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About Me

My name is Faissal Isslam Bensefia
At the time of writing I am 15, but it might be the future when you're reading this so just in case there are any discrepancies with my age (because I've been in a situation before where my age came in to question, which became a factor in me getting banned from a forum) my birthday is on the 25th of August 2000.


Warning: the following contains what may be regarded as very taboo subjects and opinions, don't read on if you're easily offended.

Disclaimer: The following views are mine and mine alone, they do not represent the views of YoyoGames, or any of the staff at YoyoGames.

On Religion
I believe in God because it solves the problem of infinite regression regarding the creation of the world. The Christian philosopher William Lane Craig puts this best:

  • Whatever begins to exist has a cause.
  • The universe began to exist.
  • Therefore, the universe has a cause.

I believe in 1 God because it is illogical for there to be multiple omnipotent beings, because if there were more than one God then the other would be an area where they would not have power and so could not be considered omnipotent. I believe in Islam particularly because it has the most truths in it overall (I might go over these later on if I have the time).
I'm a Sunni Muslim, no I'm not a reformist or liberal 'modernist' nor am I a Wahabist or condone the actions of any terrorist organisations (in fact I have a deep seated hatred for them). I believe that abortion is wrong except in cases where the mother's life is threatened. I am not against homosexuality, however, I draw a distinction between homosexuality and sodomy, sodomy being acting upon homosexual urges, which I am against. As for politics, I'm a centre-centre theocratist, I believe in Sharia law, but I do not believe that there is any country that implements it currently, though they claim to (similar to how North Korea claims to be democratic but is not). I call myself centre-centre because I do not completely align with authoritarianism or liberalism, nor do I really align with either the right or left, it's also good to keep balance.
On Patriotism
When I say that I do not love my country, it is not an issue of 'not integrating' or for some reason being loyal to the country of my parents or whatever, it's because I think that patriotism is stupid, it's not just this country (the UK) that I don't love, it's all countries, because none of them are innocent of wrongdoing. Also, it's kinda stupid to love a piece of land that you don't even own in my honest opinion.
On Computing
I have been interested in computers ever since I was a very young child, I used to sit on my mothers lap at the family computer and draw shapes when I was very young and in my early years I owned an RM computer running Windows 2000 (if you see me claiming it to be an IBM computer, ignore it, I made a mistake) that I enjoyed gaming on (mostly Lego Racers) as well as drawing images in paint which I used to customise the '3D maze' wallpaper.
I am a supporter of the open source and libre software movements and am trying to do my best to get started doing my bit for the community (at the time of writing my contribution have been relatively minor, I haven't exactly written Linux drivers for hundreds of webcams lol). I like libre software because unlike proprietary software it is not fuelled by a desire for greater and greater wealth (i.e: by greed) but rather for the benefit of everyone (i.e: selflessness). That said, I am not opposed to people making money off of libre software and I understand that people have to make a living. This is partially my reason for having a 32GB Eaget flash drive with ZorinOS lite on it (that and wanting to have my own environment in my pocket wherever I go).
As of October 2015 I now dual boot Xubuntu on my MacBook Air, with it being my primary OS.
Here is my GitHub if you are interested in seeing what open source projects I've made: https://github.com/faissaloo.

I think Richard Stallman is a very noble man for giving up so many things for the GNU philosophy (he only uses libre non-drm products because he doesn't want to participate in that ecosystem at all, he sees it as a form of slavery). The following talk is the first one of his that I ever watched:

On The 1%
I do not like oligarchs, nor do I like oligarchies or conglomerates, I see them as being similar to the often used example of 'The Stamp Collecting AI' which illustrates the dangers of creating something who's only purpose is to complete one goal without condition (i.e: prevenatitve measures) because at this point corporations have created a situation in which they can influence the populus and thus circumvent democracy (which is also one of the reasons why I believe that absolute democracy is not feasible).
On Major Internet Events
I was part of the Reddit Exodus of 2015, due to the fact that only larger hateful subreddits were banned rather than the most extreme subreddits (most of which still exist), and I believed Voat had a far better community that was more open to discussion, though that changed when the racist subreddits were banned.
I was a GamerGater from the start (I heard about it from DramaAlert, unfortunately the video no longer exists because DramaAlert had its channel taken down and was forced to rebuild from scratch and all videos were lost, though if you do enough digging you might be able to find it, I'd like to hear about it if you find it, it had a picture of Zoe Quinn in the thumbnail and may have had 'Quinnspiracy' in the title), but only really got into it later. I was part of GamerGate because corruption is disgusting and needs to be stopped. As of the 30th of October 2015, though I still identify as a GamerGater (I could call myself an ex-GamerGater but that is too often used to denote a defector), GamerGate is not something that is actively occurring, it is asleep to me. It has accomplished its goals (the Society of Professional Journalists agree that Kotaku's actions were unethical and ethics codes are now in place) and so it should be put to sleep until another scandal arises. My reasoning behind only putting it to sleep rather than killing it is that in the case of another corruption scandal in the games journalism industry it will allow us to have a quicker response time, this way rather than creating a whole new movement to deal with a new scandal, we can bring together people from the last scandal to fight against whatever new scandal has arisen. This helps us fix the problem quickly and keeps things from getting confusing. Maybe we could start denoting them as such: "The First GamerGate" etc, but I guess we can cross that bridge when we come to it (I'm pretty sure we'll have to come to it because there is no doubt in my mind that there will be a scandal similar to GamerGate again, and when it does I will go back to GamerGate, I probably won't list every time I rejoin though because that would get very messy very quickly).

On Mass-Surveillance
I greatly value privacy hence why I thoroughly oppose the NSA and GCHQ's mass surveilance. I do not believe the argument that 'you have nothing to hide if you are innocent' as many people are innocent and yet have things to hid. Every human being has something to hide, without exception and they have a right to keep it hidden provided that it is not criminal. Because of this stance I support the use of TOR (provided it is legal and moral). I love Edward Snowden, I think he's awesome for sacrificing so much to reveal the evil going on behind the scenes of the government.
I do have an interest in hacking and hacker culture (in this case referring to the 'cracking' definition of 'hack', though 'the other' hacker culture, i.e: the one Richard Stallman and Eric Raymond etc are part of also interests me), especially as a developer as it makes you think quite differently about the programs you write, as well as being quite thrilling and exciting.
On Conspiracy Theories
I would not call myself a conspiracy theorist, but I do believe at least 1 conspiracy theory, the conspiracy theory that the official 9/11 story was a lie, as for the finer details I can't be sure about them (after all, it wouldn't be a conspiracy theory if I could be sure about them) but I have a feeling there was government involvement because of how convenient it seemed that the US went to war in Iraq even though that was not where Al-Qaeda were even based. It was also really convenient that the NSA's funding grew exponentially.
Base image by AJ+
On Music
My taste in music is very much influenced by my political views and interests, I am into Rock (mostly Alternative and Punk) and EDM (mostly GlitchHop and Chiptune) though I do occasionally dabble in a bit of metal. I do often come across songs that I do not like but can appreciate for their artistic value, as well as coming across music that I like but can not appreciate for their artistic value. Like in both of these cases means that the song sounds good to me, but not necessarily I think the song is worth any sort of praise (such is the case with most of the pop genre, which I see as largely serving to encourage the negative parts of society such as consumerism, with Punk rock being the complete opposite to it).
I enjoy the following bands:

  • The Never Ending
  • Green Day
  • Crush 40
  • Simple Plan
  • Far As Hell
  • Anti-Flag
  • Fit For Rivals
  • Icon for Hire

Here is my playlist if you want to check it out: https://www.youtube....D66EA68698A78C4
My favourite Green Day albums are Nimrod and American Idiot.
On Game Development
On a lighter note, you probably know by now that I am an indie game developer (shocking isn't it?), and I do greatly enjoy developing games! I have been using Game Maker since version 8 (2011 if I recall correctly) as well as having been a member of the wonderful YoYoGames Forums (which still lives in my heart to this day). Here is the website for our studio. Faissaloo Games I plan to get a proper website and domain when I can host it and have a job secure enough to allow me to rent a domain with somebody that won't reveal all my personal details with a simple whois lookup.
On Fonts
My first favorite font was Arial, followed by Lucida Grande and is now Hack.
On My Computer
As well as being a developer I am also a gamer, I built my first PC and called it the KnightMare Mk I (inspired by the name of the mechas from the anime Code Geass) for £105. The specs were as follows:

  • Motherboard: Asrock 960GM-VGS3 FX £25.00 (Ebay,Used)
  • CPU: AMD Athlon II 2.8Ghz Dual Core £10.00 (Ebay, Used)
  • RAM: Crucial DDR3 4GB 1600Mhz £27.49 (Ebay, New)
  • Graphics Card: AMD HD 5770 (Sent to me by a guy on reddit)
  • Hard Drive: 80GB HDD from an old acer T180 (not currently connected), 250GB HDD from a Toshiba Satellite and 13GB HDD that I just found lying around (Cannibalised)
  • Power Supply Unit: Cooler Master 500W 12V Elite £32.98 (Amazon, New)
  • Case: Acer T180 (Cannibalised)
  • OS: Windows 7 (who's licence is apparently not valid because I moved it from my old laptop to a new PC, thanks Microsoft DRM! [/sarcasm]), Windows XP (on the hard drive that is not currently connected)

I'm now on the KnightMare Mk II which is basically the same thing except I added a 128GB KingFast SSD and upgraded to an EVGA 750 superclocked. I mostly play Minecraft, games from the Sonic franchise and a free open source quake-like first person shooter called Xonotic.
On Feminism
I do not believe that women and men are equal, nor do I believe that one is objectively superior to the other. I believe that women and men are very different biologically and so men and women will have different needs etc, hence why treating them both the same will lead to issues. I do believe in education for all people, everyone has a right to be educated no matter who they are. I am not a feminist. I disagree with the objectification and degradation of women (or men for that matter) especially for profit (whether that be in the pr0n industry or the modelling industry). What feminists often label as rape culture (i.e: cat-calling) though wrong, I do not believe it is a sign that society is accepting of rape. The wage gap is not real, there is no evidence for it's existence, here is a good video on it:
I watch Sargon of Akkad, as well as Tl;Dr. They have taught me alot about logical fallacies and how to make a strong argument, though I may not always agree with them. Before GamerGate (which is how I discovered these channels) I would have considered myself a feminist, and as I watched them I was left with thinking "Sure these things are bad, but it's not an inherent problem with feminism," my opinion changed however when I was presented with the argument: "Women are already equal, so why should feminism exist?"
Now, does my stance on feminism mean that I will hate you for labelling yourself a feminist? No, I am more than willing to get along with someone who simply labels themselves a feminist, or in general who's opinions I don't find to be dangerous or bigotted (for example: I wouldn't be friends with someone who hates all Muslims, Jews, black people etc, but I would be friends with a feminist, anarchist etc). This does not however mean that I will not argue against your ideas if you bring them up.
On Drugs
I am not for the legalisation of any drugs for recreational use (including alcohol and tobacco), however, I do not believe that there is any reason why all drugs should not be legal for medical use, if it is proven that a drug will help a person's condition ('self medication' is not something that I agree with either, because not everyone is qualified to diagnose and treat themselves for something that would warrant the use of any drug outside of a minor painkiller) then I see no reason for it objection to it so long as the side effects are do not outweigh the benefit (both long term and short term).

On Poetry
I'm not really a big fan of poetry, but there are two poems I quite like, 'next to of course america i' by E.E Cummings, a poem that makes fun of the blindly patriotic, and 'Flag' by John Aggard, which discusses the idea that a flag, though no more than a piece of cloth, causes people to do crazy things.

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