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#4469501 Judoka - The Training Grounds

Posted by Jools64 on 31 December 2013 - 03:54 PM

A good effort for your second game, I thought the level design was not too bad and it looks like you put a decent amount

of effort into the presentation.


My main problem was with the actual platforming engine it's self. A lot of the time I would hit the ground and bounce for a

frame or two making it impossible to jump for that small moment. It doesn't sound like that big a deal but it did cause

me to mess up some jumps that shouldn't have been a problem. I ended up having to wait for a moment after each jump

for the player to completely settle. Also grabbing on to a rope seemed a little fiddly. If I was pressing a direction, the player

wouldn't really attach properly.


With the physics problems fixed, this would be a decently enjoyable game.

Keep going, I look forward to playing whatever you make next. :)

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#4427283 Scythe Of The Abyss

Posted by Jools64 on 05 November 2013 - 11:47 PM

Played it and i agree with most of what Carnivac said. The pixel art is pretty good but the complete lack of animation is a bit of an eyesore.


I quit the game around the same place as Carnivac as well. Later section of Level 2 although before the dash jumping i suppose. I tried many times and just go frustrated with it. There are way too many enemies that require too many hits. Also it feels minimal with just the bare basics of an action game. you only get one short range attack and that's it? There's not much depth to the game play here.


Overall I have to say I don't like the design at all. The game is challenging but not in a good way, in a frustrating and annoying way. The dash barely helps at all, it usually leads to getting hit more so this game comes down to a massive grind with checkpoints that have no visible "point" and are spread far apart.


The enemies that follow you around are the worst, the bigger ones take 3 hits and in that area in Level 2 it gets really bad, having just two or three of those enemies is a nightmare. since they can stand inside your sprite, it makes hitting them impossible you simply watch your character die. This is very difficult to avoid when two of these guys are running at you. The delay between attacks will almost ensure that one of them ends up inside of you. Enemies in this game are just too generic, simple and only challenging due to the high amount of life that some of them have.


Level design is awkward too with way too many pitfalls just for the hell of it. Level 1 barely has any solid ground, there's a lot of thin platforms that look strange and don't add anything to the challenge either.


My final thoughts on this game is that it certainly has somethings going for it but it's frustrating and very very traditional design limits it's fan base dramatically. Only hardcore NES fans would probably find this experience enjoyable but most modern games are probably going to quit pretty early. There isn't much to keep us fighting through the repetitive and simple design, no new or interesting mechanics are brought to the classic formula. It ultimately feels like a generic NES action-platformer that doesn't compete with the classics at all.


I hate being such a downer here but that's my opinion. I really wanted to like this, I love retro platformers, especially those with dark Castlevania-like themes but the design isn't impressing me much.


It's pretty disappointing to hear that you disliked the game so much but I do appreciate the feedback. Thanks for letting me know. As usual I think I've gotten too good at playing the game while testing it and not realised how slow and difficult it is. I guess it's a skill I have to work on.




Tried to stick to your style but making him a bit more dynamic looking.  Also tried to give him a little bit of a suggested skull-face too. :P  Feel free to edit it, or just dispose of it if you don't like it.  As I said bit of fan-art if nothing else. :)  Could animate the lower bit of his cloak to 'ripple' a bit in 2 frames to give some basic animation.


Was playing the game some more.  I really do enjoy it.  It just has that satisfying feel to it that so many Game Maker games (and most indie games) severely lack.  I still can't do that blasted dash-jump though. :P  Other that one of the most purely enjoyable games I've downloaded off this forum in some time (oddly the other games I consider in that class all seem to be NES-inspired too)


Thanks very much! I really glad you enjoyed it. :)

I've put your sprite in the game. (I modified it just a tad to make the transition a little more smooth.)

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#4427158 Scythe Of The Abyss

Posted by Jools64 on 05 November 2013 - 08:53 PM

Ok just had a play.  Really good game.  I died loads yet kept playing (until a bit late into level 2 where I think I had to do a dash jump which I was just useless at).


Moves well and there's a satisfying effect and sound when you kill things which is always good.  My 'NES purist mind' was bugged by some things but that's just cos that part of me is extremely fussy, but yeah I had fun playing this.  It certainly has the NES feel of gameplay.  Perhaps if it was running on some NES cart that had a whole host of extra chips for sprites and other things (though the widescreen would probably be pushing that a bit :P )


One thing I felt could be improved was that I would like to see a different sprite for moving than just using the same one as standing still.  A more dynamic moving sprite with him sorta hunched over  brandishing his scythe with both hands would look a lot more intimidating and feel cooler.  I might pixel what I mean just for fun of it (and if you don't want to use it then you could just consider it your first piece of 'fan art' for the game :P ).  Overall though sprites and tiles are very well defined and appealing. 


Yeah.  I like it. :)


Thanks very much!

Yeah, I did think about bringing it closer to NES but it didn't seem like something very easily done in Game Maker. If I was to do it I'd go the whole way and program in the limitations and flicker, etc.

I did think about putting in a movement sprite, If you made one I would definitely put it in and give you credit for it. :)

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#4427126 Scythe Of The Abyss

Posted by Jools64 on 05 November 2013 - 08:03 PM

Not quite all the NES limitations but it looks very nice and I will download and play it in a lil while. :)


Thanks. :)

Yeah, no sprite limit and the drawing is not at all NES style with rotation and high res, etc. It's really just the sprites and tiles.

Each 8x8 tile/sprite only has 4 colors max including transparency and follows the NES palette.

I've updated the description now to be a bit more specific.

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#4427117 Scythe Of The Abyss

Posted by Jools64 on 05 November 2013 - 07:54 PM


By Jools64 aka Epihaumut


In Scythe of the Abyss you play as the angel of death who has been tasked to defeat the king of the land. You must run, jump and fight your way through the kingdom, defeating holy guards and reaping souls to regain strength.


I created this game because I wanted to take a little break from a main project of mine. It was supposed to be for Halloween so I gave it a pretty dark setting. All the sprites and tiles use the NES palette and limitations. The music and sounds should be fairly authentic to the NES.



Yoyo Games:



Game Jolt:
















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#4010068 Perspective

Posted by Jools64 on 29 June 2012 - 08:55 PM

This was an awesome little game, I really enjoyed it.

I think you did a great job with the level design, introducing new elements at good intervals
and creating some nice puzzles. The whole atmosphere of the game was generally very nice
although it would have been nice to see some variation in the world. I found the collision box
of the sleeping player a little hard to jump from but other than that the platforming was solid.

I'd say the best part of the game was when you introduced separate platforms for each
perspective, it definitely made the game-play more interesting and helped it feel a little
more unique.

My only problems where I couldn't work out how to quit the game at the end, I had to use task manager. I also hate it when games don't scale in full screen mode. It feels like such a waste having big black bars around the game. That's more personal preference though I guess. ;)

Great job!
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#3949587 Isras Wings GMCJam#6 Entry

Posted by Jools64 on 01 May 2012 - 02:21 PM

Isras Wings

Hey guys, this is my entry into GMCJam6.

First off, here is the downloads:
YoYo Games
My Site

As you can imagine there's a few issues with it and not too much content but I'm pretty happy
with what I achived in the 72 hours I had. I made everything from the Graphics, levels and sounds
to the music and gameplay. I hope you guys enjoy it!

EDIT: I have uploaded a fix for the game breaking bug that Raocow ran into and made the collisions nicer.The legs are now not included at all in the overall collision box.
Finally I also fixed one text box.
That's about it!

The game is about a boy called Isra. He's trying to reach the island that Sarah's sitting on
and in order to do that he has to collect feathers to improve his flying ability. Feathers are
hidden around the world and also can be recived as rewards for doing quests.

Please note that you do not need all the feathers to complete the game so if you find your self
struggling with the last few feathers don't worry, just head back and try and fly to Sarah.

Thanks to anyone who leaves feedback. Have fun!

If you wanna see Raocow play the game without doing any quests and then break it then go ahead and watch the video here :laugh: : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFqmONOxIcE&feature=g-u-u

Also here's a video of PNDTutorialDude completing the game 100%.

Screen Shots:
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
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#3947901 The GMCJam #6 Awesome Games Topic

Posted by Jools64 on 28 April 2012 - 05:08 PM


I'm done. Yaaay.

Yoyo Games

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01:41 Day3-

15:09 Day2-

23:38 Day1-

21:53 Day1-

18:35 Day1-

16:54 Day1-

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