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WizardWizard Documentation (How WizardWizard was made!)

07 November 2015 - 05:29 AM

Yo, I'm Crateboy and I made a game called WizardWizard. WizardWizard was in the GameMaker Humble Bundle recently and I made a whole PDF documenting WizardWizard and the design/level/art choices I made and why I made them. I'm so, so proud of the level design in WizardWizard, so I've included level break downs and notes to help you design great levels.

The Bundle is over now, and I'd like to release the PDF for everyone else, or even bring attention to it for people who did buy the bundle.

Theres a free download on my itch.io page:


I made WizardWizard on $0 budget, in my spare time after school (and sometimes during school when I should have been studying) so it might be a good resource for new and young developers who want to create games and fast-track their process to!


Also it includes stuff from my homies Simon Newport my concept artist and Travis William Clark (aka _TWC) my music guy!







All my old assets (300+) files - Creative Commons

05 June 2015 - 12:18 PM

Here ya go homies!


There's lots of stuff in there to enjoy and use. Lots of it has potential for cool projects other stuff were my first things I ever made, its really a mixed bag! I'm sure if you dig in there enough there's something for everyone whether its to use as is, remix, recolor, test, use as place holders or just generate ideas. Its all creative commons, you just have to use the stuff in good spirit, give credit where credit is due, don't pass it off as your own and don't sell it. You can use the stuff for commercial projects but consider donating or buy me a beer IDK. Have fun and let me know if you use anything!

Edit: To be clear the .zip contains mostly art, 8 bit sounds and useful stuff like my pixel art tutorial and my favorite color pallets!

[Suggestion] Use publisher cut for other assets

10 December 2014 - 05:28 PM

I use the Marketplace to sell and distribute assets that I did for practice, fun or were left overs in a project. I publish my assets on the marketplace to help find them a good home and I've accumulated a grand total of $6.90 after publishers cut. 


I love the marketplace because it is very easy to get my assets out there and there are a lot of takers especially with my free stuff. Publishing on the marketplace is a very time consuming process, making thumbnails, preview pictures ect. I like to make the presentation of my assets to be professional to not only support my self but also the website.  As someone who isn't using the Marketplace with the priority of making cash the effort to reward ratio can seem very unbalanced at times. I'm sure if I wanted to make eventual cash I could make some art for a flappy bird clone, or an endless runner but I really enjoy trying to make niche assets for people to enjoy rather than keep up with the demand of the latest trend.


I would like to redeem my $6.90 to buy myself a beer for my hard work but until I reach $100 after publishers cut I cannot. This isn't really a big deal for me and I understand why such limit is in place. That being said I would love to be able to put this money back into the community and purchase other peoples assets I've had my eye on. The possibility to be able to use the money raised before it enters paypal at its $100 claim point for use inside the website in a similar manner to Steam would be brilliant.


If the busy YoYo team could make this happen, it would be fantastic and I think it would bring a lot more circulation of assets on the market as well as a much larger and needed diversity.


Thanks for your time reading this :)

Retro Platformer Character and Graphics Pack!

06 November 2014 - 08:04 AM







Update v3.0.0:
Added new character, swtiches, buttons, and 3 sizes of big-saw-pokey-sticks


Is it possible to change pitch during playback?

01 November 2014 - 10:37 AM

I've been experimenting with audio_sound_pitch()

If I had a sound already playing, would it be possible to change the pitch say half way through play back?