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Gm:S Crashing On Many Instances.

11 March 2014 - 01:57 PM

Hello, I don't usually post on game maker forums because I can usually figure stuff out myself when it comes to game maker but recently I've been trying to make my game work in studio and I've been able to do it, except for 2 problems:

1. Even though the view is scaled up x4, it's pixelated, almost as if I drew it to a surface in GM8:

Nvm, figured this one out while trying to get 2 comparison pictures for a reference. Apparently only the first rooms view ports dimensions are used.

2. So in my game, at the start of the main game room I generate about 2000-7000 instances (woah, never realised how much that was) and deactivate them. GM8 handles this perfectly with about a second or so of lag at room start. However GM:S crashes at about 2600 or so. And I'm not just talking a normal GM error which pops up, GM runner actually crashes.


Is there a reason why this happens? Is there maybe a hard limit on how many instances you can make a tick? I'm fairly certain this shouldn't happen in GM:S if it doesn't happen in GM8.


Thanks for reading!

Puppet sprite

17 September 2012 - 02:20 PM


To get to the point, this is a sprite request. I need a sprite for a competition I am entering. What I need is 32x32 sprite of a plain wooden puppet facing left or right. I would like it be easily modifiable and a wood-like colour.

Due to a strange rule of the competition, the sprite may not be posted on the internet before the comp ends, I would like to be pm'ed the sprite rather than the sprite being put on this topic. All credit for this sprite will go to you of course. Thanks to all those who help me out!

http://www.64digits....ments&id=500864 <-- link for compo

(If I have done something wrong in this post or put it in the wrong forum, I'm terribly sorry)