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why we kill slimes

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#1 tom31292


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Posted 24 March 2016 - 06:11 PM

A game Ive Been Working on for about a month (also the time ive been learning) code i kinda wanna get some opinions on it since im not sure if i should continue it or if the old art style works better than the new one or if its even a fun concept for a game at all realy im looking for all feedback


the game started life as something where you was a slime that used traps like bolders boxes and (to be implemented) to kill generic hero type charecters then that felt boring


so it became a game where you kill enemys and grow from absorbing them


then that became the health mechanique and it became a standard platformer


and now not too sure what to do figured id post it here since meh why not get some feedback

(ps i know sound is the biggest issue at the moment)



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#2 Durge


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Posted 25 March 2016 - 09:36 AM

I was pleasantly surprised by the game.  I like the idea of being able to change elements, and that the slime grows. (I don't know why the slime grows though). I would try to incorporate other stereotypes we have about "Slimes" and "Punies", as I've played lots and lots of RPG's. Some of the most slime prominent rpg's I've played are Dragon Quest, and Atelier Iris. I could see some comedy coming into play if you displayed RPG elements in this platformed world, for example, if you displayed the attack name over an enemies head when they attacked. (Slash) and (Miss) would be pretty hilarious. Also, when an enemy knight is killed by something, you could display (Game Over) above his head. 


One thing I didn't like was the climbing of the ladder. It was very strange to change from pressing space to jump, to holding up to climb the ladder. I would suggest finding a simpler or more comfortable method to do this. This game has definite promise, keep up the great work. 




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