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Animators And Spriters Needed.

20 October 2009 - 03:17 PM


I am in the process of making a "Splinter Cell" type platform game. If you have ever played the mobile phone version of said game, it will be similar to that. I am in need of decent spriters, modellers and animators to help with the main graphics. Obviously, this involves the main character and enemies.

I had a graphics artist working on these, but school commitments forced him to pull out. He did, however, allow me to use what he had created, and for others to complete his work.

On request, I can provide the original model and textures for the character, but in the meantime I will post the 2d view of him, as this is what will be used in the game. Please note, this image is copyright, and any attempts to steal it or use it in your games will be followed up through legal channels:

Posted Image

I need this character to:

Sneak (move while crouching)
Hang from ledge
Holster/Unholster silenced pistol
Holster/Unholster submachine gun from back
Holster/Unholster combat knife
Shoot silenced pistol (standing and crouching)
Shoot submachine gun (standing and crouching)
Use combat knife (upward stab)

Many Thanks in advance. Credit will be given in the game.

Chris Matthews

System Information Dll

29 August 2007 - 08:37 PM

Hi everyone. This is the Beta version of my SystemInfo.dll
It currently has around 40 functions working, but it will receive updates frequently.

  • get_drive_free_space
  • get_drive_total_space
  • get_drive_used_space
  • get_drive_percent_space
  • get_drivetype
  • get_default_drive
  • get_drive_name - NEW!
  • get_drive_filesystem - NEW!
  • set_drive_name - NEW!
  • get_ram_total
  • get_ram_used
  • get_ram_free
  • get_ram_percentage_use
  • get_virtual_total
  • get_virtual_used
  • get_virtual_free
  • get_page_total
  • get_page_used
  • get_page_free
  • get_country_eng
  • get_country_native
  • get_currency
  • get_language_eng
  • get_language_native
  • get_ac_status
  • get_battery_status
  • get_battery_percent
  • get_battery_life_total
  • get_battery_life_remaining
  • get_cpu_number
  • get_cpu_architecture
  • get_computer_name
  • get_keyboard_type
  • get_operating_system
  • get_system_directory
  • get_temp_directory
  • get_theme
  • get_username
  • get_windows_directory
Here is the link:

Download from Digital X Server:
Download SysInfo DLL
Download from Host-A.net (Mirror):
Download SysInfo DLL from Mirror


[commercial] System Force 3

14 July 2007 - 09:27 PM

Posted Image

Welcome to the revolutionary new Benchmark tool from Digital X Interactive. System Force 3 is a system tool which tests your computer's speed, including CPU tests, Real RAM tests, and Graphics tests. This is the free version of the program. It can be upgraded to a number of different licences, as laid out in the Help file.


Posted Image





Server Info

Location: Germany Frankfurt
Type: Highspeed Linux
Speed: 10 Mbit/sec





Overview of Features

  • A fast and powerful CPU test, using the new Genesis engine
  • Memory Tests
  • Online Highscores
  • A detailed System Information section
  • A dedicated support team, offering help in English, French, German and Dutch
  • Automatic Updates
  • And much more!


Home Basic
This license is for general home usage. It can only be used on one computer. All features are unlocked and available for use. The only limitation is that it can only be used on one computer.
Price: $8.95/£4.49/€6.49

This license is the same as the Home Basic license, but it can be used on up to three computers. All features are unlocked.
Price: $12.95/£6.95/€9.95

The Professional Version is aimed at computer repairers who use it for work. It can be installed on a maximum of 5 computers, and all the features are unlocked.
Price: $17.95/£8.95/€12.95

This version of System Force 3 is for office use. It can be used in companies and offices, and public computers. It can be installed on a maximum of 10 computers. All features are unlocked.
Price: $24.95/£12.95/€17.95

Office 20
This is basically the same as the "Office" license, however it can be installed on up to 20 different computers.
Price: $39.95/£19.95/€29.95

This is the Ultimate Version of System Force 3. You will be given special priority by the Digital-X Team in support matters. All features are unlocked, and the program can be installed on up to 100 computers.
Price: $59.95/£29.95/€44.95

Thanks for your time,
The Digital-X Team

Ximage 1.0

15 May 2007 - 09:30 PM

Hi, this is a small program which converts images between the following formats:
  • BMP
  • JPG
  • PNG
I guess it's useful for some.

Name: Ximage
Category: Non-game programs
Resolution: Default
Changes Resolution: No
Download Link: Ximage Download Link
Posted Image

Credit to:

Ideas for future development would be welcome!

Loading And Resizing An Image

15 May 2007 - 12:38 PM

I was wondering if this is possible. I want to be able to load an external image into my game, using the sprite_add/sprite_replace functions. That is fine, but I also want to resize the sprite so that it always fits into a specific area on the game window. A bit like an image preview, but without the dialog box. I also need it to keep the image proportions...
Is there a DLL or script for this?