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[Request] Simplistic Creatures

13 July 2013 - 01:24 AM

Hello, I'm in need of some simplistic sprites of various "creatures." I'm making a "Feeding Frenzy" type game. I want at least two of each of the following categories:


1) Fish

  • Small fishes
  • Medium fishes
  • Large fishes
  • For these, I don't necessarily need all the sizes. I can modify the sprites, or enlarge as necessary.

2) Land Creatures

  • Stuff like bunnies, frogs, etc. I'd like to have a variation of sizes

3) Birds

  • Again, variation of sizes


I don't expect to get everything, but even just a couple sprites here and there would really help!



Some Clarification On Loading Music?

05 July 2013 - 03:10 AM

I want to start using the superSound extension, and I managed to get a quick test working properly. Now, the reason I decided to use this is because my filesize is getting too big. I'm making a Starfox game, including the actual audio clips from the characters in the game. This, in addition to large music files, tends to make the filesize skyrocket. 


So my understanding is that superSound will allow me to load specific sounds when I want to (like I can load ALL the sounds for a particular level before starting said level). This loading takes up a specific amount of RAM, I assume.


1) Can I get away with loading 20+ short .wav files as well as 1 or 2 .mp3 files all In one go before the level?

2) Can, and if so, how, do I "unload" specific sounds when the level is over?


Thanks in advance for your replies!

The Importance Of Organization And Cleanliness

04 July 2013 - 10:26 PM

So my project is starting to wrack up a LOT of unnecessary objects, and I'm wishing I had used more parent-child relationships. I made a copy of my .gmk and decided to basically clean up everything. I'm going to run into a billion errors in the process.



That's one thing I learned recently, what about you? 

"War!" - Map Recently Extended

12 June 2013 - 02:07 AM





A creative graphics-based game


I've started this game on many forums in the past, and it always ends up being a blast! So, I figured I would share this great forum game with you guys!


Basic Premise:

  • The game consists of a map, and any one person starts their play by "claiming" a piece of land as their own.
  • As a player, you control what your empire does. The key to having fun in this game is CREATIVITY!
  • You can go to war with other empires, research technologies, or do anything you feel like, WITHIN REASON (see rules/guidelines below)


  • Don't claim the entire landmass (unless you just want a small island or something) You can expand your land over time, with your own discretion.
  • Please only edit the map for your empire ONCE PER DAY.
  • You can post on this forum more than once per day, but you can only make one update to your kinddom once a day.
  • No altering other people's artwork. If you must do something, try to not make it obtrusive.
  • No nukes, or blowing everything up. That's just not any fun, is it. If you do we'll just go to the last map picture.
  • Save as PNG! Please, just do it. You can upload your image and host it here using an image hosting site (I recommend www.imgur.com)

We'll figure things out as we go. Here is the map!




Also, to make things easier, please choose a color to represent yourself with! Once a color has been chosen, that color cannot be used by other players. If you're confused on anything, don't hesitate to ask. I'm sure there are some things I need to explain better. Also, remember that this isn't a contest. It's about being creative, roleplaying, etc. Think Age of Empires / Civilization / Sim City, but without any restrictions.


EDIT: Here is a link to what I'm after. Back when I used the minecraft forums, I posted it there under the username Jdog127.



If I can get something like the link above, I would be more than pleased. Seriously -- check out that thread. Look around on random pages of it. It was crazy how into it people got. I loved reading it.

What To Do With This Little Contraption I Made?

10 June 2013 - 03:56 PM

I was messing around in Game Maker and ended up making this fun little contraption:




You can control the gravity with the arrow keys and destroy blocks by clicking them with the mouse. My question to you is...what should I do with this? Some sort of puzzle game? Here's the file.It's really small.