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Jelly Killer [PC] [MAC] [LINUX]

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#1 Kashey immortal

Kashey immortal

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Posted 25 March 2016 - 09:53 AM


The Story
In 2784 after decades of zombie invasions the scientists finally discovered the so-called zombie-genome which is able to equip dead corpses different abilities.
Generally it manifested itself as recovery of motion functions and need for food.
But in some cases scientsits found out that the creatures had totally independent behavior and strong desire to control and destroy all species around for their personal purposes.
As soon as the military got informed of such qualities of zombie-genome, they immediately started to develop a new kind of biological weapon.
After many experiments they finally made the first prototype of a biological weapon which had its own mind and shapeless jelly-like body. It had an ability to take control of any living creature.
This weapon gave them an opportunityto resolve any conflict by force.
But one day there was an emergency. One of the labs in Colony No4 went out of power just for a few seconds. It was enough for the young bioweapon to feel free and escape.

In this game you will act like the young bioweapon. You will encounter lots of traps and puzzles. You will have to possess human bodies to pass the game to the end. Good luck!
In this game youll find: 
- good old platforms
- lots of action and tactics
- simple, exciting and original gameplay 
- 54 levels full of deadly traps 
- unique main character
- 5 characters for walking through a game 
- perfect pixel art style.

- steam achievements
- steam trading cards

Gamepad Support: Xbox 360, DualShock 4, or All XInput-compatible controllers.







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#2 Neon Jackal

Neon Jackal

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Posted 25 March 2016 - 06:44 PM

Some of those sprites look vaguely like sprites from Mercenary Kings.

I like the look of the gameplay, the possession looks like an interesting mechanic.

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