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Online Distribution Services

14 July 2010 - 06:09 AM

So I wanted to look into online distribution as an option for selling games. However, I have very little experience (let's call it none :whistle: ), and therefore do not know which would be the safest, most effective, highest paying distribution website. I want to know: Which ones have worked well for you?

Making A Game Entertaining

22 March 2010 - 12:51 PM

Okay, so this topic is pretty much about the "Self-Entertainment" value of a game. That is, how much you can enjoy your own game...
For example, have you ever been in the mood to play a shooter, but there's no games to be found that contain what you want? So you make your own, and realize it's BORING!

So, to ask the question, have you ever made a game just to play for your own entertainment?
What are some ways that you may have overcome the issue of your game's predictability?
What are some interesting ways you've thought of?

For example, I made a platform shooter, then realized that the level I designed was too easy and predictable. To fix that, I had the level randomly generated...

So, random generation or what? How do you design a game so that others can enjoy it, but also you?

Need Music For An Online Adventure Game

25 January 2010 - 05:29 PM

Okay, so my game, Crusade Online, is in need of good background music. I'd like the music in .wav or .ogg form, preferrably. The music I need is:

Valora City Theme
-Needs to be Majestic-styled
-Needs to reflect the idea of a grand castle
-Needs to be loopable
-Needs to be 1-2 minutes long

Overworld Theme
-Needs to be upbeat/adventure-styled
-Needs to reflect the idea of standing in a field, seeing all the cities in a panorama view
-Needs to be loopable
-Needs to be 1-2 minutes long

Overworld at Night Theme
-Needs to be upbeat/adventure-styled, but slow
-Needs to reflect the idea of travelling to a bright city on a warm night
-Needs to be loopable
-Needs to be 1-2 minutes long

Port City Theme
-Needs to be fast paced/pirate town-styled
-Needs to reflect the idea of a pub full of sailors
-Needs to be loopable
-Needs to be 1-2 minutes long

Dark Regime Theme
-Needs to be dark/depressing-styled
-Needs to reflect the idea of an evil king in a dark castle ruling over peasants
-Needs to be loopable
-Needs to be 1-2 minutes long

Peasants' Theme
-Needs to be somewhat depressing-styled
-Needs to reflect the idea of Peasants living in dirty, dank homes in a dark land
-Needs to be loopable
-Needs to be 1-2 minutes long

Cave Theme
-Needs to be Dark/damp-styled
-Needs to reflect the idea of a cave with dripping water and rats
-Needs to be loopable
-Needs to be 1-2 minutes long

If anyone can help, please post a reply on this topic telling which one you'd like to help with. All people who help will get credit for their contributions.

/~crusade Online!~\

07 November 2009 - 04:23 PM

Crusade Online
by Maelstrom Gaming (aka me...)

Posted Image Posted Image

Other Screenies:
Old Screeny 1 Old Screeny 2 Magic Bow Screeny Goblin Screeny

  • Almost fully 3D
  • Chat system with filter
  • Shops to buy and sell at
  • Large Map with many Locations
  • 15+ different server-sided Monsters
  • 40+ different items!
  • Mining, Woodcutting skills
  • Agility skill that affects run speed
  • Taming skill and mounts (Horse, Dragon)
  • PVP interaction
  • Item dropping/picking up
  • 5 Quests!
  • Clans
  • Mythology skill (Magic) and three types of spells!
  • Smithing!
  • 8 slot inventory! Plus unlimited log and ore space
  • Banks with 8 storage slots!
  • Pickpocketing!
  • Sailing and sea battling!


Use the W/A/S/D keys for moving.
Press the Shift key to run.
Press Up/Down/Left/Right keys to control camera.
Press Space to attack, mine, or chop down trees.
Press Insert to use a store, transport, etc. or search a shelf.
Click an item to equip it.
Right Click an item to drop it.
Press CTRL to pick up an item off the ground.
Press the Page Up key to attempt to mount a horse or dragon.
Press F12 to respawn.

Server is on 24/7!
Once in a while, though, there will be maximum 2 min. break for server updates.

Host-A Net Download:
Click Here

Official Signature Bar:
Posted Image


Crusade Online is a project I've been working on for a few months now. After comparing my old versions to my current, version 26, I've decided it's finally ready to be posted as a WIP on the GMC.
This game is built off Revel's Online Movement Example. Most of the coding is 100% mine, and much of that I couldn't have done without reading through countless different posts on the GMC. When I started this project, I mainly used the sbl 3d ultimate extension, but at present most of the 3D models and such are pure GML. Most of the textures and sprites used in this game are by me as well, with the exception of ground, wall, and tree textures, which are from www.grsites.com.

Known Glitches:
  • Getting stuck in walls
  • On some PCs, major graphics issues... (working on this)

Positive/Constructive Feedback Appreciated :)

Wars: Unleashed!

22 October 2008 - 09:29 PM

Wars: Unleashed!
Posted ImagePosted Image

Hi! This is probably one of my first games in a while. I started this about a week ago, so it isn't very far, but I thought now would be a fairly decent time to release a beta. (Or maybe more like an Alpha...) It uses almost all my handmade sprites (Except for the floor tileset), and some interesting touches.

Not much of a plot yet, fight monsters with all kinds of weaponry.

- 2 Monsters (Not Much Different Tho)
- 3 Weapons (Stick, Sword, Bombs)
- A Swordfighting System (Character aims at mouse, nothing too special)
- 6 Levels
- Cheat System (For all those currently secret weapons...)

Well, I suppose that is all... Enjoy!
Download Link:
Posted Image