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In Topic: 1.3 Early Access Makes Games Slow On Mobile (3/20)

Yesterday, 10:42 PM

Shoot :/ then I would assume its something specific with Adreno 203. As I mentioned earlier though, even after commenting out the code I didn't get an immediate FPS increase. Wasn't till I loaded up the project the next day that it seemed to be fine. However my devices had died and I had to recharge them so I'm suspecting.. if it's even possible.. that the old surface was kept in the VRAM of the device somehow? I dunno, just shooting in the dark at this point. I didn't make any code changes between the 2 days I tested.

In Topic: 1.3 Early Access Makes Games Slow On Mobile (3/20)

Yesterday, 10:04 PM

Tell us how you did the magic trick. My Adreno 203 can't handle a "game" that only has a 160*144 (original gameboy resolution) pink background. By "can't handle" I mean that the game doesn't has a stable 60 fps.


I just left the application_surface alone and didn't use any related code, but I'll post my Android settings:


Portrait only (idk if this affects anything)



Interpolate off

16 bit color depth

Only support GPU

Full scale for scaling, but my Windows' is "keep aspect ratio" if the bug that uses Window's scaling setting for Android's is still there.

1024x1024 texture pages


For room settings I have Draw Background Color off in backgrounds tab, and in views tab I have Clear Background and Clear Display Buffer off.


Hopefully these settings improve your game :/

In Topic: 1.3 Early Access Makes Games Slow On Mobile (3/20)

Yesterday, 09:42 PM

By having no application_surface code or resizing, my game runs at 58-60 FPS on my Xperia PLAY, which has an Adreno 205. Before this version it was 20-24. However, earlier I had tried doing some applciation_surface code and it plummeted back down to 30. Even after commenting out the code (as said earlier) it stayed low for some reason.. I just tried again today and it's back up to 60 with it all commented out. I'm going to do some playing around with it and see what happens. Debugger shows the surface size is width 480, height 854 (which is the size of the screen).

In Topic: My Games Run Super Slow The First Time I Run Them,

Yesterday, 07:45 PM

This may be a long shot, but my anti virus (Avast) slows down my games big time. I always have to disable it or switch it to "silent/gaming mode"

In Topic: Make Appdata Savename Different To Project Name?

19 April 2014 - 09:43 PM

Seems you've gotten the answers you're looking for but I would export your project as .gmz and then rename it to project_XX. That's what I do and it allows you to keep your project name. So I have a folder full of .gmz's with each version number that I can import to a new project if needed.