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In Topic: sprite_create_from_surface style sprite explosion

30 August 2014 - 09:11 PM

Yes!  I modified the script like so:

//The purpose of this script is to create sprites out of other sprites, or little chunks

//Chunk size
chunk_sprite = argument0;
chunk_size = argument1;
chunk_x_org = argument2;
chunk_y_org = argument3;

chunk_r = floor( sprite_get_height(chunk_sprite) / chunk_size );
chunk_c = floor( sprite_get_width(chunk_sprite) / chunk_size );

for ( rr = 0;rr < chunk_r;rr+=1)
    for ( cc = 0;cc < chunk_c;cc+=1)
        chunk = instance_create(chunk_x_org + cc * chunk_size,chunk_y_org +rr * chunk_size,obj_chunk )
        chunk.sprite_index = chunk_sprite;
        chunk.l = cc * chunk_size;
        chunk.t = rr * chunk_size;
        chunk.w = chunk_size;
        chunk.h = chunk_size;
        chunk.speed = random(0.4);
        chunk.direction = random(360);

Add this to the create event of the obj_chunk:

l=0; //Left position
t=0; //Top postion
w=0; //Width of section of sprite
h=0; //Height of section of sprite

image_speed = 0;

And this was placed in the draw event:


Pefect!  Well, almost. I think I am drawing 1 extra sprite horizontally and vertically.  That is more than likely where I am calculating the number of steps to disect the sprite.


Thanks for the inspiration!

In Topic: Cole

04 July 2014 - 09:58 PM

I was able to finish up some new spells, and I am really pleased with how they work!


The 1st one you see is the Flame Leap.  It's use is primarily defensive, but it can also toast some enemies.

The second one if the Frozen Focus.  It is a quality freeze ray!

Next is the Ice Pudding Block.  It does cold damage and slows enemies.

Next to last is a the Energy Blade.  This handy spell will have the ability to block projectiles and do area damage.

Last, is the small Force Dagger.  This is simple close range attack that has not ammo.  It can be cast using the casters inner energy.


Please understand that there are some frames missing in the gif below.  They look much better in person.



In Topic: Cole

04 June 2014 - 03:39 AM

Sweet!  I am super pleased you did.


Just to update the development, I simplified the scoring.  It is no longer a leveling system.  It is just a standard flat number.


I think I was playing too much with something that should be easy to understand.

I also finished the victory condition and bonuses:




For me the developer, my favorite bit is all I have to do is tweak a few arrays, change the global.level variable and I can set goals per level pretty much on the fly:



//Level goals -- If it is set to zero there is no goal :)
global.level_goal[1,0] = 0; //Secrets found -   global.level_secrets_total
global.level_goal[1,1] = 0; //Time in seconds - global.score_time
global.level_goal[1,2] = 0; //Spells hit -      global.score_spells_hit
global.level_goal[1,3] = 0; //Spells fired -    global.score_spells_fired
global.level_goal[1,4] = 0; //Attacks dodged -  global.score_dodges
global.level_goal[1,5] = 5; //Attacks blocked - global.score_blocks
global.level_goal[1,6] = 0; //Damage Taken -    global.score_damage
global.level_goal[1,7] = 3; //Biggest Combo -   global.score_max_combo
global.level_goal[1,8] = 0; //Draffut Spells -  global.score_draffut_spells
global.level_goal[1,9] = 0; //Score - obj_gc.level_score
global.level_goal[1,10] = 1; //Complete - is the level complete...  boo
global.level_goal_complete[1] = 0; //How many bonuses are met
global.level_goal_bonus[1] = 5; //How many bonus points are given per goal

In Topic: Cole

04 June 2014 - 01:11 AM


I appreciate the compliment on the art and sound direction.  My only concern is that the game play wasn't obvious!  I will do my best to make it more so!  I've had some suggestions requesting autofire when clicking the spell icons.  That might be the answer...




Thanks!  She is a cute little beta tester.  I hope it is worth of the App store.  I haven't thought about the particulars of making cash off of it, but I really want to make sure it is doesn't affect gameplay or flow. 

In Topic: Cole

28 May 2014 - 12:35 PM

Thanks to the 50 percent off week I was able to pick a copy of the Android export module this weekend and my toddler alpha tester approves:





I am making HUGE progress over the weekend:

I was able to do the following:

1. Nearly completed the scoring mechanism, including a simple combo system.  I still need to add points for defeating enemies.
2. Removed a ton of the oddities like being able to shoot in between rounds.  This too required some rewrite.   Nothing major, but really solidified the game play.
3. Did a lot of code simplification and comment reductions now that I feel confident I have the core mechanics in place.
4. Tested Android builds.  That is very fun!  Runs great on older phone and OS versions!  Thanks YoYo games.
5. Added in a simple system for fun animated background objects.
6. Added some details to the background of the cave demo level.

I am pretty excited about next steps!  I am building my way out the Action phase of the game, and starting to work toward the game management GUIs.  

I still have a rather short but complex list to accomplish:

1. Finish Spells
2. Finish Spell Leveling Damage and Affects
3. Add affects like SLOW, FROZEN, and WEAKENED for enemies.
4. Finish the VICTORY STATE for stats, goals, score tallies, and bonus.
5. Build framework for level secrets.

I am almost through the slow slog of building the number machine part of the game and it is closing in on all creative work which seems to flow easier for me.  Yay!

Updates are in the version in the first post.