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Skinviewer - 3d Texture Painting Viewer

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mossy rock

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Posted 23 January 2005 - 07:51 PM

(Includes sample .obj and .bmp)

Check out Skinviewer, a tool I made to help in drawing textures for 3D models. It's basically a small watch window that stays on top of your graphics editing program, displaying on your 3D model the 2D texture you are editing. Anytime you press Ctrl+S, saving your image, it is updated in the watch window on your 3D model.

- Loads .obj files.
- Automatically updates the texture at intervals you set
- Select the specific model part (group) you wish to view, or view the entire model.
- Rotate and scale the model with arrows, or autorotate at constant rate you set

For those new to 3D modelling, I'll summarize briefly how I do it for free. There may be better free ways, but this is what I've come up with in the last 4 days, since I started doing it myself.
1) Build your wireframe in Anim8or (freeware).
2) Export it as a Wavefront file (.obj).
3) Import the .obj into UVMapper (freeware). This allows you to create a 2D map of the model's faces, and save it as a bitmap. It also rewrites your .obj file to match the new map, so be sure to export the new .obj file and use it from now on.
4) Run Skinviewer while using Paint or whatever to draw your textures onto the bitmap created by UVMapper.

Note-- if you look, you can find a free copy of Lithunwrap out there, which is a more high-end tool than UVMapper. I don't like it, though, because it requires conversion of all faces into triangles, which can double or triple the polygon count.

Best of luck,

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Posted 23 January 2005 - 07:52 PM

Maybe you can add this tool to the '3D Tools' pinned topic?
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