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How to give Sense of Progression in a procedural generated game?


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#1 Karurosu


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Posted 08 March 2016 - 12:29 AM

Hi guys , I'm developing a procedurally generated top down. My biggest concern right now , is the problem of how to communicate the player a sense of progress. I mean, I pretend that each world that the game creates, be able to communicate on the path the player will have to do to beat the game, for example in Doko Roko each world is a different tower, you beat the game by reaching  the top of the tower;  in Children of Morta, in each world history goes as how the player interacts with his family, that ends up defining the different stages of the game ; and in Downwell, the player simply falls into the depths of the game in search of rescue your cat -that is at the bottom-.

So I'm looking for references / ideas of this kind that could be integrated into my game. I am very interested in communicating progress through level structure, but since is a top down,the answer does not come obvious (in a sidescroller you can  go down/ up... but in a top down?)



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Posted 08 March 2016 - 12:46 AM

This is hard with top down random generation becuse its always differant and there isnt a set direction. So you have to ask yourself, what is the end goal of the game? How will the player get to this end goal? And what progress can i actually measure? Basiclly how do you know when the player has "beaten the game"? Is there a final boss at the end you must defeate? then maybe there are mini bosses in between that you defeate along the way each marking a point in the game. Well maybe you are doing a game where you have to build things in order to survive then who knows maybe you have to gather plans to build each thing before you can build it then maybe make progress for how many plans you have created. Hopefully this helps if you still cant think of any ideas then tell me what the goal of the game is answer some of the questions and we can elaborate more together. 


Hope this helped  :sorcerer:

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Posted 11 March 2016 - 05:09 AM

Any of the diablo games. I like 1 as an example, since you start in a monestary and start getting deeper and deeper until you're finally in hell.
They mostly do it thematically by changeing the appearance of the levels once you get through to a certain level. With this comes new enemies n stuff also.
Just change the theme of the levels, or add new elements to the random generation, such as now your this far, we create traps or new enemy types.
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Posted 14 March 2016 - 10:14 PM

Just change the theme of the levels, or add new elements to the random generation, such as now your this far, we create traps or new enemy types.

This is probably the best approach to give a sense of progression. eg Start out in grassy plains, eventually end up in hell and then have to fight your way up to the mountains or something. I like that idea actually, having to traverse through old stomping grounds that were overrun with enemies while you were in hell. Just a thought.

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