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23 July 2009 - 10:26 PM


Bug Fixes:
-Fixed JumpBox highscore recognition not working in all cases.
-Fixed all empty rooms in SkyTown behaving as though they were at the edge of the map.

Balance Changes:
-Red energy in NightWalk now appears once you can duck.
-Made the DeepTower secret passage a bit more obvious again.
-Made Grotto eye boss easier on all difficulties.
-Added a savepoint to DeepDive on Regular and Simple.

In Topic: An Untitled Story [freeware!]

17 July 2009 - 06:13 AM

Versions 1.15 and 1.16 were recently released.

v1.15 Changelist:

Bug Fixes:
Fixed player color being wrong immediately after hatching if you're damaged.
Fixed slot select screen using capitol 'S' for Simple mode.
Fixed being able to damage the Grotto eye boss on Regular/Simple by letting it fall on you.

Balance Changes:
Removed a crusher enemy from a room in SkyTown on Simple.
Toll booth toll costs reduced to 70% on Simple mode.
Added text explaining variable jumping early in the game.
Switched locations where the two shop upgrades appear after you buy them.
Added text explaining holding jump for max height after you get the red energy upgrade.
Made DeepTower cannon boss shoot blue fire more frequently based on difficulty.
Made the DeepTower secret passage a bit less obvious.
Made three rooms of MountSide a bit easier.
Made launchers spin slower in MountSide.
Added more red energy to the first room of StoneCastle.
Removed some fire jets from StoneCastle on Regular, more on Simple.
Removed heart door from StoneCastle on Simple.
Made the walker puzzle in StoneCastle not require perfect timing on one jump.
Made StoneCastle boss's bullets scatter randomly a bit.
Made the second screen of the FarFall spike pit a tiny bit easier.
Removed heart door from the FarFall spike pit on Simple.
A red energy in the FarFall spike pit is now available on Regular as well as Simple.
Made SkySand boss slightly easier on Simple and Regular.
Grotto eye boss can now jump from the middle of the stage as well as the sides.
Changed the way the Grotto Eye boss's final form behaves.
You no longer have to divebomb to hurt the final form of the Grotto eye boss on Simple and Regular.
There are now signs in NightClimb, FarFall, StoneCastle and DeepDive written by the bandit bird.

Graphical Changes:
Touched up player sprites.
Touched up other miscellaneous sprites.
Touched up backgrounds for some rooms in Grotto, SkyTown, StoneCastle and FarFall.
Made StoneCastle boss lean as he moves sideways.
Made laser particles match the lasers more.
Made blue platform particles look a bit nicer.
Grotto eye boss's eye no longer rolls into the back of his head trying to follow you.

Heist Mode:
Fixed getting stuck in colored blocks on BlackCastle stage (getting stuck now kills you as it was meant to).

Misc. Changes:
Corrupt save files are no longer deleted when you try to load them.
Changed the game's icon.

v1.16 Changelist:

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed shop ability positions not being switched immediately after you buy them.
-Fixed typo the first time you talk to the girl bird.
-Fixed moving platforms in The Curtain having wrong sprites if ghosts ambush you.

Balance Changes:
-Made air bubbles by the sign in DeepDive appear on every difficulty.
-New JumpBox highscores based on difficulty: 7500, 8500, 9500, 10500.
-FireCage Bonus game now costs 30 crystals on Simple, 40 on other difficulties.
-Increased chance of ghosts ambushing you by 0.5%.
-Added two more signs from the bandit bird (NightWalk and The Curtain).

Graphical Changes:
-Made throwing star particles look nicer (The Curtain boss).

Misc. Changes:
-The Curtain/BlackCastle boss now has his own theme music.

In Topic: Game Maker 8 First Beta Released

07 July 2009 - 10:48 PM

Issue 15 "Flexible bounding box options" has been assigned as of July 7.

Good news ::lmao:: Thanks Mark.

In Topic: Game Maker 8 Preliminary Feature List Announced

30 June 2009 - 08:55 AM

I'm very interested to see exactly how much the performance will increase from 7 to 8.

The PNG support is definitely a step in the right direction, but performance will still have to increase quite a bit to get me back to using GM for anything beyond prototypes.

In Topic: An Untitled Story [freeware!]

09 April 2009 - 12:00 AM

Places to find jump/double jump upgrades: Behind a yellow man in firecage, Below a heart door in stonecastle, through some arrows in the wall in a yellow place, and thats all I can recall at this moment. :D

EDIT: I found a bug, a major major MAJOR bug..Not exactly "bug" but a definite flaw in your game design.

Dying + Money. If you buy anything or spend money on anything (excluding the heart secrets and bonus place) it saves after you die, including how much money you have. On a simple game, I have 0 saves, 11 deaths, almost 5000 crystals, and everything bought. (EVERYTHING) Infact, if you switch costumes and die the costume stays, so once I hatch I will be a ninja, this includes the yellow guy, so I can get EVERYWHERE in the game (excluding blackcastle) as an egg.

If you want me to make a video proving it, I shall. :medieval:

This is completely intentional :)