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Virus Attack

26 August 2010 - 05:07 PM

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Game Category: Strategy, Arcade

Link to the game


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!--/ The online highscore is currently unavailable! Everybody who can and wants to help me hosting it can contact me per e-mail: nmkid@gmx.net Or via Skype: codenameteehee /--!

Some evil hackers programmed a bad virus programm. It moves through holes in the security system and confuses every antivirus programm. Everyone, except to you! You are an artifical intelligence, an AI. You see what happens in a computer, and what no human is allowed to see. Your intelligence is higher, greater and better than the virus ones. Your goal is to stop the virus whhich is programmed to destroy the whole internet. Everybody knows that electricity moves from one position to another. But they don't know why: They want to escape! The human produces more and more electricity, which is only used to fly a long way and die. They are running away like lemmings. If the electricity gets stopped on his way, it can't die. That means that it will get more and more on one position. The virus concentrates it's power to stop electricity, and overcharge it. This overcharge makes the electricity damage you if you hit any of them. Now you have to stop the virus and rescue the internet, before the virus overcharges everything. This would lead to terrible things - which nobody wants to imagine!

Moon Run

16 August 2010 - 04:58 PM

Click me!

Moon Run is a simple challenge game. Try to beat the highscore by collecting yellow score and avoiding fire and ice blocks. The moon can be controlled with the mouse.

It's my first game, enjoy and have fun. ^^


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Labyrinths Of Darkness

25 May 2009 - 05:45 PM

Game description:
In ,,Labyrinths of Darkness" you have to get to the goal without touching any walls. While doing this, you have to collect the coins and avoid enemies. You have to defeat bosses to help the people.

Tutorial Screenshot

Fileuploadx Open Beta 0.1
[url="http://<a%20href="http://willhostforfood.com/access.php?fileid=67573"%20target="_blank">http://willhostforfo...ileid=67573</a>"]Willhostforfood Open Beta 0.1[/url]
GM Version: GM7
File Size: 5.40MB
Changes Screen Resolution?: No

Creators: Roythefirst, Theisco(Me)
English Translator: Roythefirst
Moving walls: Roythefirst, Theisco
Moving walls Sprite: Theisco
Characters: Theisco
Walls: Theisco
Objects: Theisco
Sprites: Theisco
Texts: Theisco
Idea: Theisco
Background: Theisco
Music: Rancorx-Jaden and others (nobody of them in these community)

When someone wants to have the german version, just send me a PM.

Good luck and have fun! ^^