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With() Statement Is Broken Now (With Example)

10 August 2013 - 07:03 PM



EDIT: This is fixed now. See Mike's post on page 2.




I noticed our game seems horribly broken after the last update and I was wondering what was up... it appears that a with() fails to run when an object ID is passed into it.


So this works:

o = instance_create(0, 0, object0);
with (o)
  //do stuff

But this doesn't work

//(Assume an instance of object0 already exists)
with (object0)
    //This SHOULD be executed with all instances of object0, but it doesnt.
    //do stuff

Example file: 


Koya Rift (commercial game!)

09 July 2011 - 04:38 PM

Hello GMC! Finally I'm ready to show you my commercial GM game that I've been developing for a year and a half.

The full version costs 7.99 USD, and I'd appreciate it if you can afford to support me. :)

Koya Rift is a procedurally generated ACTIONFEST.

You are part of a mercenary faction trying to clear a planet of hostile aliens so that you can colonize it and sell it to a government.

So... what do you do?
Each round of the game you are sent out to venture into the procedurally generated caves below to destroy all of the phantom crystals. After they are all destroyed, you win! The problem is that the crystals slowly grow and multiply over time and they are creating phantoms the entire time. These phantoms lead attacks on your base on the surface and (obviously) try to kill you along the way. You can buy and upgrade units to take with you or to have guard your base, and unlock new weapons and other upgrades during rounds to help you out.

Also, the difficulty level of the game precisely adjusts for every round that you beat, so it ensures you have a constant challenge later.

Long Description: http://sunnykatt.com/koya-rift/

Image that describes the game (not direclty in the post because it's big!) http://sunnykatt.fil...01/advert_1.png

Website: http://sunnykatt.com/

Desura Page (you can buy here as well): http://www.desura.com/games/koya-rift

And click HERE to buy the game from BMT Micro.

...and screenshots!

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image


YYG Link: http://sandbox.yoyog...-koya-rift-demo

Direct Link: http://www.mediafire...5h049d8x7e90zs0

Here is an blog post that has links to some reviews of the game, and my post-release impressions: http://code-drama.co...ssions-reviews/

Please at least try it out and comment, I've worked very hard on the game but I'm struggling to make it known to the internet!

Thanks, SunnyKatt

DirectInput Gamepads?

27 December 2010 - 01:58 AM

As far as I can recall, the logitech and other generic gamepads use directInput to work, and the built in joystick support for GM is utter junk. Does anyone know of a DLL that exists for DirectInput for gamepads? I was hoping I could save myself time and not have to program one myself. :|



Zekegames Looking For Pixel Artist

26 February 2010 - 07:09 PM


Hello everyone.

See the original devlog post about this topic at: http://blearekingdom...-artist-hiring/

This is SunnyKatt here, lead programmer and designer of ZekeGames.

After talking it over with the other team members, weíve decided that it would be best to look for a pixel (sprite) artist for Bleare Kingdoms.
A sprite artist would allow us to be much more efficient and save us time as we try to release Build 4 before the IGF 2011 deadline.
Anyone can apply, whether officially or unofficially. So here is a basic description of what is going on:

Job Description:

Team Pixel Artist. You will be making the pixel art for Bleare Kingdoms (and if you hang around long enough, possibly other games of ours).

This is an unpaid (volunteer) position. Because we are not (at least right now) selling any of our games and we are a hobbyist team, you will be a hobbyist pixel artist.

What is Bleare Kingdoms?

See description here: http://blearekingdom...leare-kingdoms/

Already existing team members
SunnyKatt - Programmer, Designer, Temporary Artist
Aeviaan - Designer, Content Producer
Richmo - Music Producer

Information, presented in Q&A form:

How much time to I have to devote to my team?

This is a hobbyist position, so you can do this in your free time or whenever. As long as we get the grapihcs we need for the next build, it doesnít really matter. You wonít have to sacrifice your other hobbies and you wonít have to waste all of your free time working on our team. However, if we need graphics from you badly, we would prefer you didnít hold us up.

How long will this position last for?

We would like to have you as long as we possibly could, but we understand that things come up in life and you may be forced to leave sometime down the road. We ask that you be sure you can at least be with us for a year or more. Youíre joining a team, not taking up some freelance position for a little flash game. :wacko:

Do I have to be a certain age or have experience?

We donít care about what age you are, as long as you are mature on the internet you are fine. As for experience, we donít require any. That doesnít mean you canít be good at what you do Ė youíre applying for an artist position, you had better be an artist. We will be looking through sample work of people that submitted to join so hopefully we can choose the level of skill we are aiming for.

What style will I have to work with and from what viewpoint?

We arenít going to try and force you to sprite within a pre-destined style entirely. Weíre going to be flexible on that, considering you are going to be the game artist. We are, however going to be specific about a few things.

1.) The art is going to be pixel art. Not photoshopped graphics and textures like in other games, this must be actual pixel art. You can use whatever program you want, mspaint works fine. Pillowshading is unacceptable.

2.) Weíre going for a simpler approach than what we had last build. If you arenít sure of what we mean, click on the download link to be taken to the buld 1 page. Notice how the grass has all kinds of weird specks and textures in it. Weíre cutting back on the number of decals alot, so we want a simple base color that is easy on the eyes for the grass, and a few grass decals spread out nicely.

3.) The view is overhead, or birds-eye-view, or topdown. Whatever you call it, the camera is directly above the view of everything in the game, so be prepared to draw from that angle. We need all samples of your work in this viewpoint, because some artists can be good at a platform view but really mess up when it comes to topdown.

What benefits will I get from joining you guys?

You are joining a team of talented people. We are not the team who makes a few games and are forgotten about, and we are not likely to drop a project. Our code is efficient, our organization is thought out, and our commitment and passion are in full force. We plan on entering Bleare Kingdoms into the IGF (Independant Games Festival) for the 2011 festival, and (hopefully) we can go down to GDC 11 to present the game and attend various IGF shows. You are not obligated to come at all, this is an option. We will be asking for blog and magazine reviews and interviews, and hopefully other outside sources will find us as we attract attention. If you are still in school and you do well here, a scholarship could be a possibility for you if you are lucky.

If we do end up deciding to sell BK, you will get a cut of the profits, so donít worry about that. Basically, popularity and the rewards of working on a prestigious project is what is headed your way. ^_^

Okay, Iím in. How do I apply?

This is going to be kinda informal. You can post here saying you are interested, Email SunnyKatt at SunnyKatt@live.com, or post in a relevant thread on other websites where we are announcing this. We may request examples from you or have you sprite some stuff for us so we can get a feel for how you work. We all look forward to working with you!

KEEP IN MIND: We may not choose anyone at all in the end if we are dissatisfied with the applicants we recieve. This is an idea we are playing with, and weíre pretty sure we will follow through. If we cannot seem to find the candidate we want, we wonít hire one at all. Just keep this in mind when applying please. :wacko:


Please email us at SunnyKatt@live.com with ANY questions or applications. Thanks for listening!

Bleare Kingdoms: Strategy Rpg

04 October 2009 - 10:41 PM

Hey guys - I'm in such a happy mood because I (finally!) finished the first public release build of an ambitious game I've been working on for some time now.



Game Website: Bleare Kingdoms: Official Devlog

This is a strategy RPG game - You have soldiers and you move them on your "turn", attack with them, etc.
It takes place in the medieval times, but in a fantasy setting (as we see in most games) with wizards and magical items etc.
The Strategy/RPG part is in the battle engine, after the battle is over, the game resumes in the world map, where you move your character/party. This is where the game gets more interesting: The game world will be self interactive, meaning that empires will really fight for control of the world, using their resources, plotting assassinations, etc. You are just dumped into the huge game world.

LONG DESCRIPTION: What is Bleare Kingdoms?

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Notice the unique move field concept.

The first build (which is free) contains ONLY THE BATTLE SYSTEM, and it will be missing *some* features.

The best part about this game:
It is easily moddable. All units, stats, armors, weapons, other items, houses, effects, battlefiels, are stored in easily editable .ini files inside of module folders that are easily switchable. You could change the whole game to some crazy zombie mod in only a few hours. This gives the mod community HUGE flexibility. We will have forums set up and have documentation available so modders can go at it with this very powerful and flexible engine.

Download here, guys!

Thanks for reading,