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Posted 26 March 2016 - 12:14 AM



I haven't touched any games let alone anything Game maker related in years, but I've never really been able to let go of the urge of creating my very own game. So I'll be back to it until the end of the summer - hopefully having made some major progress on the project I'm starting:





 >> Download the teaser <<



My goal is to unite the best out of 2 games I will never forget: EYE Cybermancy and the original Deus ex. Now these are already strongly related - but I want to take the absolute best aspects of both. Sacrificing the looks of the game for an extreme amount of content. I'll be trying to focus on the following aspects:


->Magic(cast by left hand), which I'll make incredibly customizable and synergize with the weapon in the primary slot(right hand)

->Relatively large world. I realize making a large world makes it exponentially more difficult to meet deadlines thus I'll try to limit this aspect somewhat

->Extremely strong sense of "having impact" to an extend of almost feeling like a god(Deus eh). Not going to spoil my plan entirely yet however

->Atmospheric dark/grim world

->Rich storyline

->Extremely interactable and plentiful NPCS

->No real "main" story, but rather a game that unfolds almost purely on the player's decisions


What do you guys think of the concept?

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Currently in an early alpha stage. Go to the thread!