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Blend modes on Android


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Posted 02 February 2016 - 07:29 PM

I have a question about the use of extended blend modes on Android.


The Gamemaker manual states the following on the compatibility of blend modes on Android.


WARNING!: Not all blend modes are available on all platforms. Android, Tizen, iOS, and HTML5 without WebGL enabled will not be able to display the following modes correctly:

  • bm_src_colour
  • bm_inv_src_colour
  • bm_dest_colour
  • bm_inv_dest_colour
  • bm_src_alpha_sat



I have used the extended blend modes visualization from Phantom107 to compare the differences between the Windows version, which support all extended blend modes, and the Android version. The image in the spoiler below shows the differences between the two, with the Android version on the right. It is clearly visible that the blend modes of column 9, 10 and 11 and row 3 and 4 (corresponding to respectively bm_dest_colour, bm_inv_dest_colour and bm_src_alpha_sat as destination factor and bm_src_colour and bm_inv_src_colour as source factor), don't display correctly. However, column 3 and 4 and row 9, 10 and 11, do display correctly as far as I can see. Therefore the following questions:

  • Is Android capable of displaying these blend modes correctly (bm_src_colour, bm_inv_src_colour as the destination factor and bm_dest_colour, bm_inv_dest_colour and bm_src_alpha_sat as source factor)?
  • How is it possible that image_blend and similar functions/variables work on every platform, as they use colour blending?



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