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Should GameMaker go opensource?

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Posted 24 March 2016 - 05:03 AM

Going open source, can be said, is a current thread nowadays in the game engine business, almost all engines provide source code in some way, here a list:

  • Unreal engine(full open source)
  • Cryengine(full open source)
  • Godot(full open source)
  • Blender(full open source)
  • Lumberyard(full open source)
  • Cocos2D(full open source)
  • Monogame((full open source)
  • Libgdx(full open source)
  • Unity (UI modules are free open source, source available for purchase)
  • Ogre(full open source)

It could be said that GMS isnt on the same league as those engines, since its target audience could be closer to the likes of "easy engines" as rpg maker or construct, but that isnt quite truth, since GMS allows more complexity that those engines and has being used for a greater ammount of successful games. Yet, many "advanced" 2d game devs have discard it as an option since its a closed enviorenment and lacks scalibity for complexity, therefore going open source would be a deal breaker for grabbing the attention of those "serius" 2d game devs, that are currently looking forward to tools like godot, unity or monogame.
Benefits for going Open source

  • Community support, faster bug fixes and more features
  • Better support/Reliability.
  • Scability, more attractive to advanced users, without scaring novices.
  • Third Party software support
  • Larger companies could gain interest in working with GMS(profit)
  • More rentable for yoyo to maintain the engine (since the team working on gms is very small)


As for the current business model, yeah wouldn't make sense with open source, but something like a royalty model could work even better than the current model, -since it would be more attractive than the odd(for nowadays) current model (that could not work tought, because the economic state of Yoyo)-. It would be interesting having a discussion of why Yoyo could/or not could go open source because of business reasons.


Other alternatives to Open Source:
Paid Source
It would like how Unity model works , it isnt free open source, but they give you the option of buying the source.
Ide Source
If a full open source isn't a viable option, the IDE source only could grant great benefit, for example third parties like Toon Boom could make extensions for their software with ease, we could have many room editors thanks to community supports, -Parakeet is already taking this path, but it isn't the official IDE -.

Seem like that going for one of these alternatives would be better that how the things are currently, for both, YY profit and the community.


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Posted 24 March 2016 - 11:56 AM

It's presumptuous for us to suggest what YoYoGames should be doing with their own company -- especially a change that turns their entire business model upside down.   And besides, this Community has a dismal track record when it comes to intelligent discussion about YYG's policies.


If you want to discuss open-source software in general, you could make a topic in Off Topic.  But it's best to leave YoYoGames out of it.

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