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In Topic: [Request] Simplistic Creatures

13 July 2013 - 05:18 PM

My apologies. Size should be relatively small. My game window is only going to be 300 x 250 pixels. The smallest creature should be like...8 pixels in one direction. The largest should be maybe 96 pixels or so? And the perspective should be side view.

In Topic: Some Clarification On Loading Music?

09 July 2013 - 02:17 PM

I've got the dll set up, and you're right, the overall download size isn't much smaller at all. I just took all of the music files, put them in a folder, and had the dll load those files when it needs them. It is nice though, because now there isn't a mini "freeze" when loading the music, because it's already loaded before the level starts.

In Topic: How To Go About Making A Game

05 July 2013 - 01:20 AM

One thing you need to really think about before even STARTING your game is how you plan to organize it -- specifically the objects. If you're able, limit yourself to making only "parent" objects that, when generated via a script, have certain attributes. This achieves the same result as creating a bunch of different objects, but you only need one object with variables to make it different.


This greatly reduces clutter and makes thinking through things so much easier.

In Topic: The Importance Of Organization And Cleanliness

05 July 2013 - 01:17 AM

Agreed wholeheartedly. I'm basically rewriting everything, and when I'm done I'll get rid of SO many objects. I plan on having parent objects like "parentObstacle" or "parentEnemy" and just creating scripts that generate an instance of one of those objects with certain sprites and attributes to make them different. Things will be so much better once I do that.

In Topic: Starfox [Unique Title Needed!]

04 July 2013 - 03:50 AM

Another download is coming pretty soon, I'd say! I finished up the first level and its boss. Things are a bit rough around the edges, but it's playable! Once I get a little further on the landmaster level I'll release another download. Sadly, the filesize is only getting bigger...but the music and sound effects are so important to me. I really dont want to use MIDI for the music :(


EDIT: I installed an extension that allows me to load and unload sound files when I need to. So, I think if I include a .zip file of all the music used in the game, that should reduce the download size a bit. I took out the music I'd been using and got rid of 10 MB! But I'm not sure how much smaller the .zip file will make them.