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#3822230 New GMC reskinning

Posted by Mordi on 01 September 2011 - 05:04 PM

Any reason to why you removed the default theme from the drop-down list? I guess it's because of the top-menu and banner?

As a side note, this skin from some years ago was ace! --> GMC in 2008
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#3596324 The Hive

Posted by Mordi on 03 September 2010 - 09:12 PM

Hi, I'd just like to inform you that your game has been featured on Gamer.no. I think it's the most popular Norwegian gaming-site. First time I've seen them link directly to GMC.

Anyway, the game looks really sweet.
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#3358729 Stupid Gm Developers

Posted by Mordi on 04 December 2009 - 04:43 AM

*Ahem* Offensive, much. Kids can very well understand sarcasm. It's the 20th century, buddy. Sarcasm is everywhere.

It's the 21st century actually, and I wasn't talking about the community-discussion kids who do understand sarcasm.
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#2583915 Sci-fi: Platform Shooter Engine [link dead]

Posted by Mordi on 02 March 2008 - 11:55 AM

made with GM7

It has no multiplayer functions what so ever. You make it!

I am not working on this any more. Thats why im posting it here. Maybe you can finish it?


  • Real-time character animation
  • Dynamic dual wielding
  • Ragdoll physics
  • 3d sounds using FMOD
  • Level editor
  • Profile system
  • Slopes
  • Custom soundtrack



This engine started out as a multiplayer LAN game. I started the project in January 28th of 2008, and I havent added any multiplayer functionality. (the 39dll scripts are included, however, as well as the dll itself). Keep in mind that the GMK, as it is, suits very well for multiplayer-type games, such as Soldat - but if you want to make a single-player game with this, be my guest. Also keep in mind that this was not meant to be an open-source engine. There are few comments. I am posting it because I would like to see a game out of it some day, and didnt want to let all that work I have done during the last month go down the drain.

Look in the help file inside the gmk for instructions for use.


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#2532342 Wobble Script

Posted by Mordi on 27 January 2008 - 10:58 PM

This is a script that makes variables 'wobble'.
I came up with the first version of the script, and Tiby312 optimized and simplified it.

//wobble_init(number of wavers for object)
for (i=0;i<=argument0-1;i+=1)
m_spd[i] = 0;

//wobble(current_position,target_position,force(0 to 1),friction (0 to 1),speed array index)
return (argument0+m_spd[argument4]);

Download the example.
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#2260802 Professional Menu Scripts!

Posted by Mordi on 05 August 2007 - 07:15 PM

Posted Image
By Mordi
Please give credits if used.
Note: This was made in GM6.1, but can be opened in GM7 for Vista users.

Click to download (Thanks to 'Ryan PF' for hosting)
Here is a menu i made with this today:
View Screenshot

- Professional quality, fully animated menu.
- Very simple to use.
- Takes literally 60 seconds to build a fairly big menu.
- Support for both mouse and keyboard (and both at the same time).
- Runs slow when effects are used in very large menus.

Now you can literally make a full menu in 60 seconds.

How do I use it?
Please read the scripts for info on how to use them, and read the tutorial included in the zip file!

Update 1.1:
- Added draw_box script with sprited outline, gloss and shadows.
- Added draw_textbox.
- Added new sound-effects.
Update: 1.15
- Added support for animated backgrounds in boxes.
- Added mouse support.
- Added more graphics.
Hotfix: 1.16
- Simplified menu-adding and removing.
Update: 1.5
- Added new button types (Input, scrolling).
- Added more graphics.
- Added custom show_message.
- Added option to show and hide buttons.
- Improved mouse control.
- Improved background animations.
- Simplified example included.
- Much more.
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