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#3239475 An Untitled Story [freeware!]

Posted by YoMamasMama on 23 July 2009 - 10:26 PM


Bug Fixes:
-Fixed JumpBox highscore recognition not working in all cases.
-Fixed all empty rooms in SkyTown behaving as though they were at the edge of the map.

Balance Changes:
-Red energy in NightWalk now appears once you can duck.
-Made the DeepTower secret passage a bit more obvious again.
-Made Grotto eye boss easier on all difficulties.
-Added a savepoint to DeepDive on Regular and Simple.

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#2301401 An Untitled Story [freeware!]

Posted by YoMamasMama on 26 August 2007 - 10:03 PM

bad graphics....


true but its made for younger kids or gm fans..


Actually it's made for hardcore 2D platformer fans, and art-game fans. I fear it may be far too difficult for younger kids (though it isn't nearly as tough as my Jumper games).

I think you'll find that the graphical style is very much on purpose and fits the game quite well if you play the demo.
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#2301200 An Untitled Story [freeware!]

Posted by YoMamasMama on 26 August 2007 - 08:27 PM

(Now Freeware!)

Posted Image

Posted Image

New areas!
New hearts!
One more upgrade!
New difficulty changes!
New other stuff!
New bug fixes!
And probably some new bugs too!
Look at the blog above for more info!

In An Untitled Story, you begin as an egg in your nest, and the rest is up to you to figure out. Fight 18 unique bosses, traverse a huge game world, and unravel a mysterious storyline. The single player game features non-linear progression and 5 difficulty levels for extra replay value. Also included is Heist Mode, a multiplayer capture-the-flag-style versus mode. Don't forget to hook up a USB gamepad before starting, to play it as it was meant to be played.

Click the link below to download the full game (16 MB) for free!

Download: http://www.mattmakes...titledStory.zip

My Site: http://www.mattmakesgames.com/

Matt Makes Games Forums: http://www.mattmakes...forum/index.php


Thanks for your time!

-Matt "YMM" Thorson
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