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Scythe Of The Abyss

05 November 2013 - 07:54 PM


By Jools64 aka Epihaumut


In Scythe of the Abyss you play as the angel of death who has been tasked to defeat the king of the land. You must run, jump and fight your way through the kingdom, defeating holy guards and reaping souls to regain strength.


I created this game because I wanted to take a little break from a main project of mine. It was supposed to be for Halloween so I gave it a pretty dark setting. All the sprites and tiles use the NES palette and limitations. The music and sounds should be fairly authentic to the NES.



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Isras Wings GMCJam#6 Entry

01 May 2012 - 02:21 PM

Isras Wings

Hey guys, this is my entry into GMCJam6.

First off, here is the downloads:
YoYo Games
My Site

As you can imagine there's a few issues with it and not too much content but I'm pretty happy
with what I achived in the 72 hours I had. I made everything from the Graphics, levels and sounds
to the music and gameplay. I hope you guys enjoy it!

EDIT: I have uploaded a fix for the game breaking bug that Raocow ran into and made the collisions nicer.The legs are now not included at all in the overall collision box.
Finally I also fixed one text box.
That's about it!

The game is about a boy called Isra. He's trying to reach the island that Sarah's sitting on
and in order to do that he has to collect feathers to improve his flying ability. Feathers are
hidden around the world and also can be recived as rewards for doing quests.

Please note that you do not need all the feathers to complete the game so if you find your self
struggling with the last few feathers don't worry, just head back and try and fly to Sarah.

Thanks to anyone who leaves feedback. Have fun!

If you wanna see Raocow play the game without doing any quests and then break it then go ahead and watch the video here :laugh: : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFqmONOxIcE&feature=g-u-u

Also here's a video of PNDTutorialDude completing the game 100%.

Screen Shots:
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Posted Image

Posted Image

Catastrophic Neutralization Rescue - Ver.1.2

26 February 2011 - 08:14 PM

Posted Image

CNR, a fun fast arcade shmup game with bullet hell elements. Online highscores to allow you to compete with others. I actually made this game for a friend of mine to cheer him up because we thought he had stumoch ulcers. It turned out he had an infection that causes stumoch ulcers but he is now recovering. The point of the game is that you are inside your self, (yep this makes no sense), and you are shooting tablets at the ulcers to destroy them. Yaaayyy!
This is actually my first finished game created with game maker. (I've been around for years but spent a whole bunch of time on c++ development with the allegro api.) I had many other features planned such as more enemys and a more in depth highscore system and many more power ups but I'd rather move on to bigger and better things and not leave this little project to fade away.

I made everything including the graphics, music and sound effects from scratch minus a couple of drum samples and I used gml_josea's highscore example as a base for my system. Hopefully I'll have more games for you guys real soon!

Screen Shots:
Posted Image

Posted Image

Click here.

Press Z to shoot and the directions to move.
Press F4 for window mode.

Fixed the glitch where you get stuck on an enemy.
Prevented people from entering blank user names.
Added multiple unlockable characters with different shooting directions.
Added an options menu so you can turn off sound, lighting effects and camera movement.
Added Transitions from room to room.
Added Control diagrams. (Let me know if you don't like them and I'll remove em.

Added in warning signs for ulcers
Tweaked gravity
Changed scoring slightly. (Should be slightly easier to rack up a nice score.)
You can now push down to accelerate downward.

Game Jolt
Yoyo Games
My Website