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#4564938 Fortress Duel[New Tier!]

Posted by darthlupi on 11 May 2014 - 02:35 AM

So I have a few questions:


1. Where do I get resources?  Do I get them from killing troups?

   a. If it is from killing troups does the enemy get resources magically?  I sent everything I had at a fortress and killed all of their forces, but the enemy sent a HUGE wave after me.  Where did they get resources?


2. Does the combat work like this:  Arial beats Calvary, Calvary beats Ranged, Ranged Beats Arial?


The fact that map grew after beat in the first castle was unexpected!  That was actually pretty cool, and if you could somehow capitalize on that.  Perhaps make some sort of resource to be gathered?  Not sure.


I think you should try to do your own sprites.  It is really the best way to learn how is to try.  Then again, you might be trying to sell this and not just create it as a LEARNING project.


Anyway, keep up the progress.

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#4563880 Cole

Posted by darthlupi on 09 May 2014 - 01:18 PM



   Thanks for the feedback, and I agree the lack of challenge leads to a lack of concern about which spells you use.


I have a TON of tweaking to do on the gameplay.  The good news is I can EASILY change when and how rapidly enemies attack, spell reload, and overall when an enemy attacks.


Things that will change game play significantly and need to be in place before fine tuning:


1. Ammo - Each spell will have a limited number of attacks.

2. Reload Speeds - Each spell will have a predetermined ( and upgradable reload speed ) that is a bit slower than what you see in this demo.

3. Combos and negative impact on the score - If you get hit in the near future your score on the top bar will reduce keeping your from getting closer to a complete point.  The points are the round blue orbs.

4. Enemies will actually cause more significant damage - This will make you want to dodge and block appropriately.


Thank you for pointing out how hard it is to use the dodge spell!  I want blocking and dodging to be a fun part of the game NOT a crap part.


This game is about 2 -3 week into a 4-5 month project.  The early feedback is very helpful, and I am super glad the visuals pleasing!  Round 1 a success. :)



PS - You just inspired me to make the Master Spell list availabe when you are moving your spells around.  Meaning, the player will be able to choose between all spells during the inbetween combat phase.  I don't know if I am happy or mad with you.  Lots of work. ;)

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#4563246 Cole

Posted by darthlupi on 08 May 2014 - 05:26 PM

The young wizard Cole searches the universe for The Curse that stole his family and all of his kind.  He is not alone in his quest.  He has his dog and self proclaimed master Draffut, and as he travels and and unravels the curse he frees more and more of his people as well as his family.  At least, that is what he hopes for.

The odds are stacked way against him, and as he starts out his powers are not fully realized.  With your help and the spells he learns along the way there may be a chance.


The game is played by first selecting the order you will be firing your spells:


Then click the big GO! and start using those spells on the enemies.  


There will be upgrades, leveling, a magical restaurant and many fun levels to play.  
I will post a todo list soon.

Link to play HTML5 version:

Target Platform:





Currently it is just me coding and spriting.
I may have a musician, but it is a little up in the air.
It would be fun to see if another pixel artist wanted to play with the pixels.

Let me know the following:

1. Is the balance between shooting and dodging too far off?  I feel like it is a good risk reward mechanism, but I feel like it still needs some tweaking to flow properly.

2. Anything that you would like to see added or comment on.

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