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#1 dadio


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Posted 20 January 2016 - 09:01 AM



Ok folks!

GMC Jam NewsFlash!!!





So be sure to get those votes in & remember that *this time* the rules about having to vote to win prizes are in effect.

(If you don't vote, you can't win).




Welcome to the official GMC Jam 21 Voting Topic!




This topic is where you can post your reviews and final votes in the GMCJam.

The rules, as always, are listed below for those new members that are participating for the first time and we recommend that you read them before making any posts.



Jam ZIP is here!

courtesy of Alice, hosted by HayMan


Voting Template
You don't have to use this, but it makes my life a lot easier if you do, so please consider adding the following template to your post, even if you wish to add mini-reviews and images for your chosen games.



My votes go to


1st Place - name of the game - author
2nd Place - name of the game - author
3rd Place - name of the game - author


Best Use Of Theme - author

Best Use of Handicap - author




Voting Rules
You may vote for as many (or as few) games as you wish in order of preference, with 1 being the winner and all subsequent games being runners up, but please vote for at least three! The zip file that is created for the Jam comes with a game "randomiser" so that the order you play the games in does not depend on their title or creator, so we ask that you please use it!

Apart from the voting you are encouraged to post a mini-review of the winning game (and any others you feel deserve it) explaining what you liked/disliked and why you think it deserves to win... Remember, this is a Community Jam and so feedback from the community is all important! We want to know what you think! Apart from that there are a few more rules to stick to...


Voting will last at least 3 weeks!

Results will be posted next month on the *new* GMC forums!

This time, *if you want to place* - you *have to* vote!


Please post your votes FIRST, before any other text or images, and preferably using the above template.
Only ONE post per person (this is flexible but you MUST PM me for permission first). Any further conversation about a given game can be held in the Jam topic or in the topic of the game itself (if it has one). Any posts breaking this rule will be removed.
Your top three games MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A SHORT REVIEW and posts with no reviews of at least the top three games will be considered at the time of counting.
If you are reviewing the games over the course of the voting period, use the button to add to your post, rather than post twice.Constructive criticism is fine, but comments like "This game sucks" will not be tolerated... so think before commenting! If your reviews are extensive or use images, please encase them in [spoiler] tags.
Please vote for at least YOUR TOP THREE GAMES, although you can vote for as many as you like (and every vote DOES count!).

NO talk of cheating in the Jam topics please. If anyone has any doubts about a post or a vote, then please REPORT the post or PM me with your thoughts and action will be taken accordingly.
For all votes, including the Best Ofs, be sure to include BOTH the game name AND the author name.
So that's it I think... Take your time to play as many games as possible, but don't feel pressured to play them all, and we shall see you all here again at result time to see who has the honour of being the Jam winner this time around!

Good luck to everybody and thank you all so much for participating in this most DocNogloffic of occasions! :)


Note that when these forums do eventually go down... you can continue your reviews/votes *here*...


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#2 Lindion45


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Posted 20 January 2016 - 10:13 AM

My reviews are brutally honest and critical, targeting mainly the negative! 
If you're likely to be offended by something bad about your game Do NOT read any further!!! You've been warned!!



Fun fact!
Games are rated in categories, plus a bonus. Pros and cons don't affect anything. 
The chances are, the more cons you have, the more I played your game, as there was more content for me to complain about!





1. There was a slug rebellion (80%)



2. Dungeon Party (76%)




3. DadioMadeMeMakeThisGame  (70%)


Slavelings (51%) 




A King's Atonement (50%)



6500 ft (45%) 



Mr Pilgrim (44%)

LilDudes ( 42%)





Daydeer Nightdeer (26%)



Donut Factory (20%)

Daze (19%)


Aztec laugh off (14%)




Unicorns vs Sharks (12%)






Top secret, do not open:


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#3 Mocgames998


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Posted 20 January 2016 - 02:33 PM

Obligatory Voting Post. (Taken from the Jamergency topic :ph34r:)
Da gamz: (All 42 41 40 of them: (Reviews listed in order of game played) Windows will also be "protecting my PC" from all these games isn't it?
These games will get "attention stars," (*, 1-10) depending on whether or not I like the game.
There will also be honorable mentions, and the "TopTurdTrophy," indicating the worst of the joke games, but somehow the most memorable.
Parentheses over the entire name + developer means I was too lazy to retype game name and creator(s). But not anymore.



-Everyone listed above except Revamped (They already got something above) gets this: (Congratonz. :lol: :lol: :lol:  )
I guess you could copy the text, and print it, use it as a wallpaper, a trophy, a towel, a tattoo, or whatever you think of.

-----Reviews of all the games in Da Zip:

#1-15, except #9 (mine): (Done)

-Dan's Narcissistic Adventure in Jam Land by GameDevDan
-Noctia the Night Witch by Floofpaws
-Slavelings by Nallebeorn
*Honorable mention: Hurry Fastly! by AimkidProductions.
*TopTurdTrophy: dadiomadememakethisgame by Teroil (floofpaw's other entry would have been here, but Noctia the Night Witch prevents that...)


#16-30: (Done)

-One Killer Vacation by TehPilot
-KABOOM by Venemous
-Tomb - Raider by The M
*Honorable mention: The Adventure of Dying by ghandpivot
*TopTurdTrophy: the weraxolotl and the sun cycle freeze by brainstorm (Maybe, but there wasn't really anything bad in this batch)


#31-41: (Done)

-Dungeon Party by Revamped
-Aztec Sacrificial Joke-Off by mr magnus
-CLOWN around the CLOCK by Yal
-There Was a Slugmen Rebellion by aamatniekss
*Honorable mention: Nocturnis Gressus by Alphish Games
*TopTurdTrophy: Klik da Klown by dadio (what else!)


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It looks like I can finally put something here, before the GMC goes down:


#4 Xor



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Posted 20 January 2016 - 03:22 PM

Votes for the games I played:
1. There Was a Slugmen Rebellion by aamatniekss [84/100]
2. Metal Slug, Literally by kepons [76/100]
3. Day Deer Night Deer by Forester & Ninety [72/100]


Quick reviews [3/10]:

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I'm on Twitter as of March 2016 (@XorDev).

#5 aamatniekss


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Posted 20 January 2016 - 04:54 PM

  1. Kaboom By Venomous
  2. 6500Ft by nvrogers
  3. Rough Tides by DocNogloff
  4. Tomb Raider by The M
  5. The Adventure of Dying by ghandpivot
  6. CLOWN around the CLOCK by Yal
  7. Dungeon Party By Revamped
  8. Knight Cycle by Lindion45
  9. Daze by trg601 and moon489
  10. Metal Slug, Literally by Kepons
  11. Nocturnis Gressus by Alphish Games
  12. D.N.A.I.J.L by GameDevDan
  13. Meat Quest by Otyugra
  14. Crab Islands by Xor
  15. Slavelings by Nallebeorn
  16. Day Deer Night Deer by Forester & Ninety
  17. One Killer Vacation by TehPilot
  18. Chasing Night by TerraFriedSheep
  19. Bazombie by turpeluren
  20. Noctia The Night Witch By Floofpaws
  21. Guardian of Tomorrow by Team SpeedHayWeaver
  22. Clewninck Darkness by Misu & Leafen
  23. Donut Factory by RekNepZ & Snail_Man
  24. Mr Pilgrim by shadow gamer & co
  25. A King's Attonement by MadeByJawns
  26. Lay Off the Limbs by Sezri
  27. Aztec Sacrificial Joke-Off by mr magnus
  28. LilDudes by hippyman
  29. Neverending Nightmare by LordDestroyer
  30. The Temple of Lives by Nexusrex
  31. Kill the Clowns by ericbomb988878 and ZiggyZero
  32. Atom Danmaku by Mocgames998
  33. T.W.A.T.D.C.F by brainstorm
  34. Ninja Fight M.S.U.Ed. 2016 by Goibatty
  35. UNI vs SHARK by kiesenverseist
  36. Super Reimu Extreem DELUX by Floofpaws
  37. Hurry Fastly! by AimkidProductions
  38. dadiomadememakethisgame by Teroil
  39. Klik Da Klown! by dadio
  40. Maze of the Moon by Mercerenies

Best Use Of Theme - Rough Tides By DocNogloff

Best Use of Handicap - The Adventure of Dying by ghandpivot


Reviews 40/40 (DONE!)

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There was a Caveman - Out on Steam!     Bacon Rebellion - Greenlit on Steam!
           ThiYB99.gif                                 1ZHNWVC.gif
                                                  Twitter - @Namatnieks

#6 The M

The M

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Posted 20 January 2016 - 06:55 PM

My votes goes to:


1. KABOOM - Venomous

2. The Adventure of Dying - ghandpivot

3. 6500 Ft - by nvrogers



Best use of Theme - TehPilot

Best use of Handicap - ghandpivot

Best use of Gift - turpeluren 

Best Presentation - Revamped 

Best Concept - Floofpaws 

Best Story - nvrogers


About reviews:




[41/41 All done!]


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#7 Misu



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Posted 20 January 2016 - 07:12 PM



I will be reviewing and scoring every single game I can, each game will be reviewed with my honesty and brutality. Scoring will range from 0 to 50 base on 5 categories.


Your reviews will be stored in a virtual journal book. Click below to see!

View journal

Attention! This runs on HTML5 with WebGL. If your computer cannot view this, please let me know. 


I will be on discord chat, reviewing your games on voice channel but at unexpected moments. If you want to discuss with me personally about your game or hear me suffer from playing jam entries, please do not hesitate to join the chat. ;)


Here are my votes:


1st place - Dungeon Party by Revamped

2nd place - KABOOM by Venomous

3rd place - Nocturnis Gressus by Alphish Games



Best Use Of Theme - Nocturnis Gressus by Alphish Games
Best Use of Handicap - dadiomadememakethisgame by Teroil


Here are the scores:



ALL REVIEWS ARE MADE and VOTED! Good job everyone!:D

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#8 Nexusrex



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Posted 20 January 2016 - 08:42 PM

My votingz!!!

My votes goes to:

1-One Killer Vacation by TehPilot
2-Dungeon Party by Revamped
3-There was a Slugmen Rebellion by aamatniekss

Best use of theme (Day/night): There was a Slugmen Rebellion by aamatniekss
Best use of theme (Sacrifice): One Killer Vacation by TehPilot



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#9 Otyugra


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Posted 20 January 2016 - 10:01 PM

Otyugra's Votes: (Likely to change)
....//(1)\\............ Metal Slugs - Kepons
...//-(2)-\\...........Atom Danmaku - Mocgames998
..//--(3)--\\........Aztec Joke-Off - mr magnus
.//---(4)---\\........... Bazombies - turpeluren
Other Votes: 
{[_Otyugra's Long Reviews:_]}
(I am well known for having thought-out, detailed, long reviews that neither sugarcoat nor show disrespect. If you want to know the final score, add it up yourself. I do not see the final score as the most important part of the review, and you shouldn't either.)
Metal Slugs, by Kepons
~ ~ ~
{[_Otyugra's Shorter Reviews:_]}
Bazombies, by turpeluren
Aztec Joke-Off, by mr magnus
Atom Danmaku, by Mocgames998

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r7sNbRa.png  (Nitemare38 = Otyugra)


Two and a half years of game development taught me the joy of making something unique and unconventional. It is not good enough to make a game fun when there are way too many other freeware games that make fun their selling point.

#10 TerraFriedSheep


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Posted 20 January 2016 - 10:08 PM

ZIP downloaded... I'm randomising the folders and will post feedback here/on the Jamergency site as and when I do 'em :)




There Was A Slugmen Rebellion by aamatniekss

Guardian of Tomorrow by Team SpeedHayWeaver

Metal Slug, Literally by kepons

The Temple of Lives by Nexusrex

Crab Islands by Xor

Hurry Fastly! by AimKidProductions




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#11 nvrogers


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Posted 20 January 2016 - 11:58 PM

Nvrogers' Forum Swallowing Reviews


1st Place - Meat Quest - Otyugra

2nd Place - The Adventure of Dying - Ghandpivot

3rd Place - One Killer Vacation - TehPilot



Complete Votes



Best Use of DAY AND NIGHT: Rough Tides - DocNogloff

Best Use of SACRIFICE: Slavlings - Nallebeorn

Best Use of Handicap: Meat Quest - Otyugra

Best Use of Gifts: Tomb-Raider - The M

Best Presentation: KnightCycle - Lindion45

Best Concept: One Killer Vacation - TehPilot

Best Story: Meat Quest - Otyugra


Random Nvrogers Awards (I am literally just making these up as I go along)



How I do things:




Reviews: DONE!!!!

Google doc with my reviews (give it a minute or two to load.):


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I work on games sometimes.


Hello. It seems the forum has been sucked into the abyss. What fun!


#12 Revamped


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Posted 21 January 2016 - 12:31 AM

I'll try to make a text review of every game and also a video playthrough (with no voice, as I'm spanish and no one would understand me :'D). The points will be splitted in these categories and a max score of 10 points.



Graphics (2 points)

Audio (2 points)

Coding (2 points)

Theme (2 points)

Handicap (2 points)

Extra points (2 points): This will be given if the game has something that caught my attention.


REVIEWS (11/idk)



Can't finish the reviews :( so I'll rush my top:

Top 1: Slavelings

Top 2: KnightCycle

Top 3: One Killer Vacation by TehPilot

Best use of Theme: Slavelings

Best use of Handicap: The Adventure of Dying

Best use of Gift: -

Best Presentation: There Was a Slugmen Rebellion

Best Concept: KnightCycle

Best Story: -


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#13 trg601


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Posted 21 January 2016 - 04:54 PM

The votes are IN! Here are the highest scores:

1. One Killer Vacation by TehPilot
2. KABOOM by Venomous
3. Slugmen Rebellion by aamatniekss
Rest of votes:



Other awards:

Best use theme goes to: Nallebeorn with their game, Slavelings.

Best use of handicap goes to: Mr Magnus with their game, Aztec Sacrificial Joke Off.

Best use of hypeword (gift) goes to: Hippyman, with their game, LilDudes.

Best presentation goes to: Venomous with their game, KABOOM.

Best story goes to: Otyugra with their game, Meat Quest.

And finally, the award for best concept goes to: MadeByJawns with their game, A king's atonement.

Play-through/Review videos:
Note on videos: In the descriptions there will be links to when each individual game shows up in the video.
I totally messed up the quality on the first 4 sets too, very very sorry about that! Youtube Playlist

Individual Videos with game names:
Set 1: The Adventure of dying, Noctia the night witch, 6500 ft, Aztec Sacrificial Joke-Off, Mr. Pilgrim.
Set 2:  Tomb Raider, Neverending Nightmare, Dungeon Party, LilDudes, Chasing Night.
Set 3: Slavelings, Lay Off The Limbs, Clewninck Darkness, Metal Slug. Literally, Guardian of Tomorrow.
Set 4: Knight Cycle, Day Deer Night Deer, Crab Islands, Bazombie, The Temple of Lives. 
Set 5: UNI vs SHARK, One Killer Vacation, Meat Quest, CLOWN around the CLOCK, Rough tides.
Set 6: There was a slugmen rebellion, Hurry Fastly, Kill the Clowns, Ninja Fight, Klik da Clown.
Set 7: Nocturnis Gressus, Maze of the moon, A king's atonement, D.N.A.I.J.L., Donut Factory. 
Set 8: dadiomadememakethisgame, super reimu extreem DELUX, Atom Danmaku, T.W.A.T.D.C.F, Kaboom.

Post on the teamfinder forum

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Because of the forum being archived, the above post is probably pretty old and may not reflect my current opinion.
If you want to find some of my games go to: Mutantbrain

#14 turpeluren


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Posted 21 January 2016 - 05:05 PM

Ok I played through all games and here are my favorites.



1st Place - The Adventure of Dying - ghandpivot
2nd Place - T.W.A.T.D.C.F - brainstorm
3rd Place - There Was a Slugmen Rebellion - aamatniekss

4th Place - Jam Land / D.N.A.I.J.L - GameDevDan

5th Place - KABOOM - Venomous

6th Place - Day Deer Night Deer - Forester & Ninety


Best Use Of Theme - Nallebeorn

Best Use of Handicap - brainstorm




Reviews on the above games


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#15 Floofpaws



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Posted 22 January 2016 - 07:12 AM

Ranking by score [4/40]

Category Score breakdown of each game [4/40]

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#16 Goinbatty


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Posted 23 January 2016 - 05:05 PM

Votes go here eventually


1st Place: KABOOM by Venomous

2nd Place: There Was a Slugmen Rebellion by aamatniekss

3rd Place: CLOWN around the CLOCK by Yal





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#17 Nallebeorn


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Posted 24 January 2016 - 01:13 PM

L E T ' S   R E V I E W ! !


Here are THE VOTES,





& there are also... THE AWARDS!

Best use of THEME: Tomb - Raider – ghandpivot

Best use of HANDICAP: Nocturnis Gressus – Alphish Games

Best use of GIFTS: Tomb - Raider – ghandpivot


Best CONCEPT: Dungeon Party – Revamped

Best STORY: Dazetrg601 & moon489


The REVIEWS are below,

hiding behind the spoiler,

MANY OF THEM ARE PRETTY RUSHED and I didn't have time to review all games because I'm lazy

Sorry. (about that)


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#18 ghandpivot


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Posted 24 January 2016 - 03:05 PM


1. Kaboom by Venomous (A technical achievement that stands out from the crowd for being a complex, solid 3D game without all the bugs and mess that usually comes with 3D games made in GM Studio.)

2. Dungeon party by Revamped (A really cool follower system and an interesting game, although you've seen most of what it has to offer fairly quickly. Highly intelligent AI and fun use of the theme.

3. There was a slugmen rebellion by aamatniekss (A real good looker, solid in every way and gets most of the things it tries to do just right. Lacks a point though.)

4. Tomb - Raider by TheM (A solid platformer with lots of variation, easter eggs, different endings and choices etc. More intelligent than it looks.)

5. Slavelings by Nallebeorn (Interesting mechanics, solid in general without all that many bugs, cute animation and clear use of the theme. Slightly annoying backgrounds and a bit slow though.)


6. The rest of the games!


Best use of Theme - Tomb - Raider by TheM (sacrifice is truly part of the gameplay)
Best use of Handicap - Tomb - Raider by TheM (made me laugh out loud once, thats hard)
Best Presentation - Kaboom by Venomous (looks great, introduces you to the game nicely)
Best Concept - Dungeon party by Revamped (sacrifice an army to get a competent soldier or not?)



I'm playing through all the games, and the ones which work in windowed mode and are serious titles will get some sort of video playthrough/review thingy.


Here are my "reviews", all games have been played, only serious titles that work in windowed mode have been recorded!

(If I skipped making a video for your game then feel free to ask why, some videos have 2 games in the same upload.)


Beware of slow English and really tired/stupid playthroughs as I do most of them when I finally have some time off from university. Sometimes I get stuck on places where there isn't even a puzzle, and sometimes I don't even get how to play the game in the first place. I'm the ultimate playtester, if the game works for me then it's a solid piece of work.


I'm very upfront and I'll give you my first impressions of every title the second it pops into my head without filtering, so be warned.

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4th place with "I do remember".

4th place with "God's Laboratory"

6th place with "Charlie's Spiritual Adventure"


#19 MadeByJawns


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Posted 24 January 2016 - 06:20 PM


Please remember: anything I have written is my own opinion and I don't mean to offend anyone, you are welcome to message me if you disagree with anything.



_______ \o/ OFFICIAL VOTES \o/ _______


1. KABOOM by Venomous

2. Dungeon Party by Revamped
3. There Was a Slugmen Rebellion by aamatniekss
4. CLOWN around the CLOCK by Yal
5. Chasing Night by TerraFriedSheep
6. Tomb - Raider by The M

7. Slavelings by Nallebeorn

8. Rough Tides by DocNogloff
9. Nocturnis Gressus by Alphish Games

10. The Adventure of Dying by ghandpivot

11. One Killer Vacation by TehPilot

12. Metal Slug, Literally by kepons

13. D.N.A.I.J.L. by GameDevDan
14. Aztec Sacrificial Joke-Off by mr magnus
15. Knight Cycle by Lindion45




Official GMCJAM Award Votes



JAWNS Awards -




Copying nvrogers and hosting on google docs as my post goes over word count: https://docs.google....dit?usp=sharing

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^ The First Game I Ever Released! It's Not Good But I Just Wanted To Learn A Bit About Android :] ^

#20 hippyman


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Posted 25 January 2016 - 02:02 PM

My votes will be simple and possibly harsh as I tend to just say the first thing that comes to my mind. An honest opinion is not always a pleasant opinion. Please let me know if I've offended you and we'll work out an understanding.  Also I'd like to note that I have never really cared about the use of theme and stuff like that. I just vote off of graphics, gameplay and then I may put some other notes.
I decided this time around that I will release all of my reviews at the same time as to build suspense. But I will tell you how many reviews are done so far.
8 out of 41 reviews completed.
Top 3
Game Reviews

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HM Audio Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/hm-audio

#21 Venomous


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Posted 28 January 2016 - 03:54 AM

My Votes:


1. There Was a Slugmen Rebellion by aamatnieks

Good presentation, fun survival mechanics, and beautiful pixel art. The day and night theme is used reasonably well. This is a very well polished game overall.


2. The Adventure of Dying by ghandpivot

This game made me laugh, so that deserves some kudos. The boss fights were a bit bland, but the game makes up for that with all the funny remarks along the way.


3. Neverending Nightmare by LordDestroyer

This game has a simple concept, but is strangely addicting and ridiculously difficult.




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#22 Alice


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Posted 31 January 2016 - 10:44 PM

~ Winners ~
(no, I'm not posting the complete results... yet)

First off, let's remember that everyone is a winner!
With that out of the way...

1st: KABOOM by Venomous
2nd: One Killer Vacation by TehPilot
3rd: Tomb: Raider by The M

Best use of DAY AND NIGHT: Rough Tides by DocNogloff
Best use of SACRIFICE: One Killer Vacation by TehPilot
Best use of Handicap: The Adventure of Dying by ghandpivot

Best use of Gift: Tomb: Raider by The M
Best Presentation: KABOOM by Venomous
Best Concept: Rough Tides by DocNogloff
Best Story: 6500 Ft. by nvrogers

Full ranking



Just a general remark: these reviews aren't meant to be particularly deep, nor do they try to describe the game from every possible angle. I don't have a checklist with a bunch of rating criteria, such as "Graphics", "Audio", "Story" etc. Instead, I just go through each game and try to describe what I find the most memorable or noteworthy about it.

It's intentional - I feel focusing on the aforementioned criteria would just drift my attention away from what really made the biggest impression on me, positive or negative. And I think that the most useful feedback is the one which underlines the most memorable aspects. Say, for example, that there are two games that have glitchy gameplay and neat graphics. If I were to go by checklist, I'd just say "gameplay - glitchy; graphics - nice", in both cases. However, if I instead focus on what really sticks to my mind, then it might turn out in one game gameplay is so bad that it dominates over good impression of the graphics, and in the other it's graphics that that make glitchy-but-not-too-much gameplay pale in comparison. And really, if I have to double-check your game to notice that graphics are neat, then they are probably not that exceptional.

The only exception are theme and handicap - I mention them as separate categories, because if someone makes better graphics, mechanics or story, it's purely to improve the game. However, following the specific theme and handicap doesn't necessarily make the game better (as a game) than those that ignore it. Thus, to appreciate the efforts of working within specific limits, I'll generally add a few imaginary points for taking that challenge, especially if it's something particularly creative.

The reviews are listed in alphabetic order, with initial articles moved to the end (so "The Greatest Jam Game Ever" would be ordered and listed as "Greatest Jam Game Ever, The"). All entries are included. Might contain some additional randomness of mine and occasional quotes. And nuts.


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Posted 01 February 2016 - 04:18 PM

(20-ish/40 done)

  • KABOOM! by Venomous - I found this game to be outstanding, from idea to execution to visuals. My thoughts while playing were "man, this would make for an excellent, quirky mobile title" and that's quite the positive reaction from me. Out of anything I've played so far, this game's complete package and delivery is the best. I found it appropriately challenging, despite a control scheme that wasn't as fantastic as I hoped. That's something I can look past, though; props on a fantastic, complete product you've got there.
  • There Was a Slugmen Rebellion by aamatnieks - Got lost in axing trees, spent the entire night cooped up in a circle of rocks praying the walls wouldn't fall. Emerged from the night unscathed, armed up and built fortifications, and had a grand old time playing from that point forward. Fantastic, fun little game that probably drew the most playtime of anything. Excellent work.
  • Dungeon Party by Revamped - Clever game. I enjoyed the micro of the soldiers, and the jokes about pathfinding made me put aside one of my few criticisms. Excellent presentation, online highscores give it much-needed replayability, and all-around a great entry.
EVERYTHING (NOT FINALIZED UNLESS THREAD IS LOCKED): also I probably forgot a few names with each game


Best Use of Theme (Sacrifice): Tomb Raider
Best Use of Theme (Day/Night): There was a Slugmen Rebellion
Best Use of Handicap: Dungeon Party
Best Presentation: KABOOM!

Will play through games in randomized order, and will rank them relative to one another. Reviews will be shorter-ish. Probably.

You can never be quite sure with me.

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Posted 02 February 2016 - 04:14 PM

Okay, got through 10 games before one of them gave me a migraine attack. (Gah, I'm so weakened at the moment...) If I recover before deadline, I'll try to slog through a few more.
  1. Dungeon Party by Revamped
  2. There was a Slugmen Rebellion by aamanitekiss
  3. 6500 Ft. by nvrogers
  4. Guardian Of Tomorrow by LukanSpellWeaver, HayManHarc, and speedchuck
  5. Dan's Narcissistic Adventure in Jam Land by GameDevDan
  6. Metal Slug by Kepons
  7. Ninja Fight Mega Super Ultimate Edition 2016 by Goinbatty
  8. Klik Da Klown by Dadio
  9. Super Reimu Extreem DELUX by Floofpaws
  10. The Temple of Lives by Nexusrex
I'm currently having a nasty cold and am VERY tired, so I'll keep this to listing good and bad things with plus and minus signs, respectively.
Klik Da Klown by Dadio
...what the heck did I just play.
Dungeon Party by Revamped
+Really nice graphics and pretty fun
+Uses theme
-Low enemy variety
-AI characters gets caught up on walls and stuff a lot, and it can be kinda annoying when your main attackers lag behind too much
Ninja Fight Mega Super Ultimate Edition 2016 by Goinbatty
-Yay, a multiplayer game. This would be so fun if I had friends.
-Graphics are very basic and not so appealing... and it's not that hard to make walls with 2-3 colors and stuff...
There was a Slugmen Rebellion
+Nice graphics
+Use of theme to affect gameplay!
-Pretty easy to upgrade your base so much the game becomes unloseable
Super Reimu Extreem DELUX by Floofpaws
-Awful controls making it almost unplayable
-Awful graphics
-No instructions, couldn't figure out hot to shoot
-Uses default textbox
Metal Slug by Kepons
There sure is a lot of games about slugs this time around for some reason...
+Functional graphics
-A healthbar would give a clearer indication to your actual health
-Dark gray on black doesn't make the HUD clearly readable. You could've put it on the bottom instead to avoid clashing with the clouds.
Guardian Of Tomorrow by LukanSpellWeaver, HayManMarc, and speedchuck
+Graphics are acceptable, but
-the sprites are consistently low in contrast.
Dan's Narcissistic Adventure in Jam Land by GameDevDan
Whoo, joke game.
+Actually pretty funny, at least for GMC regulars
6500 Ft. by nvrogers
+pretty nice ambience
-I couldn't seem to clear the first level
The Temple of Lives by Nexusrex
-Graphics are really basic and ugly, but more importantly there's almost no contrast between foreground and background, and you can barely see the player at night.
-Had to quit because of getting a headache. I'll blame the daytime background brightness.

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Posted 02 February 2016 - 05:46 PM

Doc's reviews

The playthrough and reviews are done, finally! :D



  1. CLOWN around the CLOCK - Yal
  2. KABOOM - Venomous
  3. One Killer Vacation - TehPilot
  4. Slavelings - Nallebeorn
  5. Dungeon Party - Revamped
  6. There was a Slugmen Rebellion - aamatniekss
  7. Tomb Raider - The M
  8. Dan's Narcissistic Adventure in Jam Land - GameDevDan
  9. The Adventure of Dying - Ghandpivot
  10. Daze - trg901 and moon489
  11. Nocturnis Gressus - Alphish Games
  12. Knight Cycle - Lindion45
  13. Meat Quest - Otyugra
  14. Noctia the Night Witch - Floofpaws
  15. Aztec Sacrificial Joke-off - mr magnus
  16. 6500 Ft - nvrogers
  17. Guardian of Tomorrow - Team SpeedHayWeaver
  18. Metal Slug Literally - kepons
  19. Day deer Night deer - Forester & Ninety
  20. Atom Danmaku - Mocgames998
  21. Chasing Night - TerraFriedSheep
  22. The Temple of Lives - Nexusrex
  23. Crab Islands - Xor
  24. Ninja Fight - Goinbatty
  25. Donut Factory - RekNepz & SnailMan
  26. Neverending Nightmare - LordDestroyer
  27. A King's Atonement - Madebyjawns
  28. Mr Pilgrim - shadow gamer & co
  29. Bazombie - turpeluren
  30. the were axolotl and the suncycle freeze - brainstorm
  31. Clewninck Darkness - Misu & Leafen
  32. UNI vs SHARK - kiesenverseist
  33. Lay Off the Limbs - sezri
  34. LilDudes - hippyman
  35. Kill the Clowns - ericbomb988878 & ZiggyZero
  36. Maze of the Moon - Merceneries
  37. Hurry Fastly! - AimkidProductions
  38. Klik da Klown - dadio
  39. dadiomadememakethisgame - Teroil
  40. super reimu extreem DELUX - Floofpaws


  • Best presentation: KABOOM - Venomous
  • Best theme use (day and night): Nocturnis Gressus - Alphish Games
  • Best theme use (sacrifice): Slavelings - Nallebeorn
  • Best handicap use: Dan's Narcissistic Adventure in Jam Land - GameDevDan
  • Best concept:  Nocturnis Gressus - Alphish Games
  • Best story: Daze - trg601 and moon489





In the case the GMC goes down, you can keep reading from the google doc, or if you can't or don't want to copy the link, head to the Temporary GMCJamergency 21 Voting topic on HayManMarc's forum, which should be linked above in the OP.


______________________That's all, folks!______________________

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Posted 02 February 2016 - 09:40 PM




Awards (Winners on top and underlined)





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#27 Alice


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Posted 02 February 2016 - 09:55 PM

Reposting HayManMarc's reviews from emergency Voting topic, as he won't be posting on the current GMC anymore. Enjoy~!
(and yes, he agreed to me reposting these)


I shall place my votes in this space hence forth the completion of my tally whereas to in and so forth, etc.

Just a note: I am pretty straight-forward and blunt with some of these. I kinda rushed thru them, so they're pretty crappy and lazy. Sorry. It's not my intention to offend anyone.

Also: I'm only voting for my favorites - which, to me, are the games that stood apart from the rest and really caught my attention. These votes are not very objective, but they're of the games I was most entertained by.

And one other thing: I love you all. :Potato:

VOTES (My favorites - and why)

1. 3697_Slavelings by Nallebeorn - Because just pure awesomeness, period.

2. 4223_Donut Factory by RekNepZ & Snail_Man - Donuts and conveyor belts. What's not to like?

3. 6186_KABOOM by Venomous - Very well crafted game!

4. 3071_D.N.A.I.J.L. by GameDevDan - So much community fun!
5. 4523_6500 Ft by nvrogers - Very nice feels, sticks in my mind.
6. 5603_Knight Cycle by Lindion45 - Awesome graphics and feels.

7. 2586_Crab Islands by Xor - 3D movement of everything was totally awesome.
8. 9794_Daze by trg601 & moon489 - Story telling and style.
9. 3014_Noctia the Night Witch by Floofpaws - Tabletop, turn-based style.
10. 4242_Rough Tides by DocNogloff - Original and Innovative.
11. 4755_Nocturnis Gressus by Alphish Games - Excellent GUI/Interface and stylish graphics.


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#28 brainstorm


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Posted 03 February 2016 - 04:21 PM

Voting post

I'd rushed trought all the games during saturday and voted my top 3.


1.- Slavelings


2.- There was a slugmen rebellion


3.- Clown around the clock


Best use of Theme: Rough tides


Best use of Handicap: D.N.J.A.I.L


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#29 Ninety


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Posted 04 February 2016 - 12:10 PM

Will be scoring out of 10 for gameplay and 10 for presentation. Probably won't get through all the games sadly. Also probably half of them won't work on my computer such is life...
​Note: Where 2 games received the same score, I went by which one I'd most like to play again.
1st - There Was a Slugmen Rebellion by aamatniekss
2nd - Clown Around the Clock
by Yal
3rd - One Killer Vacation
by TehPilot
Best Theme Use (Sacrifice) - One Killer Vacation by TehPilot

Best Theme Use (Day & Night) - Nocturnis Gressus (24 Steps) by Alice & Hiznopellagio
Best Handicap Use - Dan's Narcissistic Adventure in Jam Land by GameDevDan

Best Presentation - Knight Cycle by Lindion45




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#30 ericbomb988878


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Posted 05 February 2016 - 04:56 AM

I was hoping to wait until we moved to the new forums but that's not happening, so here are mine.


1st. Dungeon party - I played it quite a few times and had a blast, had the high score. The first few levels felt right out of a game, it got repetetive but was still really fun. The random quotes also added to the fun.

2. 6500 ft would be first if the humor had been there, just a gorgeous little game.

3. Slugman rebellion, had quite a bit of fun, but after about the third night I wasn't in any danger since the wooden walls for so hard for the slugmen to defeat. Humor was also a bit lacking, but overall, a lot of fun.

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#31 ZiggyZero


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Posted 05 February 2016 - 10:04 AM

1st. Dungeon Party - I liked the game play, and the art was cool even tho i know it wasn't his own art work, but it's really no different than if he had a partner. He did very well on the sacrifice theme as well.


2nd. Slugman Rebellion -  because the artwork was good and it has a decent game play, it has allot of potential by adding more enemies and different types of materials. etc.


3rd. Metal Slug, Lit. - Because it was literally literal. it also, has good game play and the art is actually dope af. and it was really difficult.


Best use of theme = Dungeon party for sacrafice, and knight cycle for the day/night cycle

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#32 Forester


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Posted 06 February 2016 - 08:23 AM

I thupose I should put my reviews in here.


[WARNING - May be pretty harsh]


Top three and Best ofs






Sorry I couldn't get to all the games. I would really have loved to play Kepons' one, and Yal's, and I will, when I get time.



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Posted 06 February 2016 - 04:54 PM

Reposting kepons' reviews from emergency Voting topic upon his request, as he won't be posting on the current GMC anymore (he doesn't want to break his 999 posts status). Enjoy~!



1. Tomb - Raider - The M
2. Slavelings - Nallebeorn
3. KABOOM - Venomous

4. One Killer Vacation - TehPilot
5. 6500 ft. - Nvrogers
6. Dungeon Party - Revamped
7. Slugmen Rebellion - Aamatniekss
8. Noctia the Night Witch - Floofpaws
9. The Adventure of Dying - Ghandpivot
10. CLOWN around the CLOCK - Yal

The rest

Short reviews for the top 3:

Tomb - Raider - The M

Slavelings - Nallebeorn

KABOOM - Venomous

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#34 mr magnus

mr magnus

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Posted 06 February 2016 - 08:11 PM

There Was a Slugmen Rebellion by aamatniekss

Knight Cycle by Lindion45

The Adventure of Dying by ghandpivot



Full votes:


I'm sorry, but my rushed apporach to reviewing (I literally played every single game today because I have been so incredibly busy lately) means that only the top 3 will have functioning reviews and the ordering is completely subjective. I would play a game and go up the list and say "Hmm, Yeah, I think I would rather want this to win over that and this". If you want individual comments on your game just PM me and I'll throw my ill formed thoughts together.

The ordering is, as mentioned, completely subjective and off my preference and whim. I could place a game above an objectively better crafted game simply because it had something I really liked on a personal level and if the potential of a game was greater than it indicated. Maybe I just had more fun with it even if it was silly. if you rank low it does not mean you had a bad game (except you Dadio), I simply didn't connect with it as well.

There Was a Slugmen Rebellion by aamatniekss

Knight Cycle by Lindion45

The Adventure of Dying by ghandpivot

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#35 Detective Pixel

Detective Pixel

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Posted 07 February 2016 - 12:17 AM

Detective Pixel's Super Rushed Top 11

But he did play all of the jam games. Honest.


1. Kaboom By Venomous

2. Knight Cycle by Lindion45
3. Dungeon Party By Revamped
4. Crab Islands by Xor
5. 6500Ft by nvrogers
6. There Was a Slugmen Rebellion by aamatniekss
7. One Killer Vacation by TehPilot
8. Tomb Raider by The M
9. Slavelings by Nallebeorn
10. CLOWN around the CLOCK by Yal
11. Meat Quest by Otyugra
Rushed Top 3 Reviews
KABOOM - A fantastic 3D suicide platformer. I felt like I was playing a proper game, instead of one made in 72 hours.
Knight Cycle - I adore this game because of its simplicity in gameplay, and the graphics that oozes charm. I love it. I love it. I love it.
Dungeon Party - What struck me about this game was the upgrading system. It was such a unique idea and I enjoyed playing it. Well done.

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#36 kiesenverseist


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Posted 07 February 2016 - 11:02 AM

Well its a little late but here are my 3 games (I might add more in a bit)
1 - Dungeon Party
2 - Knight Cycle
3 - Doughnut Factory
Well I tried to be objective but these games basically fell to my preferences.


Reviews: (short and lazy :P)


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#37 LordDestroyer



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Posted 07 February 2016 - 06:46 PM

I haven't managed to play all the games, so I've taken top 3 off the first 20 games as given by the randomizer.
1) Slavelings by Nallebeorn


2) Noctia the Night Witch by Floofpaws

3) Aztec Sacrificial Joke-Off by mr magnus

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