classes including scout, sniper, medic, support and heavy weapons each with different outfits, weapons and abilities. Players can get items by playing for pre-set amounts of time at which point items are given to the player (much like TF2's drop system).

Planned game types so far include,

  • Team Death Match (2 teams go head to head in straight up death match. The team with the most points wins)
  • Free-for-all (Every man for himself, the player with the most points wins)
  • Capture the Flag (A flag is placed in each team's base, the teams must bring the enemy flag to their base to score points)
  • Capture the Point(Each team starts with one point in their base, they must then capture the 3 neutral points before being able to capture the enemy base to win)
  • Team Elimination (Players go head to head, players who die do not come back until the next round, eliminate the enemy team to win)
  • Elimination (Players go head to head, players who die do not come back until the next round)
  • Capture the Bag (A neutral bag is fought over by all players, the player that holds the bag the longest wins)
  • Sabotage (One team tries to plant a bomb, the other intercepts), Bomb-the-base (Each team tries to take the neutral bomb and plant it at the enemy base)
  • Mercenary (Players create a character and level up separately from normal multi-player, when the player dies they have to start all over again).
Will have some sort of co-op/non-competitive game modes.

Gun Simulator

22 May 2010 - 01:31 PM

Posted Image
Title: Gun Simulator
GM Version: 8
Genre: Educational!
Version: 1.2
Link: Gun Simulator.rar
File size: ~1.5mb
More images:
Slide back
Mag out
Pew pew
Well after a long time of not being able to use gamemaker I'm back on my feet and making games. I've wanted to make this for a long time and now the dream has finally turned into a reality. I'm not sure how accurate this is because I've based
it on youtube videos so correct me if anything you see is wrong.
Basically it has these interactive parts:
- Slide
- Slide release
- Magazine release
- Safety
- Trigger
The gun must be loaded by clicking the magazine release to put full one in then the gun must be cocked by pulling the slide back until it clicks then release it. Click the safety switch to toggle safety and then shoot away. Pulling the slide while the gun is cocked will eject a round.
My friend wanted me to make a full gun collection so keep an ear open because that might happen.

Version 1.3:
- Fixed some problems with the scout
- Changed all guns to start with a full magazine and safety off. All you gotta do is cock it and shoot
- Added the M4A1 (probably incomplete as of now), Remington 870 and Desert Eagle

Version 1.2:
- Added sliding feature to the menu to allow more items to be displayed
- Added the Steyr scout, a bolt action sniper rifle

Version 1.1:
- Fixed some inaccuracies on the Glock 17
- Added gun selection
- Added Glock 18c with fully automatic fire

Thanks to:
- Newly Discovered: Information on the Glock pistol.

No Sound Device Detected

21 May 2010 - 01:15 PM

I'm running Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit as my operating system and Game Maker games give me this error on start up "No sound device detected. Sound might not play."

Sounds play but when a sound plays it stops the previous sound and pauses for a moment before playing the next sound. I can't play games like this, is there any way to fix this?