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Labo : save the rats !

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#1 Elgarion


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Posted 27 February 2016 - 04:39 PM

"Take control of two lab rats… and save them !"
(Action & puzzle on PC)



Download link (free, or pay me a beer if you liked it) :




In Labo, the player controls two rats simultaneously. What’s your goal ? Get them out of the maze before the timer reaches the fateful 0. What’s the danger ? Relentless mechanic foes, aggressive spiders, doors, electric barriers, spikes, buzzsaws…


What’s the catch ? You will have to handle both rats simultaneously, whether with your keyboard or your gamepad, in order to make them both reach the finish line without harm. But each rat has its specificities ! One is lithe and fast, can outrun his enemies and protect the other, who is bigger and slower, but capable of triggering mechanisms thanks to its weight.


So it’s a permanent cooperation you’ll have to reach between the two rats, mixed with good coordination in order to control them together, all for an adventure stretching on more than a hundred levels, solo or multiplayer.


Indeed, to spice things up, why not play with another player on the same screen ? Plug a second gamepad, or share the keyboard, and the coop and versus modes await ! Four rats on screen (two per player) means even more challenges, mechanisms, enemies…



sElw5y.png  ODXHmC.png


Some videos :




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#2 Funkey


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Posted 14 March 2016 - 11:39 PM

This game looks really good, I'm surprised it hasn't garnered any replies even for the short time it's been up. Perhaps try to add in a multiplayer mode that isn't on the same network, where you have to complete the areas the quickest or something, but this is an obvious suggestion. Looks very appealing and I'll have to try it out when I get back onto my computer.
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#3 Jamish


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Posted 19 March 2016 - 08:26 AM


  1. Fun and intuitive
  2. Pretty interesting levels
  3. Really attractive menus!


  1. It's disorienting when the mice start on opposite sides of the screen, so the mouse on the right is controlled by Left-stick and vice-versa for the mouse on the left half of the screen. I know it's always the same mouse controlled by the same stick, but I wonder if you could do some kind of zoom-and-rotate animation, or split-screen-zoom-out effect at the start of each level just to orient the new player (or maybe something like Nintendo Land Sweet Day, which rotates the camera so the left player is always on the left side of the screen https://www.youtube....?v=OlaKJs9AsIw)
  2. Please add analog support rather than limiting it to 8 directions :)
  3. I was initially confused about the heart box dog things. I guess they just follow you and might block your progress?

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