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Collision Mask In Script Collision From Calling Object

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Posted 29 March 2016 - 03:20 AM

Alright, hopefully this isn't overly confusing. I would like a way to use the regular sprite collision mask with code from the calling object and it must have some way of returning the colliding ID. So let's say I have a bullet that hits an enemy, I want the code that checks for the collision to be within the bullet and be called through a script, not using the built in collision event. I realize that the collision event is doing this already, but my problem there is that the event has some prebuilt special nuances like stopping moving solid objects. 


Anyways, I could use the collision_ellipse() function or any one other similar ones, but then the problem is that I have to manually draw out the collision box. This isn't a huge problem and it will probably be what I end up settling on if what I want to do isn't possible, but the biggest issue there is that there are tons of different masks sizes/shapes I will have to draw out with this basic geometry and it's just a bunch of unnecessary coding if I could just somehow use the sprite mask  :P

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