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About Me

Why, hello there. God knows why you visited this page, but I'll assume that you want to know something about me.

I started using GM when I was about 12, when I finally gave up on making crappy games on PowerPoint and went online to search for a "free game maker". Like most of you, I was directed at YoyoGames (back when they had the cool sandbox running perfectly and you could use the "play now" button.  those where the times).

I slowly taught myself programming using only the manual and an incredible amount of patience and errors. I have a good sense of logic so the way programming works and the way the computer analyzes data was almost natural to me. After using the GM 7 and 8 for five years or so, I finally got myself a credit card and bought Game maker 8.1 October 2012. Finally, I had the power to do anything I wanted, and no longer had to battle the evils of lite. Then, soon after I also got GM:S and the HTML export during the web-collection special. later on I got myself the master edition when it was on a sale that was too good to resist, it hasn't been topped yet, so I think I wasted my money well this time.

I started learning C# during the Spring  term 2013. Thanks to my former experience with GML, i quickly found that I could skip most of the chapters in the textbook, and needed only to learn the C# specifics of the text book. I completed each task after another and soon finished the entire course in little less then a month, while the rest of the class was still struggling with "Hello world." applications or programs that could convert C° to F°. I then moved ahead and also took programming 203 in the same semester, taking two final exams instead of the usual one. I passed both exams and took programming 113 (SQL and database programming) and the term after, the spring of 2014, I took programming 303 which was mostly just converting historic encoding methods into C# code. It wasn't the most entertaining thing I've ever done, but I passed it without much effort. university came along and I've now added C++ to my resumé with relative ease. 

I later taught myself the basics of PHP for a small experiment that involved establishing a secure, stable connection between GML and a SQL server I had access to. PHP acted as the bridge, translating the gml commands that I sent to the server into SQL, encoding the result and sending the data back to the game. it mostly works, so in the case I opt into paying for a website I'll at least be able to create my own highscore system. Along with that University has directly and indirectly been introducing me to Assembly, Java, Html, and a plethora of other languages that will only grow in numbers. 

I'm currently (Jan. 2016) studying theoretical computer science and function just fine in that line of education.


As of 19th of January 2016 I have complete, partial or growing knowledge and experience with the following programming languages:





basic (very basic) x86 assembly



The theme for my profile and avatar are (obviously) vikings, and it has no secret meaning or personal agenda: I just like vikings, and because I am of Icelandic linage, where the most recorded vikings have lived, It felt natural to dig back into the cultural treasure that I possess here at home.

I wasn't as active as I like here from '08 to '11 before returning but that has changed and I forced the forum to face the viking army as it stormed the forums and helped people solve programming problems, play forum games, participate in game jams, and grieve the loss of the ever popular topic: "count to 10.000." (R.I.P)

I'd like to thank everyone I met and interacted with on this forum while it was active, and anticipate with great delight our return to the next chapter of the Game Maker Community once the new forum has been built and established. It has been my delight to participate in the culture and events of the Gmc and I hope I'll be an active part of the new community. I've placed a link to my new profile here, come give us a visit! 


-Mr Magnus

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