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Rain Dance v1.2

2d windows arcade

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#1 Chase of Bass

Chase of Bass

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Posted 17 February 2016 - 03:41 AM

Hello, I would like to introduce Rain Dance.  It's a weird little experimental game I did as a contest entry for that gm/windows phone contest about 3 years ago.  It's not amazing or anything - but was trying something new and a little different.
It's kind of a mix of a simple casual/arcade game with and a strategy game in the placement of land on the map section to increase score.
Honestly, I'm not super proud of it but it came out okay.  It was a fun project.  Failed abysmally on windows phone and then it sat on my computer collecting dust for a while so I decided to update it a bit and re-release it for pc. 
Hope ya enjoy!
Map: Basically you pick a spot on the island, and choose to build a house, farm, or forest.  They may boost the score and pass bonuses to each other depending on their placement.
Building Forests and Farms takes you to the main game -which is kind of a mini game -that you can extend with power ups.
Building Houses is a mini game that requires one cake and one hammer to play -both of which are earned from building farms and forests.
In Nature/Farm mode you send a balloon into the air to catch rain clouds, while avoiding obstacles to avoid popping your balloon.  When you run out of fuel or pop your balloon then your clouds turn to rain and grow the land -which reflects your score.
In House building mode, you choose hammer or cake and give the builders what they want and rack up combos.  House building mode only needs to happen occasionally to beat the map score -one or two strategically placed houses can pass bonuses and receive bonuses from well placed farms and forests.
Beating the score for the map unlocks new maps.
Going to the raft shop allows you to upgrade your balloon and house building bonuses to rack up serious points, earn more money, and unlock bonus levels as well.
It's pretty easy to control since it's all done with the left mouse button -although, admittedly my in game tutorials kinda suck.  Maybe I will improve them sometime.  You can press the question mark or the gears in the upper right hand corner of the screen to access them.

More screenshots available on the Rain Dance GameJolt Page or at my website.
You can download the full game for free at gamejolt here.



Thanks for checking out my game -feed back welcome and appreciated!

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#2 ExtremeSpace


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Posted 17 February 2016 - 12:22 PM

Great game man!

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