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The Pet-tastic Jam 20 Voting Topic


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#1 dadio


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Posted 27 October 2015 - 12:23 PM

Welcome to the official GMC Jam 20 Voting Topic!




This topic is where you can post your reviews and final votes in the GMCJam. The rules, as always, are listed below for those new members that are participating for the first time and we recommend that you read them before making any posts. For those veterans out there, skip the rules as nothing has changed since previous jams, and "START VOTING"!




courtesy of HayManMarc


Voting Template
You don't have to use this, but it makes my life a lot easier if you do, so please consider adding the following template to your post, even if you wish to add mini-reviews and images for your chosen games.



My votes go to


1st Place - name of the game - author
2nd Place - name of the game - author
3rd Place - name of the game - author


Best Use Of Theme - author

Best Use of Handicap - author

Best Use of Pets - author


Best Presentation - author

Best Reviews - author
Best Devblog - author



Voting Rules
You may vote for as many (or as few) games as you wish in order of preference, with 1 being the winner and all subsequent games being runners up, but please vote for at least three! The zip file that is created for the Jam comes with a game "randomiser" so that the order you play the games in does not depend on their title or creator, so we ask that you please use it!

Apart from the voting you are encouraged to post a mini-review of the winning game (and any others you feel deserve it) explaining what you liked/disliked and why you think it deserves to win... Remember, this is a Community Jam and so feedback from the community is all important! We want to know what you think! Apart from that there are a few more rules to stick to...


Voting will last until Sunday, midnight, 15th Of November

Results will be posted on Monday the 16th!


Please post your votes FIRST, before any other text or images, and preferably using the above template.
Only ONE post per person (this is flexible but you MUST PM me for permission first). Any further conversation about a given game can be held in the Jam topic or in the topic of the game itself (if it has one). Any posts breaking this rule will be removed.
Your top three games MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A SHORT REVIEW and posts with no reviews of at least the top three games will be considered at the time of counting.
If you are reviewing the games over the course of the voting period, use the button to add to your post, rather than post twice.Constructive criticism is fine, but comments like "This game sucks" will not be tolerated... so think before commenting! If your reviews are extensive or use images, please encase them in [spoiler] tags.
Please vote for at least YOUR TOP THREE GAMES, although you can vote for as many as you like (and every vote DOES count!).

NO talk of cheating in the Jam topics please. If anyone has any doubts about a post or a vote, then please REPORT the post or PM me with your thoughts and action will be taken accordingly.
For all votes, including the Best Ofs, be sure to include BOTH the game name AND the author name.
So that's it I think... Take your time to play as many games as possible, but don't feel pressured to play them all, and we shall see you all here again at result time to see who has the honour of being the Jam winner this time around!

Good luck to everybody and thank you all so much for participating in this most pet-tastic of occasions! :)

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#2 ghandpivot


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Posted 27 October 2015 - 12:30 PM

Ghandpivot's Glorious TOP 3


1. Stone Trek by Squarebit and Aamatniekss 

2. Charging your phone in prehistoric times simulator 2015 by Diptoman

3. Survive and Tribe by TheM



I wont have time to write reviews for every single game this time around. I'll play them all and score them though.


As always, I value FUN more than anything else. If the game is fun to play then it will recieve a good score. If it's great looking but really boring to play the score will be lower.


Oh, and I'm really blunt and straightforward.


Highscore list [30 reviews are done, the rest of the games will be played but only scored. Didn't have time for more, sorry! ]



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4th place with "I do remember".

4th place with "God's Laboratory"

6th place with "Charlie's Spiritual Adventure"


#3 Teroil


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Posted 27 October 2015 - 01:13 PM



1. Insert gud game here

2. Insert almost as gud game here too

3. Insert nearly almost as gud as gud game before here too as well too


(NOT FINAL) Rankings:






*also short

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#4 Lindion45


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Posted 27 October 2015 - 01:22 PM

I'm sorry I didn't get to review more than 4, I've really been exceptionally busy and didn't get a chance

1. Oviraptor (by Blake)
2. Grandpa and the dinosaurs 
3. Cavemen with pea shooters

4. That 3D mammoth ball game that was really fun but I can't remember it's name
5. Stone Trek

Cavemen with pea shooters
A very polished looking game, that was fun to play. It could very easily be extended for mobile!


Grandpa and the dinosaurs
A short and sweet platformer, that I definitely enjoyed playing.
Would have loved to try for the alternate endings, but there's no way to skip dialogue!

Stone Trek
A turnbased roguelike surrounded by dinosaurs. You can't go wrong.


A rather difficult minigame, that could definitely make some decent bank on itch!

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#5 The M

The M

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Posted 27 October 2015 - 02:28 PM

The M's historic reviews


First of all, the votes!


1 - Mammoth Revolution by: Greenblizzard

2 - Gods Laboratory by: ghandpivot

3 - Oviraptor by: Blake



Best of's




And then the important stuff! ^^


Reviews [59/59]


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#6 Xor



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Posted 27 October 2015 - 02:30 PM

1. Blake - Oviraptor
2. Lindion45 - Extinction: Mars
3. GreenBlizzard - Mammoth Revolution
4. Shadow_Lancer - Dinosplore
5. Sammi3 - After Pixel

I'll be reviewing some! Do to a bad internet connection and lack of time, I'll only be doing reviews by request. Just PM if you would like a review.
Reviews [5/59]

I also reviewed the reviewers. The purpose of this is not to shame anyone, but rather, like any review, to help correct any issues. All reviews are, however, beneficial to the jam because of the mixed opinions of each reviewer so all of them were at least decent.
If you don't want correction then ignore this. If not, here they are:
17 Reviewers (excluding myself) [updated 11/14/15]:​

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#7 Otyugra


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Posted 27 October 2015 - 02:57 PM

My votes go to in order: 
  1.                             Survive and Tribe  - The M
  2.                     Mammoth Revolution - GreenBlizzard
  3.             Oviraptor - Blake
Best Use Of Theme - _ - _                      Best Presentation - _ - _               Best Reviewer - NightOwl35
Best Use of Handicap - _ - _                   Best Devblog -  _ - _
                                          - ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ -
                                Otyugra's Long Reviews
                                          - ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ -
Top Three reviews:
Things to know about my reviews (this changes every time):
---- - My Requested Reviews - ----
ghandpivot - God's Laboratory
Jobo's Juggernauts - Everybody's Gone to the Raptor
Dadio - Da Numskulz
I plan to do a video play-through of one or two jam games so if you don't want your game filmed then please contact me.

Edited by Otyugra, 16 November 2015 - 08:56 PM.
sneaked in a review request. :P

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#8 Yal


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Posted 27 October 2015 - 02:59 PM

My votes go to:

  1. Dino Delivery by lxlegraw (7)
  2. Dino Die by Nallebeorn (7)
  3. Everybody's Gone To The Raptor by Jobo's Jam Juggernauts (6½)
  4. Dino Time by Xor (4½)
  5. DragonMen by Boysano (0) 



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#9 DiligentDodo


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Posted 27 October 2015 - 03:33 PM

My Top 5 votes (for starters)
1. Oviraptor by Blake
2. Devils Symphony by nvrogers
3. Black Knight 1000 by Baron_Mercury
4. --- by ---
5. --- by ---
bye bye American Pie took my Chevy to the levy but the~
Best use of Theme:
Best use of Handicap:
Best use of Pets:
Best Presentation:
Best Devlog:
Best Reviews:
Games I've elected not to score:
Your Fault by Yal & Tsuka (It's 8-bit Saw my heart can't take it ;_;  )
Reviews:(up to 8 now)
Fun fact: I wouldn't take these first numbers too seriously. It will likely end up more of a preliminary thing as I balance them out while getting through more of the list. As for how I treat the devlogs I view them initially as instruction manuals. If the log clears something up in the game I try to factor that.


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#10 Detective Pixel

Detective Pixel

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Posted 27 October 2015 - 04:57 PM

October 27: Detective Pixel reviews stuff again and makes it simple this time so he can review all of them.


November 10: Detective Pixel has retracted the previous statement.




Top Ranking:
1 Ghandpivot - God's Laboratory
2 Greenblizzard - Mammoth Revolution
3 Blake - Oviraptor
4 Mercerenies & Hiznopellagio - Stick & Stone
5 Nallebeorn - Dance Dance Prehistoric Black Mage Apocalypse
6 JackOatley - Adam
7 Misu - Jeffery
8 Xor - Dino Time
9 Kepons - Cave Conquerors
10 Sammi3 - After Pixel

Best Use Of Theme - Greenblizzard

Best Use of Handicap - JackOatley

Best Use of Pets - N/A


Best Presentation - Blake

Best Reviews - The M (As he reviewed most of them.)
Best Devblog - Diptoman


Other Rankings:

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#11 HayManMarc


    The HayMan

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Posted 27 October 2015 - 10:37 PM

HayMan's Quick & Dirty Reviews




Sorry it's late.   :(

  1. Charging Your Phone...2015 by Diptoman
  2. Stone Trek by Squarebit & Aamatniekss
  3. Oviraptor by Blake
  4. Dino Delivery by lxlegraw
  5. Dinoman by The ch8t
  6. Cavemen With Peashooters by GameDevDan
  7. Ink Cipher by NAL
  8. Dinosplore by Shadow_Lancer
  9. Wac-A-Mammal by Nocturne
  10. Survive And Tribe by The M
  11. Mammoth Revolution by Greenblizzard
  12. Dino Die by Nallebeorn
  13. Your Fault by Yal & TsukaYuriko
  14. Anki! The Sumer Scientist by mr magnus
  15. God's Laboratory by ghandpivot
  16. Grandpa And The Dinosaurs by Detective Pixel
  17. Cave Born by TheMasterspiffy
  18. Everybody's Gone To The Raptor by Jobo's Jam Juggernauts
  19. Devil's Symphony by nvrogers
  20. Stick And Stone by Mercerenies & Hiznopellagio
  21. DragonMen by Boysano
  22. Time Stranded by trg601 & moon489
  23. Cavemen And Dinos by NightOwl35
  24. Prehistoric Rescue Ranger by Mortalo
  25. Volve by Intoxicatious
  26. Cave Conquerors by kepons
  27. Extinction by Sirham
  28. Adam by JackOatley
  29. Cellection by Snail_Man
  30. Hightop's Rampage by DiligentDodo
  31. Prehistoric Arena by MrBear91 & mAnIk800
  32. Da Numskulz by dadio
  33. Cave War by Joh
  34. Oldworld Babes Bordel by Teroil
  35. Dino Jam by Lindion45 & Panzergeist
  36. Ptero Hunt by PizzaBoy
  37. Caveman's Guide To Pets by Mocgames998
  38. Dino Time by Xor
  39. Make Way For Sid by nivarthiakhil
  40. Clash Of Primordial Goddesses by Floofpaws
  41. Ghost Hunt by Chaosmore
  42. Jeffery The Jurassic Animal by Misu
  43. Cell Wars by LordDestroyer
  44. Jam Jumper by Mercerenies
  45. Solar's Pet Sandbox by Nocturnal knight
  46. Trilobytes by RekNepZ
  47. After Pixel by Sammi3
  48. Additive Blending by Floofpaws
  49. Mother Pterodactyl by Assassin7
  50. CyberDino by ExentrixZ
  51. Hams Joke Game by Sirham
  52. Rob The Museum by SilverSteeples & Zedmonkey
  53. Jesus VS Cat by C.B Productions



The spreadsheet with reviews and stats:  Jam20_HVR_spreadsheet.ods


For pessimists...



For optimists...



For realists...



...(to be continued)

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#12 PizzaBoy


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Posted 28 October 2015 - 07:23 AM

*Votes do not count because u did not review your top 3*

My votes go to


1st Place - Oviraptor - Blake
2nd Place -  Mammoth Revolution - Greenblizzard
3rd Place - Oldworld Babe's Bordel - Teroil


Best Use Of Theme -

Best Use of Handicap -

Best Use of Pets -


Best Presentation -

Best Reviews -
Best Devblog -

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#13 GameDevDan


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Posted 28 October 2015 - 09:03 AM

Dan's Votes & Reviews


Votes (May change as I get time to play more)
1st Place - Sticks & Stones - Mercerenies & Hiznopellagio
2nd Place - Prehistoric Rescue Ranger - Mortalo
3rd Place - Oviraptor - Blake
4th - Jeffrey the jurassic animal - Misu
5th - Cave War - Joh
Best Use Of Theme - [Can't decide]
Best Use of Handicap - [Can't decide]
Best Use of "Pets" - Mortalo (Prehistoric Rescue Ranger)
Best Presentation - Mercerenies & Hiznopellagio (Sticks & Stones)
Best Reviews - [Not Picking]
Best Devblog - Mercerenies & Hiznopellagio (Sticks & Stones)

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See you all on the other side.

Back & share :)

#14 dadio


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Posted 28 October 2015 - 11:08 AM

Dadio's votes of DOOOOM!!!


1st Place -
2nd Place -
3rd Place -


Best Use Of Theme -

Best Use of Handicap -

Best Use of Pets -


Best Presentation -

Best Reviews -
Best Devblog -



:ph34r: ...


DA NUMSKULZ by dadio

I am in awe. Stunned at what this artistic genius has produced here. I feel like I have achieved a higher state of being just by playing. I am also especially impressed by just how much the Theme, Handicap & Hype object were incorporated.

Simply sublime.



Cavemen With Peashooters by GameDevDan

Learn to collision, bro


(kidding, real review coming soon)

Edited by dadio, 30 October 2015 - 09:21 AM.

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#15 Mortalo


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Posted 28 October 2015 - 01:55 PM

Mortalo's votes go to


1st Place - Dinoman - the ch8t
2nd Place - Stone Trek - Squarebit and Aamatniekss
 3rd Place - Grandpa And The Dinosaurs - Detective Pixel

4th Place - Dino Delivery - Ixlegraw

5th Place - Jeffery the Jurassic Animal - Misu

6th Place - Charging Your Phone In Prehistoric Times Simulator 2015 - Diptoman


Best Use Of Theme - Mammoth Revolution - Greenblizzard

Best Use of Handicap - Dinoman - the ch8t

Best Use of Pets - Wac A Mammal - Nocturne



Dinoman - the ch8t:

I like this one. It was fun to play and the use of handicap was, well, splendid!


Stone Trek - Squarebit and Aamatniekss:

Next really interesting game. If it had more interactive combat that could be a gem.


Grandpa And The Dinosaurs - Detective Pixel:

If not for Dinoman, that could be my go to game of this JAM. Brilliant. It was so close. Great job here, you should be proud.



Edited by Mortalo, 15 November 2015 - 03:42 PM.

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#16 Panzergeist


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Posted 28 October 2015 - 02:27 PM

Geist's Objectively Superior Dadio reviews

Your one stop shop for Dadio walkthroughs, tricks and reviews.


Today I will be reviewing an exquisite entry, a true contribution to the Dadio industry indeed... Never before seen quality, incredible use of theme and handicap, unparalleled mechanics. This entry has most certainly, as promised, moved me to a higher plane of existence. I hadn't any idea that a piece of software could invoke such an emotional extreme. Step aside AAA titles, a new form of art is paving the path and you are too inferior to see the light. An undeniably magnificent experience. I feel privileged to have been blessed by the holy presence of this game. Replaying it, I felt as if the hand of god was gently caressing my eyes, rewarding me for revisiting this timeless classic. I have logged roughly 4000 hours into this game, despite it only being out for but a few hours. Playing this game, you will transcend the limits of time and space, and experience an existence so much more full and enlightening than the mortal pleasures of this world could ever offer. It doesn't require petty gimmicks such as "gameplay variety" or "coherence" in order to appeal to the soul, as this game alone is the most refined piece of art in the universe. God himself looks upon this masterpiece with envy in his heart. If you are reading this, abandon your aspirations and throw your dreams to the wind, for Dadio has indeed presented us with the means of our salvation. This game is all you need.


(Dadio you should totally hire me as your PR guy some time)



-Unlimited replayabilty. Never feel like you are wasting time again as this game operates outside of the confines of time and reality.

-Award winning gameplay. All of the best features of the genre, none of that useless extra stuff.

-No DLC. That's right. Click all the things you want for no additional charge. Who doesn't like free?

-Will cure all illnesses.

-Recommended by leading dentists.

-Leaves a lasting shine for a brighter, whiter smile.

-Solves all of your problems.

-Walks your dog for you.

-Makes you money WHILE you play! Wow!



-None, unless you are blind to the beauty of true art.



1st place - Dadio

2nd place - Dadio

3rd place - Dadio

4th place - Dadio

5th place - Dadio

I think we get the idea...


I DUB THEE WINNER OF ALL OF THE JAM (Your jam should be arriving shortly)

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[ ._.]> Where am I...

#17 SilverSteeples


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Posted 28 October 2015 - 04:38 PM






I have made the decision to remain impartial in terms of voting for this jam as I have not managed to play all of the games. As for what I have played, excelsior. Jolly good show everyone. <3






These reveiws are being made in order of the games topic, your place in the list does not mean anything, if I have not reveiwed your game yet, I have not played it :) Apologies to those of you who's games I cannot reveiw, my computer's about as fast as a stegosaurus with a broken leg :(
Hiznopellagio and Mercenaries - Stick and Stone

On the whole, I'm extremely impressed, as always Hiznopellagio brings a unique and beautiful graphic style, I enjoyed this a lot; especially the slightly steampunk twist on the characters from "the future" and the way that this is contrasted against the sight of a caveman and his grindstone - This really added to the feel of the game and it wouldn't have been the same experience without it. I do not know whether the music for this game is original or not but nevertheless I would like to comment that I did like the change of musical styles between each change of environment. The entire speech mechanic was very satisfying to use, I particularly liked that Mercenaries had elected to implement scrolling text to the textboxes, as opposed to just throwing a block of text onto the screen, looking at the translation mechanic it worked flawlessly and the only thing I would ask of the dialogue is that there would be more of it available. On terms of navigation, it was at times confusing, however, this may have been intentional to lead the character to enemies.
Of course I also have a long wishlist of things I would like to see improved, one nuisance, for example, was the eternally smiling characters, even as the world is ending, which created a sort of dark humor, at the very least. This is accompanied by a few graphical inconsistencies, such as the pixel art used for the items in the inventory or for the bridge, which was rather an interruption to the flow of the game, I would also like to see a death mechanic, as there is no incentive just to use a pointy stick for everything otherwise. The theme and handicap were implemented into the concept very well, however the hype object was nowhere to be found. I would say that a little polish here and there could have offered a lot of improvement. I could continue to talk bout this game for a while but for now, I think I'll spare you all the pain.
This is a pretty solid job for 3 hours of work and, surprisingly enough, I ended up clicking away for almost half that time myself. The whole experience, although I was trying my level best to wipe out whole species' by drowning and burning them, was rather relaxing. And that I'll certainly say was ironic. Aside from the simplistic nature of the game I will say I was thoroughly impressed that Sirham had added a difficulty option even with the time restraints. One thing that, it was rather clear, was a losing condition. Other than that, even without using the handicap or the hype object, EXTINCTION has a lot of replay value and I will be returning to it later.
Kepons - Cave Conquerors
Like Sirham, Kepons brings us a great example of working around time restraints; Cave Conquerors was made over the course of only one day and still somehow managed to create a great distraction from whatever I was meant to be doing today. The game felt great to play, for a comparison, I would say it was a bit like stylized chess, the gameplay is extremely solid and everything is quite balanced in terms of abilities vs strength, the art had a rather cute and fluffy feel to it and nothing seems very out of place in this game. Again, other than the lack of handicap or hype object, I would love to see this game with multiplayer, as I could have hours of fun with that and I would like to see some music or sound added.


NAL - Ink Cipher


I have not yet played your game, purely because my brain is not really in a fit state for puzzlers, give me 24 hours and check back here :)


Ghandpivot - God's laboratory


See above :)


RAZzullik, Flaeon, Sezri, Chaosmore and of course Jobo AKA Jobo's Jam Juggernaughts - Everybody's gone to the Raptor


From the biggest team in the jam, Everybody's gone to the Raptor, a firm contender for best name I've heard all year; It's an absolute victory in terms of the overall aesthetic; the game is an amalgamation of stunning backgrounds and animations, accompanied by some great music, and I'd like to thank whoever was responsible for that for some great eye candy. now I'll be honest, an infinite runner isn't the most creative entry we've had, despite this, however, the gameplay is generally quite enjoyable and I had a good few tries (I'm not sure of my comparative skill though, high score at the time I'm writing this is 430.) The game is unfortunately not without bugs, you can literally escape death if you are fast enough, though that's not gamebreaking and is definitely cheating if anyone *cough* actually uses it *cough cough*. There was only one thing I would say to add, which is a reset button, as I don't want to have to restart the whole game every time I die. In conclusion, not an original concept but one that was pulled off extremely diligently.


Misu - Jeffery the Jurassic Animal


I have two things to say about this game:


Misu you monster.




Misu you absolute genius.


This game has an extremely good shot at Best use of handicap for me and I wouldn't be at all surprised if this were the same case for a lot of you, I won't spoil it for the rest of you but trust me when I say It's one of the best ideas I've seen so far. Aside from that, there's only a few things I'd like to add; one thing I like about this game is the way Misu has managed to fit in multiple goals, for example, having to kill all other dinosaurs before you can kill your own character (I told you it was depressing) which keeps gameplay interesting, and the difficulty of the game, which seemed very balanced to me, not getting boring or frustrating as far as I played. Of course, Jeffery is not without fault, occasionally you will hit your head on invisible ceilings and platforms but that was the only major drag I experienced. In conclusion, a rock solid game that I enjoyed very much. Great work.


Teroil - Babe's Bordel


Babe's Bordel, despite my not knowing what in the world a bordel is (and apparently neither does my spell checker) did manage to keep me playing for an hour or two after I got past what I thought was the impossible second level (it's not, don't worry), however, what I'll say about this game is that it's a little bland. It's a platformer, it's pretty well built in terms of gameplay but it's a little mediocre. There's no real idea behind the game and, most of it being pixel art, it doesn't really tie into the theme at all. There were a few bugs: some rooms seemed to play much slower than others (though that could have been my computer) and the game needed to be shut down via task manager, but otherwise it's nothing more than a standard platformer that will keep you a bit entertained. Unfortunately a little unremarkable.


XOR - Dino time


I was unable to run your game at a reasonable speed on this machine, I will try again tomorrow on my friend Ben's more powerful machine. Please check back in 24 hours :)


Detective Pixel - Grandpa and the Dinosaurs


Another very pretty game, extremely cutesy art that catches the eye with smooth animations and beautiful graphical touches like wavering grass and blurs behind characters, interesting storytelling and I would love to see Detective Pixel take this further. The game feels almost FEZ like in character, I found the game's controls were very responsive which made the experience that little bit more immersive. As a game I can't fault it, aside from the lack of handicap and hype object; it was done flawlessly. Really there's not very much else to say here. It's an awesome game; go play it if you haven't yet.

Edited by SilverSteeples, 16 November 2015 - 05:46 PM.

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#18 Nocturnal_knight


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Posted 28 October 2015 - 07:01 PM

The Winners


1st Survive and Tribe by The M

2nd Anki the sumer scientist by Mr Magnus

3rd Dino Delivery by Ixlegraw

4th Your Fault by Yal and TsukaYuriko

5th Ink Cipher by NAL

6th Oviraptor by Blake

7th Waca Mammal by Nocturne

8th Cave War by Joh


The Best of use


Best Use Of Theme - Stone trek by Squarebit and Amatniekss

Best Use of Handicap - Your Fault by Yal and TsukaYuriko

Best Use of Pets - Everybodys gone to the raptor by Jobos Jam Juggernauts

Best Presentation - ???

Best Reviews - Survive and Tribe by The M
Best Devblog - Survive and Tribe by The M


The Reviews

Sorry my reviews are a little last minute but I have only had a couple of hours to spare, anyway this is what I have done.



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#19 C.B Productions

C.B Productions

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Posted 28 October 2015 - 09:35 PM

C.B Productions`votes

1. Cave Born - TheMasterspiffy

A fun and challenging platform game. Enjoyed it very much with good soundtracks, grapichs and levels and + for adding handicap. And a pretty good leap for the creator when it comes to quality!


2. Cavemen With Peashooters - GameDevDan

Another great platform game! I enjoyed it very much with good sound effects, gameplay and levels - no handicap.


3. Charging Your Phone In Prehistoric Times Simulator 2015 - Diptoman

A fun and challenging game! Creative concept with good grapichs and sound effects - no handicap.

Very hard to pick the winners, alot of good games! But here`s my votes! :)

Thanks alot for a good Jam! :D

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#20 nvrogers


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Posted 28 October 2015 - 11:50 PM

NVRogers' Reviews



1st place - Charging Your Phone in Prehistoric Times Simulator 2015 - Zombies Indie House

2nd place - Stick and Stone - Mercerenies and Hiznpellagio

3rd place - Dino Delivery - Ixelgraw


3rd place mini review:





I am no longer taking requests. I will take more once I finish reviewing the games already requested!


Instead of reviewing all of the games and giving a little feedback, I want to focus on a few games and give more detailed criticism. If you do not request a review, it is very unlikely that I will get to your game. Of the people who do ask for their games to be reviewed, I will do my best to get through as many as possible.


Reviewing Order:

1. Zombies Indie House

2. Hiznopellagio and Mercerenies

3. Dadio

4. Jobo's Jam Juggernauts

5. Baron_Mercury

6. Misu


How my reviews will work:

Instead of reviewing a few set features of a game (ex: aesthetics, gameplay, story, etc.), I will  write an in depth review of what applies to your game. For example, I won't judge the aesthetic of a text-based game or the story of a simple arcade game. However, gameplay will always be judged and considered a top priority. Reviews will be in paragraph form. There will not be a numeric score or plus/minus system, as those would not work well with the rest of the review. I have a tendency to come off as harsh in my reviews, but keep in mind that all of my criticism is meant to be constructive (of course, I will acknowledge something that is done well). 


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I work on games sometimes.


Hello. It seems the forum has been sucked into the abyss. What fun!


#21 TerraFriedSheep


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Posted 28 October 2015 - 11:53 PM

My votes go to:

God's Laboratory by ghandpivot

Stick & Stone by Mercerenies & Hiznopellagio

Everybody's Gone To The Raptor by Jobo, RAZzullix, Flaeon, Sezri and Chaosmore

Cave Conquerors by kepons

Extinction by Sirham


Cave Conquerors by kepons



Everybody's Gone To The Raptor by Jobo, RAZzullix, Flaeon, Sezri and Chaosmore



Extinction by Sirham



God's Laboratory by ghandpivot



Ink Cipher by NAL



Stick & Stone by Mercerenies & Hiznopellagio



The Dark by dadio


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#22 Forester


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Posted 29 October 2015 - 07:48 AM

No particular order:


1. Cavemen with Peashooters by GameDevDan
2. Dino Delivery by L/Ixelgraw
3. Grandpa and the Dinosaurs by Detective Pixel
Im done.


Full List


1. Cavemen with Peashooters by GameDevDan
2. Dino Delivery by L/Ixelgraw
3. Grandpa and the Dinosaurs by Detective Pixel
4. Stone Trek by Aametniekss and Squarebit
5. Charging Your Phone in Prehistoric Times Simulator 2015 by Diptoman
6. Cave Conquerors by Kepons
7. Anki the Summer Scientist by Mr_Magnus
8. Dino Jam by Lindon45 and Panzergiest
9. Gods Laboratory by Ghandpivot
10. Cavemen and Dinos by NightOwl35
11. Your Fault by Tsuka and Yal
12. Time Stranded by trg601 and moon489
13. Everybodys_Gone_to_the_Raptor_by_Jobos_Jam_Juggernauts
14. Oldworld_Babes_Bordel_by_Teroil
15. Cell Wars by LordDestroyer
16. Neanderthals by Hay Man Mark
17. Dinosplore by Shadow Lancer
18. Jeffery the Jurassic Animal by Misu
19. Prehistoric Rescue Ranger by Mortalo
20. CyberDino by ExentriX
21. Mother Pterodactyl by Assassin7
22. Additive Blending the Game by Floofpaws
23. The Dark by Dadio

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gg guys - wp

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#23 theonewhoisodd


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Posted 29 October 2015 - 01:25 PM

Sorry guys and girls unfortunately I couldn't get through all of the games. I've working 10 hours a day 7 days a week and it's exhausting. I've rated the games as far as I've gotten. If you think your game is better than the top 5 then I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to play it.





Best of:



Reviews (48/48):



<Edit: Less than a dozen more to go!>

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#24 Nallebeorn


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Posted 29 October 2015 - 01:54 PM

 N A L L E R E V I E W S

T H E   V O T E S



BEST USE OF THEME: Oviraptor – Blake

BEST USE OF HANDICAP: Jeffrey the Jurassic Animal – Misu


BEST DEVBLOG: HayManMarc (Neanderthals)



T H E   R E V I E W S <58/58>


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#25 TheMasterspiffy


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Posted 29 October 2015 - 03:12 PM

1st - Oviraptor - Blake

Stunning grapichis, smooth gameplay and an overall fun game
2nd - Charging Your Phone in Prehistoric Times Simulator 2015  - Diptoman

I love the gameplay, simple but fun. nice ligthning effect and overall a good looking game
3rd Place - Volve - Intoxicatious

Very fun, reminds me of spore, nice graphics but the character was so slow wich made it boring after some time.



Best Use Of Theme - Oviraptor - Blake

Best Use of Handicap - Cave Conquerors - Kepons

Best Use of Pets - Prehistoric Rescue Ranger - Mortalo


Best Presentation - C.B Productions

Best Reviews - author
Best Devblog - author

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#26 NightOwl35


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Posted 31 October 2015 - 04:05 PM

My votes go to:

(Only going for a top 6 cause I honestly don't want to try and put them all in a order)

1st - Cavemen With Peashooters by GameDevDan

2nd - Oviraptor by Blake

3rd - Dino Delivery by Ixlegraw

4th - Charging Your Phone In Prehistoric Times Simulator 2015 by Diptoman

5th - Your Fault by Yal and TsukaYuriko

6th - Adam by JackOatley


It was hard to choose, but I chose the 6 games I personally enjoyed playing the most of. Reviews are down below.


And the best ofs:

Best Use Of Theme - Stone Trek by Squarebit and Aamatniekss
Best Use of Handicap - Everybody's Gone to the Raptor by Jobos Jam Juggernauts
Best Use of Pets - Cavemen With Peashooters(counting the cavemen as pets) by GameDevDan
Best Presentation - Dinosplore by Shadow_Lancer
Best Reviews - Xor (quick simple reviews, and I enjoy the reviews of reviewers)
Best Devblog - HayManMarc (made me laugh)
Reviews {59/59}:

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#27 Alice


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Posted 31 October 2015 - 10:51 PM


As far as we know, no BLACK MAGIC was involved. None at all! Now please accept our most heartfelt welcome~!

The reviews will be appearing here, sometime, eventually. And the order will be totally random. The games were specifically thrown into a weirdness bubble for that purpose; there should be no negative side effects, maybe except for some of these becoming more Exkakx.

--- EDIT ~1 day before the end ---

Well, this is much less detailed feedback than I originally planned; partly because, and partly because many games felt kinda the same (same dinos, same cavemen, similar titles...). Thus, it ended up with rankings, best ofs and particularly memorable things of some games. ^^"

If you want a more detailed feedback for your game, please shoot me a PM.

General factors that affected my preference:
  • fun > not so fun > borequit inducing > evil
  • finished > unfinished > no actual gameplay whatsoever
  • unusual use of theme > cavemen and/or dinosaurs (they lived millions of years apart, but whatever) > no use of theme
  • interesting use of handicap > loss of lives/score/other fancy numbers on failure > no use of handicap
  • proper when-needed instructions > proper help dump > proper readme file > poor/misleading when-needed instructions > poor/misleading help dump > poor/misleading readme file > no instructions whatsoever (mind that the importance of instructions increases with game's complexity/intuitiveness)
  • all around polished > working pretty much seamlessly > having at least one annoying bug > having at least one critical bug or design flaw (e.g. no hi-score persisting in a hi-score based game) > impossible to reach the game's goal > unplayable > using installer
  • well-balanced > too easy > too hard
  • I didn't pay much attention to the use of pet; theme and handicap were more than enough on Jammers' plate (the former severely restricting setting, the latter seriously restricting gameplay).
Top 3:

Stick and Stone by Mercerenies and Hiznopellagio
Somewhat cool adventure game; while it could use some work round the edges (e.g. text-boxes or some graphical inconsistencies, or the weird arrows), it has quite a lot of content and is actually complete. Very cool idea with translation-jamming use of handicap. Its weakest point are somewhat pointless battles, especially the random encounters.
Cavemen With Peashooters by GameDevDan
Very nice metroidvania with different kinds of enemies and a boss battle at the end. My main annoyance were probably the blocks; in some areas I couldn't tell the wall-blocks and background blocks apart, as they looked identically. Liked the cat and the pumpkin, and all-around polish.
Survive and Tribe by The M
Kinda cool team vs team shooter, bonus points to include both deathmatch and CTF modes. I liked the touch with a star falling in background in the last level. Could use some trees to spruce things up a bit, though. :whistling:

Best ofs:

Use of theme: Jeffery the Jurassic Animal by Misu
Use of handicap: Stick and Stone by Mercerenies
Presentation: Cavement With Peashooters by GameDevDan
Reviews: The M

Complete ranking:

Now then, some of you people might be confused why I gave "Your Fault" the very last place, even below the installer games. Generally, it has quite a few nasty factors that built up to this; it was rather unpleasant to play and punched me right at the end, leaving me very upset, unlike any other game here (installers, on the other hand, were more like "game down, carry on"). As for the more detailed breakthrough:

That's it when it comes to my reviews, I guess. Now stay tuned for final results~!

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#28 Sammi3


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Posted 08 November 2015 - 07:02 PM

SAMMI3's Wonderful Reviews

Review style breakdown

Points are given to the following categories:




Sound Effects





Bonus points are awarded for use of theme, handicap or pets.


I don't play games that have to be installed so that is basically a disqualification from my votes. Sorry.


Spreadsheet with score breakdown will come soon.



1. Everybodys Gone to the Raptor by Jobos Jam Juggernauts | Score: 8.71/10



2. Mammoth Revolution by Greenblizzard | Score: 8.14/10



3. Survive and Tribe by The M | Score: 7.43/10



4. Oldworld Babes Bordel by Teroil | Score: 7.14/10



5. Cavemen And Dinos by NightOwl35 | Score: 7.00/10




Reviews [13/59]


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#29 mr magnus

mr magnus

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Posted 08 November 2015 - 10:40 PM

Mr. Magnus' Grand Voting Spectacular!



1. Charging your Phone in Prehistoric Times - DiptoMan

2. Survive and Tribe by The M

3. Dinoman by The Ch8t

Full List of Votes:

(If your game is not here it either was not in the Zip or did not work to the level of me not being able to review it in any form or shape with a good heart. If this comes down on your votes blame 1/x.


comments on top three. short comments on other games can be found in the google docs sheet below ordered by the name of the game



Most average Jam game (had the score closest to 100; the average score of all entries):

Adam by JackOatley


 Best use of Theme:

Survive and Tribe by The M


Best use of handicap:

Dino Die by Nallebeorn



Ladies and gentlefolk. Welcome to the very overly hyped voting by a person of minimal significance. Now live! 


This will be fairly standard. I'll play trough all the games (or as many as I can muster) and try to give each a score based on different criteria that I feel it deserves. To save in on the massive time it takes I'll just give a few pro's and cons to each of the games played unless specifically asked to do a full review; I will give a detailed review to anyone who asks; but it will have to wait until I've finished all other games. 


I will be using the same scoring system as I usually have. The score your game gets is relative to all other games and is ever changing. The score thus shows how good I find your game to be compared to the average jam game.


A score of 100 means your game is a perfect average. It's the average jam game.

A score of 200 means your game is twice as good as the average jam game.

A score of 50 means your game is only half as good as the average jam game.

A score of 25 means your game is only 1/4th as good as the average jam game


x>100 => above average

x = 100 => average

x < 100 => Below average


Thus, expect the score of your game to change as more games are added to the rooster and the average shifts up and down. I also do not guaranty I won't revisit your game as I play and adjust the score if I find that it is in the interest of an accurate score.


Unlike other jams I'll be doing this mostly live; meaning you have access to the Excel Sheet and can see me adjusting and reviewing games as well as the current ranking of everybody. The actual rankings and review will then be posted here at the end of the jam.


Scoring is done here. I'll start an hour after this post is posted;

have fun and happy jamming!

Your host for the evening: 
Mr. Magnus


55 games reviewed

 done reviewing.

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#30 RekNepZ


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Posted 10 November 2015 - 10:34 PM

RekNepz's super-short reviews!






(Nominees with winners underlined)



Comments (All!)


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^kept in my sig for historical purposes^

#31 Mercerenies


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Posted 12 November 2015 - 03:31 AM

Mercerenies' Eleventh Hour Reviews

1. God's Laboratory - ghandpivot

2. Your Fault - Yariko

3. Cave Conquerors - kepons

4. Stone Trek - Squarebit and Aamatniekss

5. Oviraptor - Blake

6. Charging your Phone in Prehistoric Times - Diptoman

7. Ink Cipher - NAL

8. Devil's Symphony - nvrogers


Best Use of Theme - Clash of Primordial Goddesses (Floofpaws)
Best Use of Handicap - Your Fault (Yariko)
Best Use of Pets - Prehistoric Rescue Ranger (Mortalo)

Best Presentation - Ink Cipher (NAL)
Best Reviews - nvrogers
Best Devblog - TheM


The voting period ends in four days, so I figured, hey, maybe I should start reviewing games at some point. These reviews will work about like I normally do them: I'll write a few sentences about each game and give them a rating from 0 to 25. The ratings will help me decide which games end up at the top of my final voting list but do not exclusively decide the order of my votes. Note that I'll be playing the games in a randomized order but the reviews will be alphabetized by game name.

Finally, as always, remember that this was a 72 hour game competition. The very fact that you competed and successfully delivered is an achievement, so don't feel bad if my review of your game is a bit harsh.

Games Not Reviewed - If your game is in here, feel free to PM me and suggest some way for me to get around whatever issue compelled me to not review your game. Although I can't make any promises, if I have time before the deadline I'll try to remedy the situation if you get in touch.

Reviews (46)

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