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In Topic: PupushEd - 3D editor

12 September 2014 - 02:28 AM

This looks really awesome! I'm thinking about buying it.


For those wondering how it works, here's a video of it from their blog (you should upload this to the asset listing BlueBurn)


https://www.youtube....h?v=FfugOlQKcFc (don't know/can't remember how to embed a YouTube video)


So it looks like there's a folder with rooms in it that is the editor. You move that folder to the top of the room resources list and run your game, which then runs the editor (so it's coded in GML/extensions). You make your 3D level then you close the runner, move the room that you edited with the 3D editor to the top and then run your game again. That's what I could gather from that video. It seems a little tedious, but at least it can be sold and downloaded in a Marketplace asset format.

In Topic: Please stop closing suggestion topics

02 September 2014 - 06:52 PM

I did not realize there was some history there. But just goes to show that, to someone who doesn't know what that history is, it can look quite bad. 


I don't care too much whether that "nope" answer got +whatever rep. Doesn't mean anything for what I was trying to say. I was pointing out the staff-to-user communication. I didn't mean to make a big deal about that specific post, I was just using it as an example of a poor/mocking response (I guess the way I presented it though was a bit "calling it out", for lack of a better term). But apparently there's history there, and while I still don't agree with the response, maybe it was a bad example.





Nope. It was a crutch that served to mask errors and poor coding practices.

I don't really see it as mocking it as a "stupid idea" nor really that "humiliating"; maybe except for implication that zbox has poor coding practices, which indeed is rather harsh, but, uh, rather true as well (and zbox didn't seem particularly friendly himself, from what I've seen of him O.o"). 


I was referring to this:



This suggestion has been denied as it is either impractical to add, or not part of the YYG vision for the product future, or it was a damn stupid idea when it was added to previous versions of GameMaker and it's a damn stupid idea now, which is why it was removed in the first place.


Basically I was trying to say that the responses can get really frustrating and unnecessarily off-putting. But he actually did give a solid explanation on why it won't be added so that is something I'd like to see more often.


Apologies Nocturne, I wasn't trying to make an example of you, I was trying to make an example of the response.

In Topic: Please stop closing suggestion topics

02 September 2014 - 06:20 PM

There definitely needs to be a change in the treatment of suggestion topics. I am completely discouraged to even use that part of the forum because there's a very solid chance I'll get an abrupt "no" with no real explanation or chance to better explain myself before it's closed (but this has already been discussed on the first page).


Also I just came across this suggestion. I agree that I don't think it's a very good suggestion at all, but really? The closing response humiliated the user by basically mocking it as a "stupid idea", then closing it and running off before he can reply (also did not seem like an "automated reply" to me). I think you're a great mod Nocturne, but you can't treat users like this if you want them to stay apart of the community.


I love the staff here but there's a few that sometimes cross the line in treating their community properly. There needs to be a less intimidating and more user-friendly approach or else nobody is going to use the forum; or might even stop using GM altogether if this isn't their only frustrating experience here.

In Topic: Does Spine work on OUYA? [Solved: It does!]

01 September 2014 - 05:08 PM

Download the Spine tutorial/demo from the demo feed and run it on an Android device (if it runs on an Android phone, it'll run on OUYA) or your OUYA if you have one. I believe I've ran it on my Android phone before.


(Spine also has a trial that comes with some Spine animations already exported for you to test with)

In Topic: Has Anyone Gotten The Android Debugger To Work?

01 September 2014 - 04:59 PM

Unfortunately I have not been able to figure this one out and as far as I know nobody has been able to find the fix for it. Staff has given advice on it in this thread but as you can see it wasn't really a solution. I have a feeling this is a bug with certain kinds of network hardware?


Edit: the exact same thing happens to me for iOS as well, so I know it's not a driver problem with Android. I can run my game over WiFi as well, so the phone and my laptop are definitely connecting.