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Multiplayer Game Design Timeline

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Posted 23 March 2016 - 09:46 AM

Hi all,



I'd like to brain storm a bit and see how people would approach this, It's something one can't just rush into..


So far what I've got is the following



Server starts(literally just accepts connections at this point)

Client starts(connects to server, nothing more)

Client chooses to either log in or register

Client chooses to register, chooses username and pass then sends it to the server for validation.

Server validates information, makes sure the username isn't taken, (more filters later), and then responds to the client, that they continue or retry.

If they retry then the room reloads, if not then the room changes to the next phase in creating their character.

Client chooses to login, player types in username and pass and same thing, server verifies and either lets them join or denies their request(they can retry).


If the players registration succeeds, default values are created and saved into their profile server side, they also create their character and that information is saved too. From there, I want a script to run that handles a few things, this script will have multiple scripts in it for different things.


The script runs when the player has registered, so acts as if they're logging in, and the script runs when they're logging in.


My game world loads on the client side, im thinking that the server will somehow create the game world, and then the player will somehow get the relevant game world information from the server, which can be a script within the main script ? and is updated when ever a new room is entered ? perhaps another that isn't run at the time, for when a player is leaving a room.

It seems pretty complicated.


I kind of regret having coded my game for single player where everything's going to change because things are no longer just happening single player, like everythings there and loads and unloads locally but now the client needs to get current game world information from the server and constantly update.


So what I'm looking for is someone that can basically write a timeline of start to maybe end, like think/write out the different scenarios and how they'll be handled in terms of communication between clients and the server.



As you can see i've got it somewhere, but when I get back to coding I've got to go and erase precious code that consumed much time, and replace it with new code..


One thing I cant grasp is having the server create the world, gives instances positions.. I haven't got the words to describe the scenario yet.

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Good bye, Farewell GMC! :D

See you all in the next TIER!