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GML Classes vs Objects vs Instances

03 September 2015 - 03:55 AM

(Similar question from eight years ago)



GML was the first programming language I learned, and I've since moved on to PHP, C++, JS, etc. One thing that has constantly plagued me from my GML days however, has been what I think is a misunderstanding of GML's basic vocabulary, since it seems to be used differently than in most other languages.


Using PHP as an example, if I understand correctly:

- GML "object" = PHP "class"

- GML "instance" = PHP "object"


Is this a correct understanding?

Turgon's TDS AI 2.0

16 June 2015 - 03:11 AM

Turgon's TDS AI 2.0


Never stress about the AI in your top down shooter again! This versatile AI engine will transform your mindless hordes of enemies from sitting ducks into vicious killing machines.


Six years ago I posted this TDS AI script, which has been downloaded over 15,000 times. Now version 2.0 is revving up for release! The old code has been completely scrapped in favor of a new, more robust code base.






This AI can do it all:


- Stealth AI (line of sight, patrol, investigate suspicious sounds, call for help)

- Battlefield AI (eliminate enemies, take cover, flank, protect teammates)

- Assassin AI (search and destroy specific targets, sneak around)

- Objective AI (capture the flag, hold the fort, multiple objectives at once)

- Bodyguard AI (protect the asset, lead to safety)

Zombie AI (use at your own risk...)

- Unlimited Teams (10 v 10 v 10 v 10 v 10... shooting match! Plus the player of course)

- Epic Line of Sight (sight cones, gradual vs instant turn around, hears gunshots, footsteps, and allies calling for help)

- It Learns! (avoids areas of frequent teammate deaths, etc.)

- Unique Personalities (aggressive, passive, cunning, mindless, etc.)

- Weapon Strategy (sniper behaves differently from bazooka, from machine gun, etc.)

Squads (squad leaders issue orders to subordinates, coordinate flanking attacks, etc.)

- Adjustable Difficulty (from harmless to lethal. AI in demo is 'easy')



You can help!


The AI is currently in Alpha state; many features have been implemented, and there are plenty left to add. The demo features the most stable features for testing and feedback. Let me know what other features you would like added, as ultimately my goal is to help you make great games!



Cool, let's see the demo!



- Mouse

- Space (debug mode)

- Enter (new level)


----- Download -----




Flood Fill Efficiency/ Memory Issue

31 May 2014 - 01:09 PM

Hello fellow GMC'rs. I'm attempting to add a tile flood-fill feature to my game's custom level editor. Unfortunately it seems that my code is very inefficient or is hitting a GMS limit I don't know about; a "Stack Overflow: gml_Script_Grid" message box keeps popping up whenever I try to fill an area of greater than about 500 tiles. I added var fill_amount as a safety to limit the flood fill to 500 recursions but this is not an ideal solution. I find it hard to believe that it is an efficiency problem since the 500 flood fill instantly, without any delay.


My questions for you:


1) Is there some sort of a GMS built-in script recursion (calling a script within itself) limit? (I think this is the most likely source of the problem since the error says "gml_Script_Grid")


2) Alternatively, are the tile(...) functions I am using taking up excessive amounts of memory for some reason?


3) Do you have any other ideas as to what might be going on here?



Here is the script I'm using:



Thank you for any and all help! I appreciate it.

[Gmc Jam 14] Wizard Amnesia

28 April 2014 - 11:08 PM




"Once I was the greatest wizard in the land..."

In Wizard Amnesia you play a wizard whose memory has been stolen - including your knowledge of spells!
Innovative gameplay teaches you the language of magic (which is randomly generated with each playthrough!) as you fight to reclaim what is yours!
Featuring over 20 unique spells that all interact with each other!





Bombs [Review Jam #3]

18 December 2013 - 03:50 AM

Sssssssssssttttttttt... KABOOM!
No game is complete without explosions!
At least that's the mindset that Flamefrog's exciting new Windows arcade game takes! "Bombs" is a frantic action platforming game that is set in the dreary gray world of 21st century industry and business. The player's job is to hastily grab vintage records whilst avoiding the relentless hordes of evil businessmen attempting to steamroll you. Your only defense are the bombs you carry - blue orbs filled with fire and brimstone to rain down upon those who would zombify you!
Speaking of zombies, "Bombs" has three exciting game modes - 'Normal,' 'Zombies,' and 'Walls.' Each mode provides a different challenge to your skills. All of the gameplay (for every mode) takes place in a static arena consisting of three levels of scaffolding. Vintage records appear one at a time at random locations, generating points as the player collects them. The goal of the game is to achieve the highest score possible. Reaching a certain score threshold - different for each game mode based on difficulty - unlocks new characters for you to play as. These characters do not affect gameplay, though they do provide a sense of achievement and variety to the otherwise depressing work environment! Curious about what the differences between the three game modes are? Good! Go and try them out for yourself! And then come back here and finish reading this review!
The player's potentially flawless (and infinite) victory is impeded by the evil businessmen who spawn around the arena. There are three types of evil businessmen: those who walk, those who fall from the sky, and those who fly around on jetpacks. Those who walk spawn from the left and right-hand edges of the arena, appearing through trapdoors that open shortly beforehand in order to provide the player with a quick warning. They then proceed to mindlessly march from side to side. Those who fall from the sky spin head over heels as they fall from a random portion of the sky through the entire arena - ignoring collisions with the scaffolding and disappearing off of the bottom of the screen. Those who fly around on jetpacks are the most dangerous - these must be the mathematicians and accountants of the group! They fly in from either side of the arena and follow a sine curve across the screen, endangering the player on all levels of the scaffolding.
Between all of the enemies coming at you from every which direction (including the mysterious zombies...), how, you may ask, am I supposed to defend myself? Fear not, my friend! For you are not without wit and talent. The player is able to leap between levels of the scaffolding (this mechanic is unique and does take some getting used to), switch directions (no time to slow down or stop! No time, I say!), and place bombs with the spacebar. The bombs burn down their fuses for a short time before blowing up, destroying any evil businessmen in the vicinity (you are immune as the player). The gameplay is very fast-paced, and the first several times that I played it I died within mere seconds. The learning curve is actually very well set however, and I noticeably improved after each playthrough. I even managed to unlock one of the three unlockable characters! (This is a hard feat, as you will find once you begin playing. Which I do expect you to. Right now!)
The graphics are in a charming retro style, with satisfying explosions from the bombs and some nice particle effects for those who fly around on jetpacks. The music is also catchy, although the lack of variety tends to wear on you after extended play. I sometimes found myself going to the main menu just to take a break from the level music. This is definitely an area that could easily be improved on with the introduction of a few new songs. The sound effects are unobtrusive and fitting - and are also satisfying when the bombs explode. The sound effect for picking up vinyl records is also satisfying, and reminiscent of "Mario."
The greatest weakness of this game lies in its storyline, or lack thereof. On the one hand no story is explicitly explained to the player. On the other hand, the implicit story does not seem to be a very good one. From what I gather, I am playing as a character who is bombing businessmen... A terrorist? I am fed up with bureaucracy and so now I am murdering people who make a living by working in offices all day? Not the kind of game you would want children to be playing, and not a very good message to be sending if that is indeed the storyline. This could be fixed either by explicitly stating a better story, or by changing it altogether. Especially since this is exactly the kind of gameplay that would appeal to most children - fast, frantic action with fun music and graphics. This is definitely not a game-breaking fault, but it detracts from the fun of the game to be questioning what the point of it is. I still haven't figured out what the vinyl records have to do with anything!
The greatest strength of the game is the gameplay. It is very entertaining! It's fast-paced pick-up-and-play nature makes it a fun way to take a quick break from working on your next best-game-of-all-time and support a fellow game developer. Are you skeptical? Unsure? Doubtful that such a simple game could be fun?
Sssssssssssttttttttt... KABOOM!
Yes, that's right. I just blew up your skepticism! Now click this link and try out this great game by Flamefrog! I enjoyed it and recommend that you try it. And hang in there for at least five minutes - expect to be terrible for your first few playthroughs! Thank you for taking the time to read this review, and happy playing!